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Be mature!


—Sonic Fanon's biggest redundancy.

This is Sonic Fanon Wiki, dernit.


—Smash The Echidna, one of the ninnies who like the wiki.

a typical SFW editor.

The Sonic Fanon Wiki, is a cheap website in the outer reaches of Wikia. A cesspool of inbred characters, recolors, gods and dieties, Kings and Queens of fake countries, and other uninteresting characters created by Pedophiles and little girls, it is currently the third worst Wiki, behind Sonic News Network and the Anti-Wikia Wiki. SFW users are butthurt hypocrites who threaten a ban to anyone they don't like. They like to think they're a decent website, even though altogether they have the inteligence of a Spongebob character.

SFW is currently ruled by a group of Admins who pledged allegiance to a whiny teenager who's rants seem to resemble Hitler's. Coincidence?

Founding Policies

  • Treat Users fairly
  • Create decent Fan-Characters
  • Help each other improve
  • Have fun

SFW's Real Policies

  • Admins have all the power
  • Ban anyone we don't like
  • Guilty until proven innocent
  • Create crappy articles
  • Believing Improvement is bad because there are too many letters
  • Ignore anyone who says otherwise
  • Always make the boobs three times bigger than your comfortable with
  • More Furry Porn
  • Troll anyone you want
  • Nobody gives a crap
  • We only accept complete fictionalizations of places that exist
  • If your page is too much like reality, say goodbye to your page

Past Times

A fail article for a fail character. Appropriate


Experts discuss Sonic Fanon Wiki's fail.

SFW users love to take part in several fun activities. The biggest and most popular thing to do on SFW is Roleplaying. Literally dozens of characters come together every day to cosplay as heroes and villains, trying to destroy or save some poor world that's always in danger. The hundreds of confusing plotlines, interracting organizations and time holes, and half assed romance only beg one question: Where the fuck is Sonic in all this chaos?

Users also love raeping memes. All over blogs one will find Naruto refferences, Over 9000 pieces of shit, and "U Mad?"'s. Guess what? Yes. I mad.

Perhaps the best thing to do on SFW is prove one's own hypocricy. Users normally converge on Xat or DeviantART to make fun of other nationalities. After insulting their friends and succesfully creating drama, users will fight to see who can feed the plants faster. Admins are given the special exception to break policy in their raeg. Both durring and after fights, users content to see who can be more emo. If Shadow were to see how emo his children were, he might feel proud. But being emo, he can't feel, and would probably go back to cutting himself. Currently, the admin Kagimuzu holds the record for most Emo and Hypocritical. As a result of his recent raeg over his crush finding a better man, 3 users were banned, 3 blogs deleted, almost all his friends were insulted, and 5 users left the Wikis to cry to their mommies. The second most hypocritical admin is Memphis the light he holds the record for being emo, hypocritical, trolling the users and being the only admin who doesn't give a crap about anybody. His last outbreak of drama was about his girlfriend MetalDharak, all over because he hates all users. MetalDharak ended up being banned because of trolling him, for one good reason:because he was acting like a idiot.

So far, Metal the Rogue, formerly known as MetalTD and MetalDharak, is known as the wiki idiot. She thinks she's some sort of hero that can save the wiki, and take it back to glory. She is also known to troll RWBY wiki because of it's idiotic admins. She also has a habit of abandoning you as a friend for no reason at all, because as her skype profile states, she lacks empathy. That makes for a good person, right?

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