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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

sos-dcelli-di, Japamerica-Crossover, or simply Dilara Düsünceli is a 14 year-old German girl who resides in deviantFART's nasty bowels. She loves anime and some shit called 'Dick Figures'. Just like Yanderfuck and Arex, she too just LOVES Mpreg and ships herself with a fictional character through a Mary-Sue.

Her English is as butchered as a fucking pig at the slaughter house, so one might not get what she's saying, but we all know it's the secret code of her people. She has threatened to an hero multiple times for attention, compared the hate Alex was getting to Amanda Todd (I shit you not, she really did), and has tried to sick her white knights on people many times. And again, just like her two fellow fuck buddies, she has also self-diagnosed herself with autism.

...Hang onto to your hats and dicks, folks. We're going on a wild fuckin' ride.

Wait, She made a comment about Amanda Todd?

Believe it or not, she did:

Tumblr nhn8ugGswQ1s5n8i8o1 1280.jpg

After this comment was posted, many TARTlets stomped to her profile to flip their shit and unleash their tard-rage. Many comments were flagged spam, and white-knights came in like a wrecking ball, but in the end, it still didn't go through Dicklaria's skull that comparing Alex's bullying to Amanda Todd was fucked up, and continued on dA as if she did nothing wrong.

Her Mary Sue OC Who TOTALLY Isn't Her!

That torso tho.

...I think we've been down this road in our lives where we meet that one special idiot who makes a Sue/Stu who shares their likes and even first name, then deny that it's TOTALLY NOT THEM!!!1. Well, Dicklaria here is one of those people, and Christ, this Sue might as well out-rank Bloom Luna.

This fuckin' Sue's bio is so long, you gotta uncollapse this shit:


Name: Dilara Meiko D'Celli (Not me)

Alias: Tomboy (by Noah),Gaylara (by her Love rival),My Queen (2015-2118),Meichan (by Broseph),DR,D'CeLLiSp33dRACeRZ

(onlinegame) & Brunette Girly (by Manitoba Smith) Species: Human (Uh Duh!) Gender: female Sexuality: Bi-sexual Age: 14 (in Future Age: 37) Birthday: 28.2.2000 Birthpleace: Germany (but she was adopted in USA After her Birth) Series: Japamerica Crossover,4KOMAGIC X Happy Tree High (as anthro),Celebrities of The Night,LIF,WC (Bizzinga 2) & Return

of drawn together Drugs: N/A Sex: 75 Death: 29 Status: Alive Religion: secret Occuptation: Student (Grade 8/grade 9),Adventurer,Hero,Fighter,samurai,Maid, Geisha, artist &warrior Figure: Young,skinny,boobs,small & brunette Height: 4'8 ft" (145 cm) Weight: 35 kg Skins: normal Hair Color: brown Eye Color: brown Currently pleace: Clare/Brumbalele/USA Personality: badass,stubburn,checky Monkey,daredevil,lecher,Tsundere,Yandere, Hotspor,Party Animal,Tomboyish,Good,Masculine,Various,funny,strong,fast,Crazy,lazy & flitry Dress: see you in Concept art Special items: golden goggle Weapons: guns,Katana,knife,chainsaw,shotgun,sword,bow,Plasma sword (only S4 League) & Iron crusher Voice Actor: Kimlinh Tran (Inspired by Scootaloo,fidget and ms. fortune) Special Powers/abilites: water,Earth,Fire,Air,ice,Thunder,light,shadow,Plants,Magic, Powerballs,Killer Soul & Tatoo Ying-Yang Symbol in Hand with red eye inside of a shoulderblade Likes: red (dick figures),rigby (regular Show),broseph (df),toothy (HTF),Yaoi,Yuri,Porn,Party,pranking,Johnny Test,Horror

Movie,manga,Comic,women, Men,Internet,memes,Music,Fight,Telephone Jokes,Breaking The rules,Skrillex etc. Dislikes: People who dislike Johnny Test,homework,School,Cherry (allergic),Mexican

eagle,Marmite,hater,racism,Nazi,Terrorist,being called Gaylara & Toothy/Broseph with Another girls History: After The Birth of Dilara & Dilara D'Celli, The doctor discoverded a Ying-Yang Symbol in black Tatoo on Dilara

D'Celli's right Arm.The doctor Told The Parents that The twin Sister have to separate.One Child Stay in Germany with her

Parents and One Child, she is Adept to USA.When she is in USA at Rellik and his Family, Tanna Give her a Name, Dilara meiko

D'Celli.With 1 years Old, she can spell and has elements forces with her hands and Soul.Her Elements and Magic is

water,Earth,Fire,Air,ice,Thunder,light,shadow,Plants,Magic,powerballs and Killer Soul.In Kindergarten, Dilara D'Celli has

come to know about Jack The dark, since she saved his Life.In The Age of 4 years, Dilara D'Celli member was to BNL,

Aperture and Virtual Central with Rellik. In Aperture, GLaDOS tells to The story of a Secret American States Brumbalele,

Where here Lives The humans, The Monkeys, The Ponys, The furrys, The Anthros, ASDF-Mans, The stickfigures, The animals, The

Birds and The Other species.In BNL, Dilara D'Celli shows her Powers for The 10 Major species.In Virtual Central, Dilara

D'Celli was her Most popular Group with her New Friends and her Idol Chris McLean.As Dilara D'Celli Run in a Virtual

Central that she Met a Crying shy Girl, she was One of her Group is The Same as Dilara D'Celli, she wears Black Dress with

white Shirt, it's about as Old like Dilara D'Celli, she has Short Brown Hair, has Brown eyes and this Dilara (me).She cried

and cried, Because heather (Child) has Stolen The Dilara of Dilara (me) and Showed all The People from her Group.She has

drawn secretly That Dilara (me) is with Lord Tourettes (High School Student).The Parents of Dilara (me) gets Angry and

insulted to her, suddenly she Starts to Scream and The Rest, she Starts to Cry and Run Dilara (me) away.Dilara D'Celli

comforting to her twin Sister, she Said ,,Alright, I'm your twin Sister and I'll protect you" and is The twins back to her

Group in Virtual central.One Day Disaster, she has accidentally to her BFF Jack The dark and Dilara (me) Shot with her

Elements.Her twin Sister got a white streak Down behind her Hair and The punishmet is that Dilara D'Celli at her room in 5

years.At 10 years Old she landed in Military School.2 months later she came back to Rellik and suddenly a shock for Dilara

D'Celli, The Parents of Rellik mouring.When she was 11 years Old, she was a Servant in fat Camp.One Dilara D'Celli was

mobbed by The fat Girls when Dilara D'Celli landed in The Hospital, it was Too Late.A fes Days later, Dilara D'Celli is

back and she Thinks that her adopted Brother Rellik is Gone and The House is Gone Too. Shortly before her 12th Birthday,

Dilara D'Celli moves to New York and her New adopted mother was Sasha.Two years later, she has taken her participation and

remain in Clare (Brumbalele/USA).She was crowned as Queen at 15 years Old.2118 died Dilara D'Celli on her 118th Birthday. Parents: Derya (mother),Mehmet (father),rellik's Dad (adopted father/demonic-stickfigures OC),Tanna (adopted

mother/demonic-stickfigures oc) & sasha (Another adopted mother) Siblings: aleyna (Young Sister), Dilara (twin Sister/me) & Rellik (adopted Brother/demonic-stickfigures OC) Children: Veronica (Future Daughter),Christoph (Future son) & Haru (Future Daughter) Relatives: cassey (Future niece/deceased),Scout (Future adopted nephew), Rita (Future niece) & Lord Tourettes (Future

Brother in Law) Partner: broseph (Future husband) & toothy (Future husband) Familiar: Galina (grandmother),Wasily (grandfather),Mohammed (grandfather/deceased),Fatma (grandmother) & Anatoly (step

grandfather) Mentors: GLaDOS,Princess Luna,D'Cellipoid & Diane Choksondik (Teacher) Friends: Black Spy,White Spy (BFF),Denise (esther8332hotmail's OC),Marilyn (BFF/esther8332hotmail's OC),Twilight

Sparkle,Fluttershy, Applejack (BFF),Rarity,Pinkie Pie (BFF),Rainbow Dash (BFF),Mordecai,Rigby (Favorite BFF),CJ

(BFF),Margaret (Old friend),Cuddles,Toothy (BFF/Crush),Flaky,Lumpy (BFF), Flippy,Red (Favorite BFF),Blue,Pink

(something),Stacy (BFF),Broseph (BFF/Crush), Jason/Trollz0r (BFF/onlinegame Partner),Izzy (BFF),Bridgette,Owen (BFF),Gwen

(BFF),Cody,Noah (ex-boyfriend/Broken up),Tyler,Leshawna,Alejandro (BFF/one sided love interest on Alejandro's side),Mike

(childhoodfriend),Dawn (Good friend),Ezekiel (BFF),Duncan (BFF),Wonchop,Wez (BFF),B3n (BFF),Ruth,Curly Sam,Tom,Edd

(BFF),Matt,Finn (BFF),Jake,Beemo,Marceline (BFF), Captain Hero (BFF/something Pervet),Wooldoor Sockbat,Spanky Ham

(BFF),Foxxy love (BFF),Kyle (BFF),Kenny,Eric,Stan,Wake (BFF),Chao (BFF),Jack The dark (BFF/jeffthedark's OC),Sheen &

Fatigue Allies: Benson,Mr. Dingleberry,Luis,Skips,Racoon/Papa San,Chris mclean (Idol),Chef Hatchet,the mane six

ponies,Finn,jake,dilara (me),mordecai,red,blue,Cuddles ,Toothy,flaky,Mike,Zoey,Izzy,Owen,Noah,Eva,Princess Bubblegum &

Princess Celestia Rivals: Toot Braunstein,Trixie,Pixel, Toothy's girlfriends,Xiang & Broseph's Girlfriends Enemies: Grey Spy,Heather,Jo,nightmare moon,Shady (PogorikiFan's OC),Courtney,Eduardo,Jon,Mark,Mal,Scott,Queen

Chrysalis,Pink (something),Fliqpy & Lumpy Space Princess Interest: Johnny Test,Skrillex,Sex,Fighting,Party,Memes,Internet and more Pets: nope. Catchpharse: "Tsun!","YOLO" & "Keep Calm and do it like at dude." Trivia: She is The multilanguage Speaker. She is The Fan of Skrillex. Her Favorite Cartoon are Johnny Test. She can speak in italian,Arabian,Thai,Chinese,Turkish,Ukrainian,Spanish,french, German,Japanese,English & Korean. Her Favorite BFF are red (dick figures) and rigby (regular Show). She Love Sushi. She Lives with Benson,Pops,Skips,Thomas,muscle man,High Five ghost,Mordecai, Rigby,Finn,Jake,Beemo,red,Blue,Dilara (me(,Jack The dark,wake,Chao,Fluffle Puff, Sheen,Fatigue,mr.

Dingleberry,Tom,edd,Matt,Wonchop,wez &b3n in The House in Park behind in The jungle.

She is The Future Queen of Clare.

TD;LR: The bitch is a Sue. Has so many crushes that she might as well be a whore like PrincessElizabeth013's OC, and is OP as fuck.

Her Obsession with 'Lord Tourettes'

She's in love with a stick figure. A STICK FIGURE.

If the author of this article knows one thing, fandoms will always have it's batshit insane fans. Of course, what this author also knows now is that a new kind of hell has been discovered. Ladies, Gents, and otherkin, I present to you Dicklaria's crush, Lord Tourette's from Dick Figures.

That's right. This fucktard loves a god-damn stick figure. Damn, and I thought wanting to fuck a animatronic fox with a dead child in it was ultimate hell, but apparently this is the newer hell Satan overlooked. And yes, if you're wondering, she HAS made pictures of both her and this fucking thing together, and has made it to where they had a CHILD:

How Does One Have Sex With A Stick Figure? About missing Pics
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Her Other Art you have witnessed above, her anatomy is fucking bad, but better than what Alex or Yanderfuck can draw in a way (almost). Here's a gallery of some of her shit art.

Typical deviantFART-assery About missing Pics
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Dicklaria's Target Journals and More


As the population of ED knows, many butthurt, self righteous TARTlets make target journals and hope to god their white-knights in shining amour come to save them. Dicklaria here does it CONSTANTLY, and demands sometimes that her watchers report the user.

REPORT TEHM!!!1 About missing Pics
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And that is not all. There's proof that she blocks everyone who ever comments on her page for ONE REASON:



This is more bullshit than actual shit.

And besides that, she takes it a step FARTHER, and puts rules on her profile:


Do you know what's fucking funny about her rule that she'll block you? She has an Anti-Block stamp on her profile.

And yes, she cares deeply about you hating her shit OTP, because she BAAAWWWWWS the minute someone disagrees with her. Dicklaria goes as far as to block people she's never met before, and it confuses us all, really. Of course, the only thing that made her get so much attention was her fucking Amanda Todd comment.

Her About Me


As you can see here, this idiot posted up her full birthday. That's no good when your full name is out on the net as well.

Fangroups and Art Dedicated to Her

Alex and Yanderfuck both have many clubs dedicated to their bullshit. Many. Dicklaria here also has a few of her own. People have drawn fan-art making fun of her and Alex mostly, making them lesbians, which produces many lulz. One of these groups is Deviantart-favicon.png dilaraxalexfc, and it's dedicated to the shipping of Arex and Dicklaria here. Below is just some fine fan-art from the group if you're too lazy to click the link.

BES OTP EVAR!! About missing Pics
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  • Furaffinity-favicon.png ladynaniwa - Different name, same interests and grammar. Abandoned.
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