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SoulPancake is like Yahoo! Answers, except the focus is on spirituality, creativity, and philosophy. The site is about "chewing on life's big questions" - That's why it's a soul pancake, get it?? BECAUSE YOU CAN CHEW IT!! HAHAHA

Read all of these books, get them tattooed, and you'll be a qualified e-philosopher.

The problem with this is that a bunch of morons with internet connections can never get together to help answer your inane questions. We've seen this happen time and time again with Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers, and 4chan: Millions of monkeys typing at keyboards will never produce Shakespeare, let alone answer the meaning of life on a Web 2.0 intellectual circlejerk. So the site was a failure since the beginning.

Lesson: if you want to learn something, read a book. Don't ask strangers on the internet.

The very nature of SoulPancake will gather any number of pretentious assholes and pseudointellectuals who took Honors English in high school, or who went the extra mile and decided to major in philosophy at the local community college then drop out because "life is meaningless" and instead work as a part-time barista at Starbucks. That, and their parents didn't want to put up with their bullshit so they cut their educational funding.

SoulPancake is the abortion that happens when these smug hipsters and pseudointellectuals get together on the Internet and attempt to answer those "big questions" – Not because they want to teach someone something valuable – but because showing anonymous netizens that they learned a thing or two in their time becoming enlightened at the coffee shop will give their ego a huge boner.

In the minority are those weird white trash people who think they know about government conspiracies and spirituality, but they're just dumb fucks that are unaware of their own stupidity. Those tend to post the questions rather than answer, but whatever they do, it's a fucking lol.

The BIG questions

Put on your turtleneck, pull out your MacBook, and kick back with a creamy double latte! Here are some of life's big questions that any number of asshats have attempted to answer on SoulPancake:

TL;DR - SoulPancake is a site full of flannel-wearing hip people who like to talk about themselves and think they know some things about the world (AKA Weezer fans). They can share their idiocy with like-minded idiots on the internet, quite the novel concept!


SoulPancake is a VERY RIPE ground for trolling, and it is begging for drama. Currently it is easy to get your foot in the door with some sock puppets, taking the stance of a pseudo-pseudointellectual, and start wreaking havoc right away.

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