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i am going to go make soup now



Moot's excuse.
Soup's on!!!
Moot loev soup.
All that's left for the Locutus-fags (moar like Look-at-us amirite?)
Delicious cake soup, I must eat it.
Oh LAWD! The humanity!

Once upon a time, a fuckwit who thinks that Anonymous is The Borg decided to drop into #4chan IRC and tell moot that henceforth, all *chan related IRC faggotry was to be hosted on one glorious umbrella network with the genius name of lulznet. Said retard then informed moot that this wasn't actually a suggestion, it was decided and that resistance was futile. After moot said kthxbye to this imbecile and glined him, he returned to tell moot that 4chan's site would be DDoSed until moot complied.

But moot was hungry this day, my friends, and as much as he tried to give a shit about the impending ruin of his site by moronic script kiddies and the related shitstorm that would send ripples of hate throughout the Internets, moot had only one thing on his mind: DELICIOUS SOUP!

Moot then told the butthurt /i/nsurgent: "brb, soup" and off he went to Mootxico for tortillas, beans and jack cheese, for Tortilla Soup is the only soup that moot will eat. And so, the ruin of 4chan was on.

After a long, lost weekend in Mootxico, a soup-filled moot awoke in a pool of his own soup and vowed to "nevar again!" run off on a soup binge (at least while his kingdom was being plundered and ræped by ass pirates).

Ergo, 4chan lives on to fight the good fight again my friends...and a soup is now a meme. The moral: if you don't know shit about anonymous, then for god's sake, don't troll a *chan admin. For further morality; nutritional details are printed on the back of the can.

The End...or is it?!

The Lulz

In the following "morality play", the part of unwarranted self-importance is played by Locutus_of_Lulz and the Soup Nazi is played by moot.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> We are Locutus of Anonymous
<Locutus_of_Lulz> You will respond to our questions.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> Your use of a public IRC netowrk is less efficient for Anonymous and to you.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> We have established a large and stable network, just for Anonymous
<Locutus_of_Lulz> Lulznet.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> aka aka
<Locutus_of_Lulz> It is the combined servers of many chans.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> 7chan has joined, fapchan as well; 420chan will when they update their server software.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> the /i/nsurgents built it off our several servers.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> The Patriotic Nigras have added their servers.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> Great things are afoot.
<Locutus_of_Lulz> We will await your return
<Locutus_of_Lulz> But we know that moving #4chan onto the central node is most efficient for all parties.
<moots> not happening
<moots> irc is stupid
<moots> go away

Later, during the DDoS:

<Locutus_of_Loli> We do not wish to hinder the progress of 4chan
<Locutus_of_Loli> But we must sadly attack until /b/ conforms to the will of Anonymous.
<Locutus_of_Loli> We shall double the dataforce.
<moots> uh okay
<moots> i am going to go make soup now

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