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They ran with a high whine.
Damn it, my hands are unthinkably horrible.

Space Opera is what L-Ron called the carefully researched stories he told about things that happened in outer space and right here on Teegeeack many trillions of years ago. The Marcab Confederacy is part of it, but only just a tiny part of it. Same with the Xenu story. This guy couldn't shut up about it for almost 40 years. There are thousands and thousands of hours of tapes (and transcripts) of pure lunacy. Not even the Scilons can keep track of it all. Some bits and pieces of space opera would actually make a good sci-fi story, and it's true, Flubbard was a semi-successful sci-fi writer before he became a cult leader. Much of it is just hilarious. Here are some are some krazie bits of Scilon Space Opera.

PROTIP: Whenever you find a particularly psycho and/or lulzy chunk of space opera, bring it here. Shoop up some pictures to match. You can find quite a lot of space opera right here at ED, mixed in with varying degrees of tl;dr. But it's worth finding! Make links to other stuff on ED. Also good are short YouTubes with brief chunks of this shit recorded.

Decadent, kicked-in-the-head

This planet is part of a larger federation — was part of an earlier federation and passed out of its control due to losses in war and other such things. Now, this larger confederacy — this isn't its right name, but we have often called it and referred to it in the past as the Marcab Confederacy. And it has been wrongly or rightly pointed to as one of the tail stars of the Big Dipper, which is the capital planet of which this planet is.

In the last ten thousand years, they have gone on with a sort of a decadent, kicked-in-the-head civilization that contains automobiles, business suits, fedora hats, telephones, spaceships — quite interesting, but a civilization which looks an almost exact duplicate, but is worse off than the current U.S. civilization.

NASCAR in space

It was about nineteen thousand years ago, twenty thousand, thirty thousand, forty thousand, In the Marcab Confederacy they had a race-track. And you were probably there. And you either have attended its races or had something to do with it, because you find it on most cases...

They had turbine-generated cars that went about 275 miles an hour. They ran with a high whine. I notice they've just now invented the motor again. And they had tracks that were booby-trapped with atom bombs, and they had side bypasses. The tracks were mined, and the grandstands were leaded-paned. And the audience — it got to be kind of a 'no audience.You never could see the audience.

And oh, they had loose-sand sections and they had slick-oil asphalt and they had ice sections and loose gravel. Any kind of hazards you could think of. A mountain that you went up to the top of and fell off; you know?

And just — there were just more drivers killed. There was more blood pouring on that track, you see, all the time. I mean it was always goofed up. Ten, twelve thousand years, this was the favorite sport of the Marcab Confederacy, apparently...

You've probably often wondered what that needle-like pinging was in the back of your neck. Well, you probably wound up on the track some time or another as a driver or something of the sort...

Good medicine

The Good Stuff

The Marcab Confederacy's medicine was so excellent that an individual just couldn't die out of it. That was all. They would drag you back and fit an arm on, fit a leg on, fit a nose on, fit an eye in. They could give you artificial voices and artificial vision and artificial digestion and artificial everything else. The next thing you know, there wasn't even an original part left including you, you see?

If a person was considered to be in contempt of court or anything like that, he was simply fried since there was a curtain of radioactive material which went clear across the front of the bench anywhere that a witness or anybody would stand, and so on.

They invented income tax as a means of punishment, with the death penalty imposed for making even the slightest mistake in returns — one comma wrong and it's 'dead forever.

The Invader People

And that is the history of the Universe, the Human Race, the Fifth Invaders, the Fourth Invaders, the 3 1/2 Invaders, the people on Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Arcturus, the Marcab Galaxy, the Marcab System, the Psi Galaxy, Galaxy 82 ...

Why a lot of people get racial upsets is because there are really about least 12 or 15 thetan races here on Earth. And they're scattered all through these five [human] races - which is beautiful randomness, if there ever was any ... There's the Snake Men, there's the Invaders - I won't bother putting them down. You'll recognize then one of these days. I'll have to make up a table. I've got to do this research myself. I haven't picked up this research. I've...I can do all the job they should have done over the last 80 million years here in the last couple, but takes a little time. Uh...not much...

But've got your Invader People. You've got a crew of...well, let me tell you the classifications they fall into here.

A lot of your entertainers and uh...some of the bigger sparks that you run into are Fifth Invader people or one of the Invader Force people. These guys come in from Lord knows where; they're picked up in certain groups, sometimes picked up for a certain capability. They're trained in one way or another, and they'll hit planets, and so on, sort of all at once. Hit 'em in various and peculiar ways...

Snake Man


All right, you take your Snake Man. Just as far as processing is concerned, there's nothing easier. Where this becomes interesting is in terms of behavior. And you don't care about that either. Your Snake Man's going around...he's very quiet. He wants you to prove everything. Prove, prove, prove, prove. And if there's any gadget made under the sun which is mechanical that will restimulate an incident which he finds, he's bound to find it and turn it out - somehow or other. Or make some preclear test it. Prove, prove, prove, prove ...

'Well, his main idea is, is he will protect snakes. He'll...he'll - create snakes like mad, but he wouldn't destroy any.

Cat People

Cat People

Another one's the Cat People. God knows where the Cat People came from. Lord! Lord! Lord! These people are sure lost. Most of them are mad as hatters. And they have huge, huge, often slanted...they...they'll take the GE and they will change the GE's eyes to large and slanted; they'll make the GE grow very thin. And the eyes will be big and quite often uh...uh...very feline. And they're lost. They don't know where they are. And they kinda look like cats. And they'll talk to you about catbirds from some place or another.

But what do we find in their case? We find out that cats are a "can't destroy". And then there are other people who are similar to that that; find cats that can't destroy that aren't part of the Cat People, because to be a good valid cat person one of the first requisites is to be strictly fruitcake and very thin. They're really lost. I don't know who got hold of the Cat People or where or brought them in to the track, but they spin as quick as you look at them. You've known some of them, I'm sure. They're kind of: sweet and they're kind of anxious to help, and they're kind of starry-eyed and they're not very forceful - they're very weak...

Monitor People

Monitor person posing as furry

Now, then here's your Monitor People. The female of that species we've decided to call the Merrimacks after that ancient battle. So, these want them, the test on them... They, by the way - this is peculiar to a lot of these other races, so it isn't a singular test - these people love to wear "hornrimmed spectacles". If you could let them go around with 'spornrimmed hecticleson and no glasses in them, they'd be happy. That's because your Monitor wears heavy goggles during Fac One and so on. But don't mention insects to these people because they'll ordinarily just go off the pin. They've got something to do with insects. I don't know what. These people are quite salvageable, by the way.

But they're organizers, par excellence. And you'll find them out in the society doing terrific jobs of organization...

The Invader Boys

The Invader boys present a hard case, mostly because they start feeling very degraded. And there are several crews of those, by the way. There's not just one crew. And all of them feel more or less degraded. But the third battalion of the Fifth Invader Force is practically out through the bottom of the chute. You'd have to invent something below minus eight ...

And there was - the Fourth Invader Force was here. The Fifth Invader Force came in to use this area, and the name of this solar system is Space Station 33. They started to use this area without suspecting that the Fourth Invader Force had been there for God knows how many skillion years, had been sitting down, and they have their installations up on Mars, and they have a tremendous, screened operation.

The Martian operation is a fascinating operation, simply because it has gone into 100 percent holding force. And it does everything it does with tremendous coversion. It's sitting behind a defense screen of enormous size, and nobody - it's practically impossible to penetrate that, except as a thetan. And if you penetrate it as a thetan, you go through the Martian screen, and they got you!'

A big mix-up

Well, now, the point is that the Fifth Invader Force operated for some little time here in this system without suspecting the existence of the Fourth Invader Force. And all of a sudden they started to lose crews, and they didn't know where they were going. And they got a little more upset about it and a little more upset about it and a little more upset about it.'

And a battalion was sent down here to Earth 8,200 years ago, the Third Battalion. If you find somebody who is a member of the Third Battalion, why, speak up. Because the whole battalion, its officers, staff and so forth, was under the command of the expeditionary force commanding officer for this - not for just this area...

So 8,200 years ago, they came down in the Himalayas, the upper headlands, up about, oh, I'd say about seventy-two miles northwest of Khyber Pass, and put a base in there, and still not believing that there was anything like an invader force operating in this system, failed to take any vaguest precautions with regard to their installations. They put up no defenses; after all, what was here! Nothing but Homo sapiens. That was just nothing, no danger, no menace, and so on.

And they were in this installation just a very short time when all of a sudden, with a terrific crash, the Fourth Invader Force, which was a little more active then than it has become since, knocked out this whole battalion (a battalion of that size is in the neighborhood of about three thousand beings) and picked up all of its staff, all of its staff officers and so forth, and took them through to Mars and then knocked them back into this human race here. They're still here. There are saucer crews here; there's all sorts of things on Earth here from the Fifth Invader Force. Very interesting.

This is directly and violently in opposition to the Fourth Invader Force. And the Fifth Invader Force, out of its own protection, took over Venus - oh, relatively in modern times - took over Venus and tried to stabilize the Venusian.

If you called a Fifth Invader, though, a Venusian, he would probably shoot you out of hand, because it would be a horrible insult. They merely monitor the government of Venus, and they leave Mars strictly alone.

'Now, this is really, roughly, a rundown of the quote political situation in the solar system... Earth would be much better off lying in chunks in an orbit around the sun. But naturally, that's a pretty rough assignment, blowing up something this size and putting it around, so nobody would do that.

A flimsy doll

But completely aside from that fact, Earth has been used consistently as a prison; and it is a prison, and it is heavily screened. There are installations in Mongolia, there are installations in the Pyrenees here on Earth, and there are installations down in the Mountains of the Moon in Africa which pick up, very often, people on death.

Well, let me tell you a little story. This isn't just a story. One of the Fifth Invader Force, an officer, came down here to take a survey, and this is very adventurous. And in order to take a decent survey of the place - of course, you understand the Fifth Invader Force officer carries a doll. They don't carry bodies, they carry dolls. Their identification is a doll. It's a very little, flimsy, mechanical affair that you can make talk and walk and so forth. They're cute, they're about a meter tall, they're very light. Therefore, you don't need, you see - you don't use oxygen in saucers...

And he parked his doll and picked up one of the persons connected with the ruling house of Hapsburg and went on a survey of the domain, and took notes on it. And unfortunately, he didn't have any foggy notion of how violently this particular prince was hated. And this prince was assassinated. And before this officer could disconnect and so forth, the thetan charge which suddenly sprung up in the assassinated prince, KABOOM!, was sufficient to overwhelm and overpower this officer momentarily, and he went through the screen.

I'm telling you this because it's an average story, not a spectacular story, not because it's different, but because it's the same.

And he went through the screen, kaboom! And he landed on an installation - well, about a few hundred miles north of the equator (what you would consider north, just trying to translate the words and directions) on Mars. Boom! He went through. And the Martians Oh, boy! What have we got here? Ha Ha! Wonderful, Wonderful! A high volume thetan! He must be a space officer from some place or other.

Body in pawn

So, they took a couple of standards, put them down at the foot of the cell and so forth, because they have a good identification through a body in pawn and so forth, and they decided they were going to use him back here against Earth. He wouldn't transport! So they just threw him in the clink, you might say, and kept him there. Just kept him there and kept him there an kept him there and kept him there.

And one fine day he took the body in pawn and threw it through the guard screen and blew it up - was able to do this - and himself got free on the back-concussion, you see, of this explosion, and went out.

He went back down to a station we'll call X and said, Where have I been for the last twenty-seven years! Hmph! Something of - on the order, You should ask! And he wrote out a chit, and they got a couple of cruisers and they put together a few commando forces and they took that installation to pieces - but thoroughly to pieces. And they took what Martians were in that installation and so forth, and put them in cans. As far as anybody knows, they're still up there. But blew this thing practically off the face of the map. Most Martian stations are much tougher than this to crack.


INVADER FORCES, 1. an electronics people. The electronics people usually happen to be an evolutionary line which is on heavy gravity planet, and so they develop electronics. The reason you say invader force at all is because at some time along the line fairly early in its youth it took off to conquer the whole mest universe. You could expect almost anything in terms of physical form particularly physical form which matched the peculiar purpose of this group. They’ve usually got some gimmick like Fac One. Control has been the main thing. The way to control territory is control people. (5206CM27A) 2 . there are five invader forces active and one aborning, but the one aborning is not active. It will probably be several million years before you begin to see this one, some of you hit the track 60 trillion years ago mest universe and some of you didn’t get into the mest universe until about 3 trillion years ago that is invader force one and invader force two. This is E-meter data confirmed from preclear to preclear. Now we don’t see anything of invader force three here on earth. I just haven’t found any threes. Invader force four is really holding the fort someplace or other. Every little while, a few million years, some planet will get taken over by an invader force. (5206CM27A)


FIFTH INVADER FORCE, a thetan from the fifth invader force believes himself to be a very strange insect-like creature with unthinkably horrible hands. He believes himself to be occupying such a body, but is in actuality simply a unit capable of producing space, time, energy and matter. (Scn 8-8008, p. 132)


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