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Space Patrol Luluco (宇宙パトロールルル子) is an animu by Studio Trigger about a Loli who is forced into child labour to pay for his father's medical bills. Because Trigger couldn't come up with a full story, the episodes are 7 minutes rather than 21.


Lulzco's mom, Lalaco Godspeed, freezes Luluco's dad; so Luluco takes her frozen dad to the Space Patrol to unfreeze him but the Chief forcibly hires her into Space Patrol instead. LOLuco and some voidfag called 'Alpha Omega Nova' arrest a girl named Midori for selling deep web apps and for some reason she gets into the space patrol too.

Out of fucking nowhere, Lalaco Godspeed steals the fucking city Luluco lives in to sell it for mad cash. The Space Patrol search the galaxy to find the stolen city. In their travels they find the Kill la Kill planet, the Little Witch Academia planet, and some other shitty planet. Eventually they find their hometown and get a bunch of cool shit.


The head of the Galactic Space Patrol HQ was a Blackholeian who wanted to steal Luluco's first love with Nova because of how useless and worthless it was. Luluco dies for some reason shortly after, meets Inferno Cop in hell, and comes back to life to confess to Nova.

Lalaco Godspeed comes out of fucking nowhere again for Luluco's would-be funeral and for the pleasure of kicking the Space Patrol's sorry ass. She gives Luluco her bomb-ass spaceship so she can confess to Nova.


Luluco - A normal girl who is forced to join the Space Patrol after her mom froze her dad.

AΩ Nova - Luluco's shitty first love. AΩ Nova is a 'Nothingling', meaning he's dead inside and his homeworld has nothing. This is until the episode right after Nothinglings are explained where AΩ Nova develops his shitty first love out of fucking nowhere.

Midori - A stupid middle schooler who tears the hems of her own track-suit

Lalaco Godspeed - Luluco's mom, she literally Ryuuko.

Chief Over Justice - A fusion of Inferno Cop and Gurren Lagann. He says "Justice" a lot.

Inferno Cop - A 21 years old police officer from hell.

Blackholeian - The leader of Space Patrol HQ. Because he shoplifted too many valuable things, he turned to shoplifting worthless, shitty garbage; such as the first love of some teenage girl.


Season 1. The Setup

  • I'm a Normal Middle School Student: Luluco's dad gets frozen by a magic pill and transported to the police station, where they force her to take her father's place.
  • A New Transfer Student Arrives!: Alpha Omega Nova pulls a 9/11 on Luluco's classroom, and she falls in love with the fag.
  • Battlefield Classroom: Midori is discovered to be the creator of a shitty illegal app and her plan is foiled, resulting in a bitchfight. The general outcome: Midori joins the circlejerk.

Season 2. Ryuuko Godspeed

  • Into the Sky All Alone: The Space Patrol prevent Apophis from hitting Japan.
  • What Should I Do?: Luluco's whore mother, "Lalaco Godspeed", kidnaps her former husband (still frozen) and prepares for a bukkake session..
  • That One Part Awakens: Lalaco pulls the whole of Tokyo into the atmosphere, and attempts to sell the city on eBay for the lulz.

Season 3. Crossovers. Lots of Crossovers

  • Thread of Fate's Trap: The Space Patrol crosses over with Kill la Kill to burn an entire planet
  • The Mysterious Power's Trap: Luluco and Nova cross over with Little Witch Academia, leaving Luluco with sixty years to live.
  • The True Trap: Luluco seeks dating advice from a group of motherfuckin' gangstas' straight from da hood, where she ends up in the middle of a black-neighborhood shootout.

Season 4. PLOT TWIST!!! also more crossovers

  • It's All Over: Nova betrays Luluco and royally pwns the Space Patrol. Luluco is so butthurt that she dies.
  • I Never Knew: Inferno Cop counsels Luluco while in Hell, convincing her to return to life and confess to Nova.
  • Confession: Luluco and Nova bond with each other and become desperate for sekkusu while Blackholeian transforms into his final form.

Season Final. Enter Trigger-chan

  • I'll Give Chase to the Ends of the Universe: Luluco becomes an OS-tan and sacrifices Nova to banish Blackholeian from the universe. Luluco now uses her OS-tan powers to search the multiverse for Nova.

Epilogue. The crossovers keep happening

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