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Spaceghetto is was an image blog made the same year as ED. It is generally child porn, featuring everything from child porn to child porn to child porn to child porn to even more child porn to bestiality beasts, among other illegals. The site also uses, among others, the GNAA to host some images.

Also, despite being people who link child porn, they're afraid of this article existing.

Channers 2 Spaceghetto, Channers 2 Spaceghetto

Well, since none of you want to do it, I am writing an ED article.

I was going to ask yall for a few SG related pics and some suggestions on what to write about (drama and lulz related topics would be good).



—Software, [1]

We could just. Not do it.

Just sayin'.


—Major English

How about I donate $20 instead and we avoid the next Annababy, JesusH or Lady Steampunk?


—Major English, turning a shockporn site into a treehouse

thank god. cause we could always use more channers, right?



—Schaeffer, knowing channers are the best way to kill a website

i don't think the channers are going to pay the 5 bucks to harass us.

you COULD put up some SG related pics or give me something to write about instead of being such a doucher, but its whatever



You'd be surprised what the channers are willing to do in the name of being obnoxious bastards. Also, even if they come and don't bother signing up, well that's just more bandwidth that the site is going to use without any more people participating. An ED article is a lose-lose prospect.


—Ryxxui, got you, motherfucker

this is gonna get ugly



encyclopedia dramatica? seriously?

gtfo my ghetto


Catsass, who uses File:Catsass.jpg as an avatar

What is this Mickey Mouse shit?



Please note that spaceghetto has had to switch hosts several times for terms of service, shows everything from memes to shock porn, intentionally tries to offend people, and is likely constantly losing money. Does any of this sound familiar?

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