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Spacehero was an incredibly lonely basement dweller named Samy, who had a shit MySpace with no friends. He decided to get some.


Samy was one of those basement dwelling D&D losers on Myspace who srsly believed that friends on Myspace = friends IRL. After a period devoid of any additions to his friends list, instead of going emo and self-pwning, he decided to force people to befriend him like some sort of Big Brother sick fuck. So, using his uber-cool 1337 skillz, he created a nice little script that would automatically add people to his Add Friends list and add him to their hero section in their hideous, disfigured, HTML-raped profiles.

I'm an hero!

Samy, after many days deliberating and washing his favorite fursuit, implemented his little script designed to add any fucktard who visited his pitiful profile, complete with annoying hardcore music and more. They would also unknowingly access their own settings, add him to their heroes list, and save it WITHOUT EVEN REMEMBERING.

After about an hour, Samy had over 9000 Myspace whores pending in his Add Friends list; by the end of the day, about 1 of every 35 users wanted to be his friend. Being the thoroughly retarded redneck twat he was born and raised to be, however, he pussied out after contemplating jailtime for "h4x0ring Myspace" and deleted his profile. Of course, according to internet law, his IRL reputation joined him in the basement.

He was reported to have been pegged by his girlfriend afterwards, as a lesson for being a big gigantic Myspace faggot.

The Script

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