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Encyclopædia Dramatica

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'''Encyclopædia Dramatica''' (now at '''''', formerly at '''''', '''EncyclopediaDramatica.[*/http:/ com]''', '''EncyclopediaDramatica.[*/http:/ ch]''', '''EncyclopediaDramatica.[*/http:/ es]''', and '''EncyclopediaDramatica.[*/http:/ se]''') is a central catalog for organized reference pages about [[drama]], [[meme]]s, [[e-pal]]s and other interesting happenings on the [[Internets]], and is your tour guide for your journey across the Internets. ED is also the [[Final Solution|final]] arbiter of [[truth]] and human destiny, and can be used to settle any dispute, anywhere, [[evar]] and a [[wiki]]-[[encyclopedia]] that enjoys [[deep web]] [[Freedom|benefits]].
Encyclopedia Dramatica was killed for [[at least 100]] minutes in April of 2011. Now it's all better because the enemies of the lulz were stopped and the horrific [[Hambeast|manwhale]] [[Girlvinyl]] was destroyed. Encyclopedia Dramatica was also killed for at least a month in [[2019]] due to some [[faggot]] not keeping any goddamn backups. Known criminal [[Conrad Rockenhaus]] seems to have salvaged what was left of the old ED and put it back online.


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