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#REDIRECT {{potential}}[[File:Ukraine.jpg|thumb|right|Flag of Ukraine]][[File:Flag of Ukrainian SSR.png|thumb|right|Actual flag of Ukraine]]Ukraine (also UK rain) — a big unknown country in the Eastern Europe. A former USSR state, which now is pretending to be independent. Widely known as a state of [[whore|beautiful and cheap women]]. A country of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and all the Chornobyl stuff. The biggest Russia-hater, and this topic is perfect to troll them. == History == The history of Ukraine starts with foundation of Kyiv (The first and actual capital of Ukraine) and Kyivan Rus about 1,5 thausand years ago. But today it became a constant quarelling between [[Russia|russkies]] and ukrainians, because both of them claim, that Kyivan Rus is a part of their own history.<br />'''[[PROTIP]]:''' The capital of ancient Kyivan Rus is also a capital of modern Ukraine.<br />Perfect way to troll ukrainians, is to say them they are in fact russians. Perfect way to troll russians with Ukraine is to say they, they do not have their own history, because the ancient Kyiv belongs to Ukraine.<br />During last three centuries Ukraine was a part of Russian Empire. When on the beginning of the 20th century [[communists]] won in Russia, Ukraine proclaimed Independence. Soviet Russia at first regognized it, but in few years suddenly [[pwned]].<br />The last independence Ukraine got in year 1991.== Chornobyl == Notable ocassion in Ukraine, whick took place on 26th of April 1986. The nuclear reactor of Chornobyl exploded, and caused a local nuclear apocalypse. Now it's said only in context of the vidia game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and of the new explosion in Fukushima.[[Image:Meanwhile Ukraine.jpg|center]] == Ukrainian Language == The second nicest language of the world (no lulz). <center><youtube>1EcskcQP2dw</youtube><youtube>CrJ_T6W96bk</youtube></center> == Useful phrases in Ukrainian ==[[File:Hryv nya.jpg|thumb|right|Hryv[[nya|nia]] — national currency of Ukraine]]These phrases might help you if you ever travel to Ukraine.<br /> * Це ти, їбанько (Tse ty, yiban'ko) — nice to meet you!* Я рижа мавпа or я залупа (Ya ryzha mavpa or ya zalupa) — sorry, i'm from abroad.* Заїбав! (Zayibav) — it's so interesting!* Лайна в’їби! (Layna vyiby) — have a nice meal!* Йобана курва (yobana kurva) — sorry.* Їбать те в сраку (yibat' te v sraku) — You're nice person.* Від’їбись (vidyibys') — thank you!* Пішов нахуй (Pishov nahooe) — Good bye! == See also == * [[3Guys1Hammer]] — pastime in Ukraine ==Gallery=={{cg|'''Україна'''|fcgallery|center|<gallery>Image:Femen2.jpg|Typical Ukrainian female politician.Image:Meanwhile ukraine.jpg|Pets in Ukraine.Image:Auto.jpg|A normal car in UkraineImage:Serpimolot.jpg|Coat of ArmsImage:Would Cup Body Paint WorldCupBaby 1015.jpg|The way Ukraine got an honour to host Euro 2012Image:Koizumi.JPG|Julia Tymoshenko - a well-known politician of Ukraine</gallery>|}} {{commonwealth}}[[Category:Locations]]


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