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The Special Poetry Slam is a collection of videos in which "special" people recite improvisational poetry and generally flail about. Upon being uploaded to the internet, the results were extremely lulzy. Since not even this article can accurately describe the sheer amount of fail these retards produced, it is best for the videos to speak for themselves. There is also an extreme amount of butthurt from those moralfags that actually give a shit about the mongloids in the videos, often crying about how they should not be laughed at for being fucked up. However, these people really need to ask themselves why would the people responsible for recording the videos take the time to set up, film, and believe that the internet would be tolerant enough to not make fun of them? Obviously, whoever's in charge did it for the lulz.

Notice how in some of the videos, there is a goth. This shows how non-conformist they are. Also, the only fuckable one is named CiCi who is a randy fire crotch who tries to make the best of situation she's in, but those community service hours are part of her probation.

Nobody knows where the videos were filmed. Some say in Austin, Some say Akron. Wherever it was filmed, that place is a mecca for /b/tards. Nobody knows what happened to the stars after filming, but most likely, Dennis died due to his condition.

NOTE: if you play all these videos at once, you will actually hear what goes on in their head 24 hours a day.


"My name is William, and I like fingernail polish."

"My name is Travis, I like beer, it's good for you."

Life In Drag

"My name is William, and I like to wear dresses."


"Bears are very powerful. Me too."

Notice how this is the only one with subtitles, while the other tards, who are less coherent, don't have them. Obviously, everyone hates this retard.


"When you have a carpet to ride on you can't move around very much."


"Elvis Talking box, don't push the button."

Princess Layla

"I would have my own benz."

The Cat and The Raven

"We are creatures of the day and night...So BEWARE. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED."


"I...like...to make...werewolf MOVIES!!!"

Travis The Moonstar

Retards can be an heroes too.

The story of Travis the Moonstar was the inspiration to the ancient Greeks for the story of Hercules. Unfortunately, they couldn't make Hercules as much of an epic hero as Travis the Moonstar. Travis the Moonstar isn't actually a retard, but a being of immense power and wisdom that travels the cosmos to fight the evil wizard Zylar and his many minions created by his amulet: the Demonheart. The game Final Fantasy VII and it's various spin-offs were actually inspired by the adventures of Travis the Moonstar on the planet Gaia in the Grimlap system of the Omega Centauri Galaxy. He enjoys inflicting fear into the hearts and souls of men everywhere, but many mistake him for saying that he likes beer because it's good for you. He, in fact, said fear because he only drinks Mead.

Missing Video

There is a rumor that there is another piece of lulzy video floating around the net where they go on stage with a wig and recreate the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. This, however, has been lost in the bowels of the Internet. Good luck finding it in THERE.


Some would say this could be defined as the holy grail of the internet, but there has yet to be evidence that it actually exists.