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dogs are equal to humans

Ok, let's sit down and be serious for a second.

There are people out there who think there are other sentient beings besides humans. Sometimes it's furries who have divorced themselves from the real world to the point that they see themselves as animals in human costumes like a horrific reverse fursuit. Other times they are nerds gone too far who think that elves and aliens are real things and living among us. Some of them are even in the camp that thinks animals are equal or higher than humans and can give consent because they are thinking beings. And all of them think you're an asshat for laughing at this idea. You specist bastard, you!

Wait, what?

I can't see why he can't find a date... job... or anything else!
Death to humanity!

The dictionary defines speciesism/specism as "Intolerance or discrimination on the basis of species, especially as manifested by cruelty to or exploitation of animals by humans."

If it's such a big thing that it's in the fucking dictionary, you know it has to be serious business. Anyway, note how the dictionary definition explicitly says that it's a case of humans being dickweeds to animals because fuck animals. Am I rite? Well, furfags, otherkin, and other species-confused people saw the first half of the definition and ran with it to mean "anybody who thinks humans are the top of the food chain and pinnacle of current evolved life forms on this planet is a dickweed."

The vast majority of people who believe in specism believe in it because it gives them an excuse to feel superior to and to hate the rest of humanity. They don't blame their poor hygiene, being overweight, rambling on about crap nobody with a life cares about, poor social skills, disconnection from reality, or even their apparent mental problems for why nobody wants to hire, date or sit in the room with them for more than five minutes. They are perfect! It's YOU who has to be the problem, so they start picking off the differences one by one.

They're good looking (or at least their fursona is). They're smart (or at least they think they are). Their social skills are fine (so says the people in the chat room). They bathed three days ago, they don't stink... yet. They're interesting people (at least to themselves). It has to be because they are into furries/aliens/otherkin/ect. It can't be any other reason! After all, these mundanes don't believe in other sentient life! How dare those boring humans say that just maybe you might be just a little insane for thinking you are a wolf-fairy-wizard. They just are being racist against your species... they're speciest!

After awhile they get tired of being rejected for "being a ___." and start to hate all humans even if they have never met the human in question before. After all, the humans gave them reason to hate them by being so mean! This comes along with a shift in mentality where the "victim" suddenly sees themself as a "non-human" or "non-human ally" and begins to divorce themselves even further from the rest of the world which, in turn, only further creeps out the rest of the human race more which makes them avoid the clearly poorly kept madman even further. The "specism victim" then seeks others in forums and chats to confirm their beliefs creating an echo chamber that only enhances their hatred of human beings.

The irony is that they don't even notice that by hating the human race they are being speciesist against humans! For all the know they might even be hating others of their own kind without even knowing it as they literally hate every single human being they run across without knowing a single thing about them. They just assume that all humans are scum who are against everything the believe in.

Known Specists

It's not like there was an ELVISH holocaust or Elf Lynchings.

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