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<SpexBluefox> about 25% of the world might be furry
Spex was actually commissioned to draw this pile of vomit. No one ever commissioned him again.

SpexBlueFox is a gay furry with an inflation fetish. He is also a rabid Jhonen Vasquez fan, giving him the mental capacity of a 13 year old boy, and feels that The Matrix is (sic) "GENIOUS you pricks". He heard that his "friend of a friend" SokiTwopaw was completely butthurt over his recent assrape, so Spex created an account on ED to blank the dox off Soki's page. According to Spex, this was done to save ED from legal action; however, he didn't realize that ED has bred an army of mutant e-lawyers and is immune to all lawlsuits. He was immediately banned for being a faggot, and came crying for an arbchat.

Jews Did 9/11

SpexBlueFox is a known kike-sympathizer, and refused to acknowledge that Jews did 9/11. To prove himself, Spex promised to submit a video to YouTube of himself declaring the Jewish role in the September 11 attacks. In return, his ED account would be unbanned. In a surprising move, Spex has actually gone through with the deed, and has yet to pull the SokiTwoPaw classic DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING move.

YouTube Favicon.png The Truth, The Whole Truth, and nothing but The Truth

I never said the jews DIDN'T do 9/11


—SpexBlueFox, defending himself

Inflation Fetish

Why am I still alive?

Like all furries, SpexBlueFox has some kind of freakish sexual obsession with Sonic characters. He just takes it further:

Tails was merely kicking back and working in his workshop on an air compressor for the Tornado. However, being worked so hard, he didn't notice a screwdriver on the floor. Well, he soon was reminded of its presents when he tripped on it and his rear planted on the end of the air compressor's hose! Before he knew it, he could feel air being forced into his body, blowing it up bigger and bigger. In moments his skin was tight and his body was a round balloon, oh so full. Being such a smart kitsune, he was well aware that if he could not escape, he would surely burst!...


Arbchat logs HERE


Trying to prove that he has lots of money, SpexBlueFox stole his mommy's wallet to buy himself an iPod Touch to grease up with his slimey paws. Trying to be an hero, he also got Apple to engrave it with a quote from portal, only to horribly misspell it and show himself off for the tool he is. Even when someone told him of his error, he claimed no one will notice because of "the way people work when reading". Just keep telling yourself that, SpexBlueFox.

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