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Spiderbro is a meme that originated from a greentext story thread in /b/. Spiderbro is the only species of spider that doesn't have you on the list of things to bite today. He's always looking out for you and sometimes even getting you laid. The greentext story was about a guy that met a girl and took her home to have sexy time. This got interrupted because Spiderbro bit the cumdumpster’s left tit, and she ran out of the house screaming. The writer was pissed because he was still a virgin, so like any other guy would, he proceeded to fap. Little did he know the girl was riddled with AIDS. He soon found out that this spider had been a total bro and saved him from Gay Cancer. This is very unlike a spider, because their normal activities include biting you and fucking your shit up. /b/tards reading the thread collectively told their share of Spiderbro moments, and thus the Spiderbro meme was born. When you finally realize how incredibly shitty your life is, remember, Spiderbro is watching.

I love you… Spiderbro.


Alternative Story

Misunderstood Spiderbro

Unfortunately, due to the aggressive nature of almost all species of spider, Spiderbro has been mistaken for one of them. Instead of greeting Spiderbro with a brofist, some have greeted him with a textbook. Many Spiderbros have fallen this way, never reaching full potential. If you ever encounter a spider make sure it is a bro before squashing its shit.

Don't let this happen to a fellow bro.

More Spiderbro

Spiderbro prevents internal bleeding

I was typing an essay all night. Spiderbro wants to play, but I tell him to fuck off because I was tired and stressed. It took me 15 hours, but I got it finished. Then I realized I forgot to press send and submit my paper. My degree could be over just like that. But then Spiderbro looks to see what I was doing and presses send. Thanks, Spiderbro.

I was walking down an alleyway one night when some thugs attempt to mug me. Spiderbro crawls on to the thug's face and bites him. He was allergic to spider bites. Thanks, Spiderbro.

There was a gas leak in my house that I didn't know about. It could have killed me. But Spiderbro crawled into the pipe and covered the hole with his web. I found out hours later and then shut off the gas. He was dead... I'll never forget you, Spiderbro.

I was fapping one night when my mom knocked on the door. My mom was about to come in. Then Spiderbro crawls under the door and scares her off. Thanks, Spiderbro.

I was about to board my plane to New York on September 11th, 2001 when I realized my ticket was gone. Only a web was left in its place. God damnit Spiderbro! I was then forced to go home. Later, I saw the news, and I couldn't believe it. Thanks, Spiderbro.


Thanks, Spiderbro.


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