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Spike Zombie (Alias: Star Santiago) is the pseudonym of a facebook super-whore that has gained her shameless popularity by "modeling" and taking cliche scene pictures with an emo faggot twist. Spike seems to keep her fake hair blue and seldom deviates away from such a color. She has gotten her evergrowing popularity by puking glitter and Niceness upon anything that moves. She tries to outwit and help anything that is unfortunate enough to wander into her internet territory. She is a typical fat scene whore so what she lacks in looks, she attempts to make up for it in personality, We all know fatties cannot be assholes. She is an attenion whore who has no friends like ALL internet celebrities.

Spike Zombie has tainted the internet by spreading basic values of "Love everyone" and "beauty is o the inside" in hopes one day someone blind will think she is not a fat blue whale as well. Of course this is none other than something to catch popularity from her dear facebook followers.

Who Is Spike Zombie?

She is a typical scenewhore
I am crazy and weird, It does not get much more unique and odd than I. I have an amazing sense of humor and love meeting and talking to new people. I text a lot, So message me your number. Even though I tend to be a misanthrope, I love to help people, I know more pain than anyone I have met thus far, And I want to help heal pang and pain and alleviate some of a suffering souls.

I have nothing to fear


—Spike Zombie

Spike first entered the bowels of the internet on Furry-Paws and Myyearbook. She had a Myspace Although no one heard of her ever. She began showing fat girls that they are beautiful in 2010 when she joined Myyearbook. Her photos provided "inspiration" to fat people all across the globe. This blue whale also began spreading such kind words that no one could resist such a lovable large creature that soon after she made a facebook. There her internet stardom spread like butter on one of her meals. She began "modeling" or sitemodeling, which I am surprised has no ED article yet. Sitemodeling is a world in which pedos use girls and boys images for their play sites and make them more popular to the real world in hopes a real talent agent happens to be on drugs and looks at this shit. The goal is to model for as many sites as you can and to be active in all of them, This requires no life and a lot of dedication. To return to our large mass subject, Spike's images spread like fire and many adored her words as well as her flamboyant images of colors.

We learn that her history is a painful one. My friend described it best on a site she was previously internet famous on, yet unknown to the real world for her face was hidden. "Spike: A wannabe holocaust survivor who rants and raves about her scars from her 'angel' boyfriend beating her, she often relates back to the time when her daddy used to fuck her in the ass and enjoys her scum-bag's efforts to remind her of home. After running away from home because mommy and daddy didn't love her, she went to live with her boyfriend who she met off Myspace. He then beat her, causing her to respond by going completely fucking nuts; She thrashed his electronics.

A large end abuse supporter.

She also lives under the illusion that this is completely normal, and all relationships are like this. Now, in an attempt to regain some type of redemption for what she did, she's started doing godly deeds around the site for people (because helping people on a virtual dog site makes up for beating people). She's 'renting' out her virtual dog kennel to 'those in need'. She's now recently decided to sell her 'soul' in displayed bits of artwork(like anyone would even want that) for site currency so she can keep upgrading her virtual kennel.

As of late, she's apparently moved back to Florida after being ass-raped one too many times by her 'boyfriend', and kicked out by his parents. She's recently decided to go an hero and gain furry paws fame, since she decided the site has gone downhill and it was her only means of existence." -Another ED Article.

From what I gathered in my research and watching, is she grew up being beaten and met a faggot off of myspace, whom will admit he dated her for 3 years, Then beat this gullible whale and left her fat ass. Her parents never gave a shit and she turned to the internet like most neglected teenagers. Thus people flooded to give this girl attention.

Her Legacy/Trolling

Many things assist in having fame over this fatty. One of the things is how she changes so many lives. So many dumb people are quited for having their lives changed by such a (Control your lols) kind hearted soul. She seems to help all she meets and is always there for anything that talks to her. She talks ever so much and tends never to shut up if you get her started. She goes through stages where she says nothing and listens to whatever you have to say. I spoke with this whale once and she was open and honest with almost everything. I tried to troll her for the lols but it worked not. What DID work was her fans attacking me and telling me to go die and how jealous I was. We will talk about her large cult following later.

An older more well known image.

If you troll her, she will either just block you or listen, or even ignore it, thus making it boring and unentertaining, but if you do it openly, her cult will rant and rave over how she is a Goddess and you are in the wrong to hurt such a sacred and flawless deity.

As you can tell she looks like any other fat scene Goddess, but inside she is something more.... we just got to figure out who shse ate and we will see.

Her fans

A small amount of fangirls.
Spike Zombie is a hero and you need to stop trying to upset her. BAWWWWLLLL.


Believe it or not, Spike Zombikins actually has a fan base... and these people worship the ground she rolls upon. Srsly guiz, not even joking.

Plus so many more which I'll display in her little Gallery.


Now, as expected, these fans are fat, retarded scene-kids; expect to encounter the following:


She teaches fat girls to love their body...

Spike is quoted for many things no one gives two shits about to even listen to.

You never know the pain someone is hiding behind a computer screen,

So please always remember how powerful even a smiley face is. If ANYONE ever needs to talk, Tell me. I am here for you no matter who you are.



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