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Sports Only's super cool logo. Notice the exclamation point, which makes it even superer and even cooler. was (although it does still exist in non-linked form) a website containing a virtual plethora of free message boards designed for the jock and closet homosexual intraweb users. The site was created in the distant year of 1996 using the most advanced HTML technology from at least 100 years ago.

Rasslin' Takeover

Due to the booming popularity in wrestling shortly after's design, thousands upon thousands of message boards were created in honor of rasslers and rasslin' federations so that fans could have in depth discussions about the inner workings of the "sport" they followed such as posting lines along the lines of "SUCK IT!!1" or "WE'RE TAKING OVER!" Over five years after wrestling's loss of fan interest, these boards still all existed and some still do to this day.


  • Due to the basic HTML, a loophole was discovered allowing users to swear by some master of the web. This was passed down through the ages to fellow posters. At first, blocked all swear words so that instead of seeing FUCK, the board simply showed ######. This man discovered by sticking in a small piece of pointless HTML coding such as </>, the swear word would bypass the blocks, but still read. Despite his awesomeness, there was no Star Wars celebration and Princess Leia didn't kiss him or even give him a medal.
  • One day that has long been forgotten, some troll discovered that due to the outdated technology of the boards that you could flood a forum in a matter of minutes even on 56k by making a post and then using the browser's back command followed by smashing the enter button. Many website owners decided to move their forums onto more techno-savvy boards, however, some n00bs decided to hire a ton of moderators to run their fascist sites.
  • Sometime after the trolls, a haxxor came along who thrilled the community by discovering that all the message boards used a basic username (free) and password (forum). This led to many a n00b being pwned when their football tape trading message board suddenly became a Gay German Bondage Forum. When the dust cleared, several fanboys cried themselves to sleep.
  • A final, but seldom used tactic was created on some unknown date by some unknown man, probably a basement dweller. He either found message boards that used the swear loophole or else simply created his own swear induced posts and then contacted SportsOnly's website complaining of foul language. This caused many message boards to shutdown and many more fanboys to shed tears.

The Death of

Sometime in the early or mid 2000's, died... sort of. You could no longer register boards and most of the links on their main website no longer functioned properly because they were dumb. The old message boards still existed, but the majority of them sat dormant or covered with posts from people named "money" telling you how to get "non-prescription herbal viagra".

Eventually, one day after, all of messageboards were deleted. Well over 10,000 message boards were deleted in a single swoop, causing tears to be shed by the remaining fanboys.

This guy obviously buys a lot of baseball bats.

After all of this, SportsOnly's main page changed from providing free message boards to an online store that sells baseball bats (for use in fag-bashing, frogball or masturbation)

Life After Death

Like dead rappers, the site still exists in some forms. When deleting the boards, SportOnly forgot about the set of boards under their directory. Although limited in quantities, the boards were haxxored (changing the default username and password) by some who refused to advance with the times.


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