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Boy or girl?

Squid-hater121 is your typical run-of-the-mill angsty sexually confused DeviantART camwhore, complete with goth-ish fashion and shit poetry. However there is one difference with this particular TARTlet... when she found out that another girl was showing interest in her ex, she went Batshit insane and decided to murder and dismember her body. When she was caught and went to trial, her defense claimed that she was a compassionate person, good student, but a lost soul who was harassed in high school because she is bi-sexual. Of course the Judge wouldn't have any of her whiny-angst and told her TITS OR GTFO. When she refused to directly admit the murder and more importantly show the goods, he gave her the IRL Banhammer and sent her away for 53 years to lez it up in prison.

Convicted teenaged killer Sarah Kolb told a judge today she didn’t feel anything as Adrianne Reynolds was killed, and was then sentenced to 48 years for the murder and 5 years for burning and dismembering the body.

In real time, the teen will have to serve 50 years in prison, and will be 68 years old when she can be released.


—(WQAD) Rock Island, IL

After the lesbian pwned the pretty girl, Squiddy's sister went on an internets-wide crusade in efforts to show that her sister was a wonderful, sweet soul who was in no way a crazy dyke goth. Sarah's feminist sister, Liz, ran unleashed under the moniker of Deviantart-favicon.png Onyx83 and painted her sister as a victim, while pointing the finger at the only figure with a penis in the gore-filled love triangle.

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