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Staedtler mark on a purse
Not to be confused with Stantler, which is a fucking Pokémon.

The Staedtler sticker was first used by trolls early in 2009 to mark victims, without their knowledge, for trolling at various public places. Of course, the act of marking the victim is usually the only form of trolling that takes place, due to the victim finding the sticker and taking it off. (see What to Do)

If the troll who marked the victim (or any other troll) sees this sticker a reasonable time after placing it on the victim, the victim is singled out and trolled relentlessly until all Lulz have been satisfied.

What to Do

  • If you find this sticker or symbol on you, an item of clothing or accessory (Purse, backpack, hat, phone, etc) then it is strongly recommended to place it on the nearest person without them noticing.
  • If you see this sticker or symbol on somebody else, please tell them they are going to get trolled and DO NOT EXPLAIN. This is the most important part, if you explain to the victim why they are getting trolled, it renders the act of trolling them powerless.

How to do it

  • Usage of the Staedtler sticker is not mandatory, but any form of trojan symbol that is placeable on a person will do the trick. Staedtler written on stickynote or on paper with tape is acceptable.
  • Trolls must not get caught by the victim during marking. If the victim sees the troll place the sticker, the troll cannot continue with the act.
  • When the troll spots a victim, they will incite argument with the victim about a seemingly nonsensical topic. This topic is up to the troll to decide. See Topics


What to say to a confirmed marked victim:

  • Hand the victim a book and insist they dropped it.
  • Ask the time and deny you said anything.
  • Tell them the time and insist they asked you.
  • Tap their shoulder and say "My shoe is untied"
  • Preach religion and ideology to the victim out of the blue. Do not stop until they leave.
  • And anything else that generally wastes time and is truly funny.

Use your imagination to come up with better troll topics.

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