Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

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Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is yet another RPG created by SquareEnix. Released in February of 2003, the third installment of the Star Ocean series revolves around an emo blue haired faggot named Jew Fayt is a gamer and apparently is Hard for his 16-year-old friend Sophia. The game begins on a DAMN NIGGA where Fayt and Sophia play a Fight Simulator game. Sophia proceeds to fail, and Fayt in his infinite Faggotry wins the game. He then still forces her to play thus ruining his one and only chance at pussy. The planet is then attacked by Jews and is blown the fuck up. Some moar shit happens and the two end up separated. The rest of the game is Fayt going around with a dude named jock cock in some attempt to rescue Fayt's conveniently captured dad, who for spoiler's sake gets the IRL Banhammer during Disc 2. SquareEnix needs to learn to make something original for once, like Final Fantasy XIII-2.


That ice chick is asking for it

The gameplay in this game is rather entertaining. It involves watching a 10 minute cutscene, wandering around for half an hour talking to NPCs, getting into battles and getting stunlocked to death by random fag enemies. The plot, as described above is known for having the BIGGEST FUCKING MINDFUCK IN ANY GAME EVAR in it. Read the spoiler tag and learn. During the game you get to make items and shit in workshops which are in most towns and even some dungeons for some random ass reason. The Final Boss is some black person named Luther, and after being defeated, he baleets the game world.

Playable Characters

Looks like someone's ready to Close the pool
Internet Yaoi machine. I blame emo bitches who should be making me a sandwich instead of drawing fag pics
  • Cliff Fittir: Too stupid to use magic, but can fight with his fists, surprisingly heals your character when in low health compared to the healers wtf.
  • Mirage Koas: Like Cliff, but with tits.
  • Adray Lasbard: Old guy. Useless in battle and needs to put on a fucking shirt.
  • Sophia Esteed: Fayt's targeted cumdumpster as explained above, even though his noob behaviors continue to lower his chances. Useless, just not as useless as Adray. Has huge tits.

Unplayable Characters

JewTube delivers with shit quality gameplay videos

This is a prime example of how to fail at making a JewTube video.
Jews? in MY Star Ocean?


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