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The classic

Sequel to 2004's Star Wars: Battlefont on PC, Xbox, PS2 and GameCube, Star Wars: Battlefront II has stood the test of time ever since its release in 2005. It's completely made of win and will forever stand as the greatest game of all time.


In Battlefront II, there are four base classes to play and two specialised units unique to each faction. However, most won't be mentioned due to how shitty they are.


Your typical Call of Duty unit, armed with a blaster rifle, pistol with infinite ammo and four thermal detonators. They all play exactly the same except for the Super Battle Droid, as they replace their pistol with a Tri-Shot (mini shotgun) and grenades with Wrist Rockets (mini rocket launcher). Also, all droids are immune to outer space in Polis Massa and those fuming plants in Felucia, since they don't breath air. Totally fair.


Armed with a rocket launcher, pistol, two thermal detonators and four mines, these guys make ISIS look like a bunch of tryhards more than they are. For something lulzworthy, try planting a mine or two on a vehicle and ram it into an enemy unit. Or better yet, plant them and wait for the enemy to get inside said vehicle.


Worst class by default. Armed with a sniper rifle, pistol and two detonators, they aren't much useful since they all die in one hit. They also have an auto turret to help defensively, but they are completely worthless because they can't hit for shit.


Basically the most OP class ever. Engineers are armed with a one-hit kill shotgun, can heal themselves and refill their ammo, repair turrets, health and ammo droids and vehicles. They can also slice through most vehicles to force the enemy unit inside out. Best of all however are their powerful detpacks, as they can plant them anywhere and manually detonate them anytime, making all three classes above almost irrelevant.

Pilot (space only)

They fly around and destroy capital ships by recreating 9/11. They are armed with a rapid fire pistol and time bombs that kill everything in their vicinity. They also have the ability to repair ships while inside, so they're pretty much the unit to play when in space.

Marine (space only)

Basically soldiers in space, but with a rocket launcher instead of a pistol. They also can't auto repair ships while inside, so never play them.


Exclusive to the CIS. While armed with only twin blasters and a personal shield generator, Droidekas tear through enemy units like paper, and are another reason why the CIS is the most overpowered faction in the game. However only two are allowed in every map, since every player in every server will play as the Droideka.

Wookiee Warrior

Exclusive to the Rebel Alliance. Wookiee Warriors are basically a combination of the soldier, assault and sniper classes, but on steroids. They take forever to kill and their bowcasters can both be a sniper rifle and a shotgun depending on the charge. Finally they have the ability to rage to deal more damage. That buff can also spread to their allies if nearby.


They've got Supers!


—Clone Trooper

Now you got it!


—Clone Trooper



—Clone Trooper

One shot, one kill.


—Clone Trooper

The bigger they are; the harder they fall!


—Clone Trooper

Grenade! Grenade!


—Clone Trooper

They're sending in the Supers!


—Clone Trooper

Super Battle Droid! Take it down!


—Clone Trooper

Grenade! Get down!


—Clone Trooper

Just like the simulations.


—Clone Trooper

Watch those wrist rockets!


—Clone Trooper

For the Republic!


—Clone Trooper

Your screams are like music to my audioreceptors!


—General Grievous

100... 200... 300... You guys are gonna make me rich!


—Jango Fett

Don't shoot the Wookiee!


—Rebel Soldier

Get the Wookiee!


—Imperial Officer

I'm taking you down, Plastic Boy!


—Rebel Soldier

Shape 'em up and knock 'em down!


—Rebel Soldier

Even for a Gamorean, that thing is UG-LY!


—Rebel Marksman

I am here and I am not amused!


—Darth Sidious


RIP Star Wars: Battlefront III


Score one for the Republic! About missing Pics
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