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Entering the site is one the biggest autistic web 1.0 places on the net. The site consists of a combination of fanboys, white knights, aspies, sci-fi fans and gays. Once you get into the page you know that you have found a shithole that could become a potential lulz fountain.

The shithole

The main menu of the shithole

The site has plenty of garbage, once you click the button to enter it you automatically become a faggot. The main menu will come up and you will have the chance to join the imperial army, visit their shitty wiki, see hate commentaries and visit the forums (which are still active and full of fanboys). The forums are the place where all this autistics talk to each other and say crap. The whole forum is administered by the Imperial Senate and all the plebs have to obey them (HAHAHAHA niggers, get me some cotton).

The forum can give you terrible vision problems because of colours, admins must be jews.


How to troll them

  • Start a Star Wars vs Star Trek discussion. Insist that Star Trek is the best.
  • Tell them Darth Vader is gay and/or a nigger.
  • Make BBQs of Star Wars characters and upload them to their Art section (Forums)
  • Confuse things, for example say that Pikachu is the best character of the 3rd Star Trek season.
  • Insult George Lucas in any conceivable way.
  • Deride their vomit inducing forum color scheme
  • LOL @ their pathetic phpBB software


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