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Stardream1, also known as Deathstarwater and Saedas, is a Swedish weeaboo faggot DevianTart obsessed with MikuMikuDance, a program used primarily to animate Vocaloid models.


Six months into his DeviantArt career, Stardream1 became infamous within the Vocaloid fandom for spamming users with barely coherent notes begging for MikuMikuDance models to be put up for download. The object of his obsession is a loli called Nepgear, a character from a game called Hyperdimension Neptunia. Despite being told repeatedly that the models weren't going to be shared, nothing short of the block function could stop his fanboy pleading.

Apparently this is a Nepgear.

He asked many users if they would trade him for Nepgear. He then started to post about trading Windows 100% models. He even offered points for the Windows models, which must be purchased through a magazine; therefore, real money is being spent in exchange for DeviantArt pixel Jew gold. Seeing as though the models are already copyrighted material, he is engaging in a sad internet weeaboo equivalent of selling black market dvds from the trunk of his car.

Stardream1's account was eventually compromised and the account was deactivated. Being an obsessed fanboy, he immediately reactivated it, which comes to show that tartlets are not only too stupid to come up with a non-obvious password, but also lack enough brain cells to know that when you surpass the dog curtains to get into someone else's account, the first thing you do is change the password.

Random Information

Stardream1 gets shipped with CNSE , Alyallie, and PlumApplesizBack

His full name is Christian Eugene Ford.

His DOB is September 26, 1994.

He claims he is from the US when he is indeed Swedish, making him some sort of retard otherkin.

He is also known as "starfag1" , "shitdream1" , "stupiddumbass1", and "SD1".

Quotable Quotes

I funny it LOL
Gust is joker.
You are joker
I want a Points. ╭( ╥▲╥) ╮
My fault. I am ugly.
Sorry I glitch
please stop spamming me
My math very skill. I got end school.
I hate blocked me
Why you vore me?
ok. I buy you
You know I hate Chibi? I don't hate TDA Append Chibi Miku.
I am TDA Append Chibi Zatsune Miku
I am Insane Black Rock shooter.
Nick love TDA PM Sexy again
I hate your foot up my ass

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