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uncut shemales r the best


Meet your maker, Asa.

Starwind3437 (David Watson) was a member of the Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums, proud pansexual, self-diagnosed autist, and grotesquely overweight hambeast who received much praise for pranking his arch-rival, Asalieri.
Our hero Starwind became tired of Asa's antics, and turned to google where he found a home address. At that point Starwind shared the address amongst his friends who posted it to Asa's ED article. About a week later, Starwind took things to the next level and posted a fake craigslist ad offering free games to anyone who shows up at Asa's home. In typical Starwind fashion, he did this in the creepiest way possible:

My son died recently and I'm trying to get rid of some stuff so he can move ASAP. I'm older so I'm not familiar with these games the young kids play now. once the games are taken this ad will be taken down.


—Starwind's fake craigslist ad targeting Asalieri.

Sexual Beast

Being fat has in no way affected Starwind's libido, as he frequently flaunts his desires to travel to Thailand and suck the untamed 4 inch micrococks of every uncut ladyboy on the island of traps. While some of his detractors have labeled him as homosexual because of this, Starwind is quick to point out that traps are not gay and that he will make you cum in less than two minutes. Due to intense autism, Starwind logs his masturbation sessions and his fap-record stands at 1 minute 34 seconds, so he believes that everyone cums in under two minutes. Friends and associates agree that Starwind has not made anyone cum, ever.

The Prank

Asalieri Gets Hoaxed

On August 31st, 2013, Starwind decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and inflicted a migraine level headache to Asalieri in the form of a craigslist hoax. Asalieri recorded the entire event for youtube with scathing commentary that was better left on mute. Asa also recorded a 3 minute vlog against Starwind, calling him out as a borderline psychotic basement dwelling faggot. Starwind did not take kindly to these words, and posted a shirtless photo taking full credit for ruining Asalieri's life.

Starwind did asalieri.JPG

Much lulz were had on the Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums where forum members showered him with praise and a youtube video.

Starwind's Prize for Pranking Asalieri


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