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Typical Steam account of a Furry.

Steam Furries is a Furry Pride group on Steam. 'Steam Furries' like any other group for furries is full of retards, hypocrites, and totally not zoophiles or pedophiles people to meet each other, play together, and roll around in massive amounts of drama. Members like to show pride by adding shitty ascii and descriptions of their creative fursona. The group was created on August 8, 2007 by Ghost Menjou, the overly-sensitive founder who has in the past shown signs of daddy issues, as he goes into a faggot rage over something someone says on the internet, especially if it be a description of what furry art does to your eyes. In order to protect the rest of the world from his own sheltered pussy, he immediately bans any individual who dares use the word "rape" in his royal chat room, and proceeds to ban anyone who objects to him doing so. He also believes that there are no other furry communities in existence for those who he's banned to go to, and feels that he has affected the lives of the people whom he's banned in a negative way. after a good day's work he ventures into his parent's bathroom to masturbate furiously with a razor blade. The otherwise decent community agrees that it is a shame that they must all deal with this over-powered nerd in order to continue communication with each other.

Cc2iscool's Server Hierarchy

If Zen is the most famous artist in the world of furfaggotry, then Cc2iscool is the god of furry gaming. CC2 currently has 5 servers running Team Fortress 2. His servers are constantly full, adding to the owner's ego.

Cc2iscool runs a Ventrilo server for furries who play on his servers (but this is retarded and redundant as there is in-game voice chat). Common subjects of conversation above grunting involve bitching about team stacking, and complimenting each other on their porn sprays that frequent the server. There is a separate channel for Team Fortress 2 but many people just idle in the lobby and mic spam.

Yiffing on the server is forbidden to the dismay of every furry ever (Even though you can still fucking spray porn.), and from time to time, /b/tards enter the server undercover and annoy furfags apparently unaware of the Mute Players option.

Every Friday night at 7PM Ct they begin a massive party in which they jam pack the three group severs for 10 hours, as they are furries and have nothing to do anyways.

Cc2iscooL gave away his personal contact info, not knowing that it would fall into the hands of a newfag who posted it on /b/, and not a single fuck was given that day.

Contact info

Do whatever, but don't expect any lulz to happen.

Mike Spoula

617 Pinewood Dr.

North Aurora, IL


(630) 892- 6410 [Home]

(630) 803- 4512

[email protected]

AIM: MiKomp007

YIM: cc2iscool

Second Life: CeeCee Radek

Xfire: cc2iscool

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Sadly, his server is always full.
how do i shot yiff?

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