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Steel Hearts

Madre, May (on top), Z (on bottom), Tamaara, Bamori (small, spiky lizard), Steel, Gamotarox and Skurdy (Cat, chihuahua thinger).

The more excellent of /ic/'s whopping two memes, Steel Hearts is an incredibly moving high-fantasy story written by a 14 year old by the alias of Shadow Shade. The meme itself was spawned when Anonymous posted an illustration (see right) created by the author of the story. Anonymous, rendered almost unable to comprehend the anatomical perfection, the flawless composition, and unmatched beauty of the piece, flooded the thread with resounding praise.

Serious Motherfucker is watching you masturbate.

Anonymous also immediately took a liking to the furthest right character, Gamotarox; his apparent maturity and thoughtful gaze inspired Anonymous. He was to be later affectionately renamed, however, when Anonymous created a beautiful piece of fan art, shown at left, featuring Gamotarox staring down into a window. In this image, he is presumably witnessing you engaged in masturbation. From that point on, he was to be referred to only by the reverent moniker of "Serious Motherfucker".

Everyones otp.jpg

Like most popular fandoms, Steel Hearts quickly attracted its share of fangirls and gay fanboys as well, who proceeded to slash all of the main male characters. The most popular of these was Serious Motherfucker x Steel, which came to be known as "everybody's OTP".

Fanart Gallery

The Gang

Steel: The titular tawny-haired hero of the story. He sports a growth of unknown origin in his left eye, which is indicative of mystical powers.

Tamaara: A mysterious and attractive young woman dressed in black who aids the hero in his quest.

Madre: A small, cute girl who travels with the party. Her endless cheer warms their hearts during the coldest nights. Though not much is known about her background, it can be assumed that she is a trainee priestess of some kind.

Z is an androgynously attractive young man who travels with his fraternal Siamese twin, May. May is attached to her brother's head at the waist. These intrepid twins treat this condition not as a deformity, but as an advantage in combat that allows for mad crazy double combo attacks.

Gamotarox/"Serious Motherfucker": An enigmatic figure who spends much of his time devoted to voyeuristic activities. Probably the fan-favorite of the series, especially among the ladies. When not partaking in adventures of the Steel Hearts Gang, he enjoys watching you masturbate.

Cute Animal Mascots: Serve as emergency food sources and instruments of sexual gratification.

Scar/Angry Motherfucker: The first "real villain" of the series. He has scars over his eyes, and looks very angry, hence his new name. Some argue that Serious x Angry is the new OTP of Steel Hearts.

Lief/Lazy Motherfucker: There are rumors that a new character named Lief or Lazy Motherfucker will be introduced to this epic tale. Lief is a gelatinous Lazy Motherfucker who serves little purpose in the story other than being an annoying bitch who tries to flame and troll people but ultimately fails.

The Story

Prologue: From Steel's Journal

I remember that day 17 years ago...the rain was cold…the lighting flashed and roared wildly…and I shivered. I was but a few days old...I never knew my parents or if I had parents. If I did, I would not be who I am now. I was alone until I came across a man. His name was Rictor Lanold Oniyx. He cared for me as a youngling and raised me to follow in his footsteps. He had minor relations with the Galactic Council and hoped for me to one day become a representative of Gaia, my home planet. He was also a mechanical engineer and scientist and worked with advanced technologies. He had been working on a secret military being, known as P.A.A.B. (Power Amplifying Artificial Being). He hoped for it to, one day, help the world some how. But, he died of an advanced neural cancer, causing his brain to cease any movements in his body.

He was like a father to me...I was alone in the world and he made me his son…he left me in his will everything he owned and I followed his rise from his shadow, to fulfill his dreams. I eventually finished P.A.A.B., working off the notes he left me and began to stare at it in awe…this work, I imagined, will help the world…maybe in the galaxy in untold ways.

But everything went wrong…terribly wrong. I don’t know what caused it, what provoked it to do it...but...the mechanical being grappled onto my eye, with its mechanical claw. Pulling it from the socket, it inserted itself into my skull. It, then, transformed my body. First, my internal my arms and finally my legs. All became machine...steel prosthetics replacing most of my body. I don’t know what happened, but from that day we bonded...I suddenly gained this seemed to go on forever and my brain would explode. After that, I studied myself. I became a cyborg...a new being...I became...Steel.

Episode 1: The beginning of a Friendship. The Rise of an Enemy.

DATE: Season 2; Day 235; Year 11389; 13hrs 30min 40sec LOCATION: Gaia; Capital City-Central

It is a nice sunny day in Capital City of the U.A.S. or Union of Allied States. It was here Steel met most of his friends and started his Galactic Security Division, which scouts the galaxy, keeping order. Steel, Tamaara, Z, May and Bamori are stationed on Gaia, their home. But, every friendship has a beginning and this is the story that will be told to you. It all began with Steel meeting Tamaara. She is a beautiful, young woman, with a heart big enough to fit an entire galaxy. She was alone in the world until Steel met her on one of Steel’s awesome adventures. It was in Capital City where she and Steel first met. It was relatively calm in the bustling city.

Steel and Bamori took a stroll, passing through the crowds along the walkways, as S.C.Vs (Space Compatible Vehicles) zoomed past them. It was always busy, always crowded and is still crowded. They went through the shops, lined across the buildings that towered over them.

“Find anything, Steel?” asked a small, dark, violet-scaled reptilian being, while looking through the numerous shops.

“Nope. Nothing that we are looking for, Bamori.” Steel said, with a sigh.

After a long while, they finally found what they came for.

“Hey, Steel! Found one!” Bamori shouted to Steel.

“Great. Buy it and let’s go,” said Steel, rushing over to Bamori, when a girl collided into him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” asked the girl, while, quickly, picking up her papers.

“I’m fine, thanks. You seem to be in quite a hurry yourself,” Steel said, helping the girl to her feet.

“Yes. Sorry for running into you.” She said, quickly fixing her hair.

“No problem. By the way, my name’s Steel,” Steel said introducing himself. Before he could say anything, Bamori came in with a large box above his head.

“Steel, I got the disk shield for the satellite,” he said, still holding the box above his head.

“Great,” Steel said, taking the box from Bamori. “Oh, and this is Bamori,” Steel said pointing to Bamori.

“Nice to meet you, Bamori,” the girl said, kneeling to Bamori’s level.

“Pleasure,” he said, shaking Tamaara’s hand.

“Wait! You’re Steel! Wow! I have always wanted to meet you! I have heard of you becoming the Representative of Gaia. Must be quite a job, seeing the amount of things you do for our planet,” the girl said, enthusiastically.

“Well, l I try. Everyone does a little of something for their world,” Steel said.

“I also heard you’re establishing a new galactic security division,” she noted.

“Yeah, I’ve been planning it out for some time, now. I’m also looking into recruiting,” he responded.

“Oh, right, forgot my manners. I’m Tamaara,” she introduced.

“Nice to meet you, Tamaara,” Steel said.

“Well, anyways, I have to go. It was nice to finally meet you, Steel. Sorry to hold you up,” she said, waving, as she began to head down the walkway

“No worries. See you around,” Steel said waving back and turned to rejoin Bamori.

“Hmhmhm. He seems nice…and pretty cute,” she thought, as she was walked down the great towering city.

As Steel and Bamori left the city, and entered the town Conomora, Steel went into thought over his meeting with Tamaara. “There is something about her that’s…strange…I definitely sense something in her,” Steel thought as they continued back to their base.

“Steel, you alright? You seem to be in a daze,” Bamori asked.

“Oh yeah, just dazing a bit,” Steel said, putting his arms behind his head.

“Ah…you know you like her,” Bamori said in a teasing, sing-song voice, taunting Steel.

“WHAT?” Steel shouted, as Bamori ran, laughing with Steel chasing him close behind. “Get back here, you overly-sedate, scaly midget!”

As Steel chased Bamori through the town, a shadowy figure, towering unknown to them, watched.

“So, this is the great hero of Gaia. Doesn’t seem all high and mighty, as he has been described. Well, I guess I shall determine that myself. That is…if he shows up for my little errand,” the mysterious figure said.

Eventually, Steel and Bamori entered Steel’s base. Steel’s base is a massive underground city, consisting of machines, droids, ships, labs and an extremely massive docking bay, extending tens of thousands of kilometers down the base. Steel went over to the Transportation Relay Device to send the disk shield to Gaia Satellite 5, which was in need of repairs. The disk shield is a transportation and communication device, critical to their operations.

“Okay, sending satellite attachments.” Steel said, while sending the antenna to the satellite, through its particle signatures.

“Satellite attachment received, sir,” replied the alpha droid, who was stationed on the satellite.

“Alright, now make attachments immediately,” commanded Steel.

“Yes, sir,” said the droid, with a salute as the transmission was cut off.

“Well, that’s finished with. It seems to be relatively calm. We should do something,” said Steel kicking back on his chair.

“Maybe we should go out to the Marto’s Cantina,” suggested Bamori.

“No, No. Besides, you’ll just get drunk again and…well…lets not say many enjoyed it. I was also the person who had to drag you back to your room. It’s a nice sunset out. Let’s go to Conomora and see if there’s a place to watch the suns set and grab a bite to eat,” suggested Steel.

“Good plan,” said Bamori, as they exited and headed down to the miniature city of Conomora.

While in Conomora, Steel and Bamori entered a restaurant called Craeon Claws, well known for its cooked craeon, a crustacean similar to lobster, only hairy. When they entered, it smelled like the hunter docks nearby. It was decorated like an Earthian ship, with a bar where customers could drink and talk. Poor Bamori had to resist the temptation of the bar, though. It has a beautiful view, even with the occasional transport ships. They sat themselves down and ordered food from their large menu. Before they knew it, they were feasting on their crotal, an advanced species of coral life forms, and craeon, as well as some carbonized leafylide, a special fruit-flavored drink.

“Sometimes, suns are better to look at from a planet then a space port, huh?” asked Steel.

“I suppose.” Bamori replied, while eating a cooked Craeon.

Steel continued to look into the glimmering suns shinning on his amber eye and gold mechanical eye, until a familiar voice spoke.

“Beautiful sunset, huh?” asked Tamaara.

Coincidentally, Tamaara was there, too, and joined Steel and Bamori.

“Hey, Tamaara. Nice seeing you here.” Steel was visibly happy to see her “Well, would you like to join us?” he asked “Yes, it is beautiful. So, you eat here often?”

“When I can. The food’s delicious here. It has been a month since I’ve been here, last.” Tamaara explained, while taking a seat next to Steel.

“Actually, I’m about to head back Steel. Can you cover me?” asked Bamori.

“Bamori, this is the third time this season,” complained Steel. This was obviously not the first time Steel had to pay for Bamori’s things.

“Thanks, I owe you one,” Bamori said, while leaving the table.

“You owe me a lot more then one!” Steel shouted, as Bamori left to go back to their home. Steel and Tamaara were alone in the section. Tamaara moved to where Bamori was originally sitting.

“So what is he? I’ve never seen his species before,” asked Tamaara curiously,

“Bamori? Oh, he is from a Dexzu clan, on the planet, Ranuseer,” Steel described.

“So, where did you two meet?” asked Tamaara. She probably had many more questions in store for him.

“I met Bamori on his home planet, when his clan was being attacked by a rival clan. I was sent to settle peace between the two clans. During the fight, I saved Bamori’s life. His clan has a life debt law that must be followed if a clan member’s life is saved. He and I became friends and he stayed with me even, after he saved my life numerous times and fulfilled his life debt,” explained Steel.

“Wow, that’s quite a story, Steel. Were you successful on Ranuseer?” asked Tamaara.

“Yes, I was. They have started showing likings towards each other, though,” Steel said.

“You’re quite the hero. So, how did you get your limbs?” asked Tamaara. Steel sat silently for a few moments, remembering how he got his body. He hated being asked about this.

“I-I don’t want to talk about it. It was a design made by my father, Rictor Oniyx,” Steel finally replied.

“Sorry…Wait! Did you say your father was Rictor Oniyx?” asked Tamaara, with surprise.

“More of an adopted father,” said Steel.

“My father used to be his assistant, before Prof. Oniyx passed away,” said Tamaara.

“Really? That’s surprising to hear. What does your father do now?” asked Steel.

“Well…he died along, with my mother, in a wide scale attack on Gaia, a few years ago,” Tamaara said, sorrowfully.

“Yeah, I remember that day. I never really knew my real parents. Only the professor,” Steel said, noticing the great sadness in her eyes, as the conversation progressed.

“You’re lucky, though. There is still a chance your mother and father are still alive. I feel you’ll kind them one day,” she said, forming a small smile on her face.

“Thanks,” said Steel, appreciating her attempt to cheer him up, even though she needed some comfort, as well. “So do you live by yourself?” Steel asked.

“Yeah, after my mom and dad died, I lived off of what they gave me in their will. I was very depressed for a while but eventually got a job.” Tamaara explained.

"I’m sorry that happened to you, Tamaara. To be left alone is not something anyone wants. But it is always good to have friends." Steel said smiling. "It’s a beautiful sunset, though, huh?"

“Yeah, it is,” she, then, put on a playful smirk, while Steel blushed slightly.

“By the way, I wanted to ask you something about-“Tamaara began, but noticed Steel’s wrist began glowing red. Steel noticed it to be a triple X high-level alert call. It had to be bad.

“What is it?” asked Tamaara with concern.

“I gotta go. I’ll see you later,” Steel quickly said, while running out of the restaurant. Tamaara looked around and gasped at the sight of smoke rising from a far, and quickly got up, and ran out after Steel.

“Bamori! This is Steel! Meet me in Capital City. There seems to have been an explosion. Just look out for the smoke cloud,” Steel told Bamori, through his transmission beacon in his arm.

“Way ahead of you. Me and CCBS are heading over. I’ll see you there,” said Bamori on the other end of the signal.

“Right,” said Steel. He then unleashed a pair of energy composed wings and made his way to the flaming part of the city. As Steel and Bamori made there way to the scene, a man around age nineteen walked through the fires.

“That seemed a little too easy,” the man said while fingering a data chip. “Well, I have what I need. Maybe he was too scared to come,” he said, exiting the building, finding a blockade of Capital City battle soldiers with Bamori.

“Halt and dispose of all weaponry!” CCBS Chief Officer commanded.

“Sorry, I’m not a good listener,” the man said, while placing his hand to the ground causing, it to shatter beneath the blockade.

“Hmhmhm. Fools,” the man laughed before hearing something slice in front of his neck. “So you did show up,” the man snickered.

“Yep, wouldn’t miss it. So, what’s your deal? Stealing a CPU chip doesn’t seem to telling the whole story. Why do you want that CPU chip?” Steel asked, interrogating the criminal.

“I need it for something important. It is a confidential matter between me and another. I don’t have time to educate a child,” the man replied. This got Steel pretty aggravated, though.

“By the way, the name’s Scar. We’ll meet again,” said Scar

“Fine by me, but you’re not taking that CPU chip with you,” said Steel.

“I’d like to see you take it from me,” Scar snickered.

“Alright, you asked for it!” Steel said, whipping the blade on his arm towards Scar. His attack was then blocked by a pair of blades, which emerged from Scar’s arm, just like Steel’s.

“What the-?” Steel began, shocked from the sight.

“Surprised?” asked Scar.

And before Steel could react, Scar formed an energy ball in his palm. He was about to strike, until Bamori tackled him and took the chip from Scar.

“Steel, stop idling we have a job to do!” shouted Bamori, in his usual bossy voice.

“Right.” Steel the grabbed Scar by his coat and brought him up to him. “Just answer me one question. How and where did you get your prosthetics? And how is it they are the exact same kind as mine, in the same places as me?” Steel asked, with confusion and rage welling up in him.

“Sorry kid. I’m not one to answer questions.” With saying that, Scar placed his hand, which transformed into a large gun, pointed towards Steel’s gut. “Ciao.” Suddenly, Scar began floating in the air and was slammed into a nearby wall. Steel and Bamori then turned, to see Tamaara, holding her hand out to focus energy onto Scar.

“Tamaara!?!” they both said in unison and disbelief.

“Hey guys. Need a hand?” she asked.

“It would help,” Steel said. Suddenly six claws, connected to chains, grabbed him and Bamori.

“STEEL!” She yelled. Steel and Bamori quickly cut the chains and prepared for another attack. The tension in Steel’s blood grew. This was not like anybody he has ever fought.

“Fighting rule number one. You should never let your guard down to the enemy.” Scar said, forming a ball of what seemed like dark energy in his hands. He, then, shot it towards Steel and Bamori, who barely dodged it.

‘He’s fast. He also can create shadow energy! I’ve got to be careful,’ Steel thought to himself. He, then, jumped to give an attack, but Scar was one step ahead.

“Surprise!” yelled Scar, who sent out a barrage of shadow bombs at Steel, while firing pyro energy at Bamori. Luckily, Steel and Bamori evaded all of the attacks. Scar shot a spinning shadow bomb towards Steel. He dodged it, but to much surprise, it started moving towards him. Steel, then, shot at it with his own pyro blaster and was sent flying into a S.C.V.

Scar formed a vortex of suction in the air, to bring in Bamori for a kick in his stomach, leaving him incapable of moving.

“Bamori!” Steel yelled, trying to get to his aid, but was shot down by Scar’s pyro blaster. Scar began walking towards Steel.

“I am disappointed. I expected more from you, Steel. Oh well…sweet dreams,” said Scar, demonically, while pointing a shadow bomb at his head. Before Scar could deliver the final blow, he was hit by a blast of energy, sending him flying into a building, which collapsed on top of him. Steel looked up to see Tamaara, with steam coming from her palms. She, then, ran over to Steel.

“Steel are you alright?” she asked, checking him for wounds.

“I’m fine…thanks,” Steel said, getting up. The two then looked to the pile of rubble where Scar lay.

“I-I think I killed him,” she said in a shaky voice, being the first time she killed something. She began running towards the pile of rubble.

“Wait! Tamaara!” Steel called, trying to stop her. Suddenly, once she was within range, she was shot with a blast of dark energy.

‘That energy! Could he possibly be a Shade?’ Steel pondered in amazement of the power he saw before him, before seeing Tamaara.

“Tamaara!” Steel ran to her side. She was alive, but hurt.

“Weakling. You have won this time. The next time we meet, I will expect more from you,” Scar said, with a smirk. Steel returned a death glare.

“You have a deal. And next time…I’d refrain from pissing me off,” Steel said, standing tall, trying to intimidate Scar. With that, shadows rose from the ground, engulfing Scar and the next thing Steel knew, he was gone.

‘Scar, huh? Well, he is definitely not one to underestimate. He’s dangerous.’ Steel stared where he vanished. He quickly returned to Tamaara.

“Tamaara, are you okay?” Steel asked.

“This seems familiar,” Tamaara said weakly. Steel smiled, seeing her well.

“Yeah, thanks for tending to me,” Bamori grumbled, sweeping rubble off his scales.

“Oh, stop whining, last time, you said you could take care of yourself,” Steel said.

“Oh, poor, Bamori. Here, this will feel better,” Tamaara said, putting a hand onto his head. A wave of energy ran across Bamori’s body.

“Wow, I feel great, thanks” Bamori said.

‘Healing Powers. She never ceases to surprise us,” Steel thought to himself.

“Its just a little ability I learned along with my telekinetic powers,” she said, cheerfully.

Then, the CCBS chief ran up to Steel. “Steel! Bamori! Great job back there! You have our thanks. And you to ma’am,” he said, gratefully.

“Thanks,” Tamaara replied happily.

“Steel, may I have a private word with you?” asked the Chief.

“Sure. I’ll be right with you guys. Tamaara, why don’t you check on the wounded,” asked Steel, while walking away with the CCBS chief.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied.

“So, is that your girlfriend?” joked the CCBS chief.

“…No,” Steel said, annoyed of people joking with him on that subject.

“She seems like a good recruit for you,” the CCBS chief said.

“Perhaps. She is one of a kind,” described Steel. “So, what else is on your mind?”

“That guy you fought. I noticed his powers…I have the same feelings and questions running through my head, like you, Steel. Should I inform anyone in the Council? He could be an agent,” asked the CCBS chief. Steel paused for a moment, before replying.

“For now, no. I will inform secret services to be safe. What happened today is to be kept confidential…got it?” Steel explained.

“Yes sir!” The chief saluted. “But still…” Steel looked at the CCBS chief.

“She would be good for your team. Trust me.” He said placing a hand on Steel’s shoulder. Steel smiled and gave him a salute before returning to Bamori and Tamaara.

“Only a few fatalities. They have been sent to a medical facility. Tamaara has healed the rest. She’s amazing- not many people have that level of telepathy,” Bamori said, while watching Tamaara heal a CCBS officer.

“Yeah,” said Steel.

“Still, we need to watch out for this Scar guy. We can only imagine how much power he truly has,” Bamori said, with concern. Steel nodded, looking at the scene of destruction caused from the fight. Steel, then, turned to find Tamaara, standing next to him.

“Hey Tamaara,” Steel said, acknowledging her presence.

“Hey…” she said in response.

“You did a great job out there. We appreciate the help,” complimented Steel.

“Thanks. I’m glad I came to. You two might not have had a chance,” said Tamaara, smirking.

“Hey wait! I could have taken him!” shouted Bamori, trying to keep his pride.

“Relax, Bamori. If Tamaara hadn’t come, my organs would be halfway across the city,” said Steel. Tamaara giggled at Bamori, who was still grumbling.

“By the way, Tamaara,” Steel began. Tamaara turned to him.

“Yes?” asked Tamaara.

“I was really impressed back there and I wanted to make you an offer of joining my Galactic Security Division,” said Steel, with admiration.

“Me?” she asked with surprise, slightly blushing.

“Yeah. I’ll give you some time to think-,” Steel started.

“I accept,” Tamaara said, almost immediately.

“-about it. Are you sure you have made up your mind?” Steel asked.

“I already thought it over. I was going to ask you back at the restaurant before all this happened,” Tamaara explained.

“Very well then. Here. Meet me tomorrow at this location,” Steel said handing, her a transparent card with the meeting location encoded onto it. “Congratulations and good-bye for now,” Steel said, with a salute. Tamaara returned the salute and Steel and Bamori exited the scene.

“Good job, Steel,” Bamori said as they walked. Steel nodded, as they returned to their home. The sun finally settled and the five moons rose over the horizon.

So began the friendship of Steel and Tamaara and the establishment of the Galactic Security Division. Tamaara, the first member of the team, will play a great role in helping Gaia and the universe in more ways then she knows.

The End, for now

A Steel Hearts Christmas

One cold day on the planet Gaia, the ice season began sweeping over the Conomora, including Steel’s Base, where Z was listening to some peculiar music from the bases audio system. Tamaara heard the music and stepped in with curiosity on her mind and asked, “Hey Z, what are you listening to?” “Oh, this? This is White Christmas, by Bing Crosby. Pretty nice song despite its old age?” Z said.

“What is “Christmas,” exactly?” Tamaara asked.

“It’s an ancient celebration that has been celebrated for many centuries on the planet, Earth. My father once took me there when I was young. He said that it was a joyous time were people got together, gave gifts to others and spent time together doing all sorts of enjoyments. The main theme, however, is celebrating the birth of an earth prophet called Jesus, who was a man who gave great wisdom to humanity on earth. There is also a theme of a saint called Santa Clause that gives gifts to children across the world to enjoy.”

“Sounds wonderful. What do people usually do during this celebration?” Tamaara asked, hoping to learn more about this day.

“Well, people will take coniferous trees and put them in their homes and decorate them with colorful trinkets such as glass balls and other ornaments. Then families will usually get together to exchange gifts, talk and enjoy delicious earth foods such as eggnog, chocolate and cookies. At the end of the day, everyone will gather in front of a warm fire, enjoy, and be thankful for the time they spend with friends and family,” Z described in such detail that his words drew wonderful pictures of Christmas and all that he described about it.

“Wow. I can imagine how great it must be. Do you still celebrate it?” Tamaara asked.

“A little. On Earth, Christmas will be celebrated in a couple days. So I will listen to some Christmas music and try fixing up some the delicacies eaten at the time,” Z replied, coolly.

“Well, since the others are currently on Sharadierza, maybe we can make a little Christmas surprise for them, just for enjoyment. I think that would be awesome. So, what do you think?” Tamaara asked, the excitement of her idea showing in her voice. After a few moments, Z twirled out a set of keys and replied, “Road trip!”

Tamaara was greatly overjoyed to see earth again. Despite the fact that it is an experimental planet made for understanding our ancient civilization’s evolution, Tamaara thought it is a wonderful, simple planet. When Z and Tamaara landed on the planet, they hid their ship and looked on the chart where exactly they were on the planet. Upon looking for a few moments, they realized they were outside of Wilmington, Delaware. It was snowing, colorful lights were everywhere and people were all over the streets, trying to make the last preparations for Christmas. Thankfully enough, Z and Tamaara managed to obtain all the things they needed for the occasion, including the ornaments, the tree and, of course, the food.

When the two returned, they quickly put everything together in order to make an authentic Christmas on Gaia. They put the tall tree in the center of the lounge and decorated the entire base that it was all most unrecognizable. Though the two seemed to have trouble preparing the earth foods, they eventually managed to make them correctly. After a couple days of preparing, Steel, May and Naja returned from their assignment on Sharadierza and were welcomed home by a barrage of colored lights, shining ornaments and a large tree covered in lights and ornaments. Tamaara and Z both explained their doings and the holiday to the others who were greatly befuddled by what happened to the base. After explaining, the everyone began their celebration of the holiday and took part in all the activities set for the day. They all enjoyed the food, the atmosphere, the cheery mood and the presence of friends. At the very end of the day, they all gathered in front of an artificial fire and slept. They would not soon forget this day or their bond between each other that they were so thankful for.

Merry Christmas to all.

The End.

Brad h8 4chan!

Copypasta from the "creator's" dA page:

I HATE THEM >__< I should never have put my stuff on 4chan in the first place, and some random poophead on the forums I go to linked them to our forums so they can harass me upfront! And they even found my deviantART! GOD! I wish I could just delete websites, if I could do that, i'd delete 4chan. It's such a stupid FUCKING website full of stupid FUCKING people!! Anonymous, leave me alone!

Sorry, I needed to let that out.


—brad-is-glad, butthurt

Some argue that the only way Anonymous will leave him alone is if he draws moar Serious Motherfucker. He is strongly advised to do so, because Serious Motherfucker is serious.

UPDATE: This DA was a fake, obviously.

Shadow Shade

The man who created Steel Hearts shows off his skills in MSPaint. The Asian fellow in the background seems to mesmerized by the sight of this great man, while suckling a spoon.

Steel Hearts creator Nick AKA Shadow Shade is a troubled young child from Dumbfuckistan who is homeschooled. After doing hours of menial school work he retreats to his massive medieval style, vaulted ceiling, chamber of dreams to write the most beautiful stories God has ever witnessed. Steel Hearts is based on a divine journey dating back to approximately the year 9000 B.E. (Before Earth). Serious Motherfucker is the young Jesus as he grew up in Heaven, where he learned to be so serious. Nick was ordained by God to write this story much like the person who wrote the Bible was told to write hilarious lies and fairytales that future rednecks from Dumbfuckistan would believe. The story from there has long been shrouded in mystery. Furthermore, Nick has a small penis.

It seems that he became a "Dragon of Light" in a distant Viking Cult named the "Jedi of SS". From there he was trained from a major faggot to be a meme whoring faggot. But he graduated to Jedi Apprentice and began to troll /a/ with his nonsense.

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