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I'm conflicted. It's so adorable yet so fucking sick at the same time. (EDITOR'S NOTE: IT IS JUST FUCKING SICK OKAY)
Yes, Tumble is very curious. :) And I do love to let her satisfy her curiosity, as much as it should be! But as I said, she's just becoming familiar with her adult self... just by the questions she asks... half erotic and half innoocent. We play a lot like this, but I never lose sight of the awareness that though Tumble might be a toon bunny, Anna is very much an RL person. ^_^

Stefanescu is a 20 something cute bunny wabbit pedo and downright sick fuck who was banned from Fur Affinity last Thursday for a possible pedophilia case. This is a serious "FUCK YEAH" moment in FA history as it shows that the admins aren't THAT disgusting and knows when something is serious. All the pictures, chatlogs and everything else was reposted to the local authorities.

The Story of Stefanescu

Stefanescu basically started out as a typical diseased furry, drawing shitty incest fanart of Warner Brothers characters. He wasn't very interesting until the introduction of his online "friend" Tumble, a bunny girl who "just started her period." The two slowly creeped out FurAffinity out with their "let's masturbate together! ^_^" chats, and the fans cheering them on. Soon, Stefanescu would claim that "though Tumble might be a toon bunny, Anna is very much an RL person. ^_^" to the horror of many. He was then v& and IM bombed by sane furs for being a sick fucking pedo.

In reality, thankfully, Tumbles is probably a 40-year-old man, and after a small conversation, she admitted that it was all just ageplay. Still, the fact that Stefanescu would not deny nor confirm Anna was underage led everyone to wonder if he was actually hoping Anna was a real loli. Him shutting up after the word got out just added more fuel to the mob of angry furs. Soon, the case was brought to the attention of the power-hungry admins who shat their pants at the idea that they might get in trouble with the coppers for some pedo's IM chats. So, like a sane person with morals would do, they banned him, even though the IM chats were off site business. The raiders danced on the ashes of Stefanescu's page and all was well again. Everyone went back to masturbating to hermaphrodite cubs getting fucked by their daddy and waited for the next site drama to unfold.


LeakyBucket is Stefanescu's obvious ban evasion account. He draws himself as a bucket, watching underage bunnies fuck. He still hasn't changed his disgusting pedophile ways, and apparently there wasn't enough evidence to throw his ass in jail. Since his new account has yet to be banned, I suggest telling him how much you appreciate his art and letting the admins know how pleased you are with his work.

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