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Stephan Hittmann, also known as Stephan Hittman (with one "n"), is not only a leading Scientologist, but he also has a fetish for Firefighters. In 2004, while pretending to be an "Honorary Commissioner" of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) at a special ceremony, Hittmann "gave" the New York Scientology headquarters a very special award, the FDNY "Medal of Valor." He gave it to them because the Scilon Vulture Ministers had been giving free massages and otherwise generally interfering with rescue efforts at WTC in the days after 9/11.

Why is this so preposterous? Because the FDNY Medal of Valor is ONLY given to the families of dead FDNY fireman when they die in the line of duty. For example, the families of the FDNY dudes who died when WTC collapsed were all given this Medal IRL.

Who is Stephan Hittmann?

Stephan Hittmann was a guy from Brooklyn, who went to college and got a PhD in "Special Education." His PhD dissertation in the late 1970s was on the topic of "methods for teaching retarded children in the Peoples Republic of China" (TRUEFAX). Hittmann went on to become a manager in the special education department of NYC public schools. So far, no big deal. But at some point in the game Hittmann became a Scilon.

After many years in his boring job, working with retards, Hittmann wanted a change of pace. In 1999, Hittmann got a job at FDNY, helping firemen to get college degrees through correspondence courses. This was a total desk job, with absolutely no fireman experience necessary, nor was there ever the need to help out with any fires. However, Hittmann got some of the firemen hooked into Scientology by telling them that the Scilon "courses" would help them in their careers.

Hot to Trot

After 9/11, Hittmann took advantage of the widespread mood of NEVAR FORGET, and began taking a lot of "sick time" off from work. He started trotting around the USA in a Fire Chief uniform he got on eBay, giving talks about "Lessons Learned" from 9/11. He represented himself as "Chief," "ex-Chief," "Honorary Chief," "Deputy Chief," "Deputy Commissioner," and "Honorary Commissioner" of the FDNY. For a few years, this worked out OK, and he made a lot of money with these speeches. Hittmann went down to Hollywood to hang out at parties with David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Jenna Elfman, and other top Scilons. Then in 2004, when the Scilons of New York were opening a new office, Hittman made a special speech, and awarded them the phony Medal of Valor. This was excellent PR for the Scilons, and they pretend to this day that it was a real Medal of Valor.

LOL Fired, but life goes on

It took a while, but at long last FDNY figured out Hittmann's shenanigans and fired his ass. Still, however, Hittmann ran around giving his speeches. People in the USA were beginning to catch on, so he decided to specialize in doing his act in South America, where Scientology needed more recruits. Newpaper articles from Argentina and other countries show pictures of the "sadder but wiser" "Ex-Chief of FDNY," in his uniform, and they quote his meaningless babble about "lessons learned." Sometimes, Scilons pitch in to buy old surplus USA fire trucks, which Hittmann then "donates" to one particular fire department in suburban Buenos Aires, where he has a special friend. Eventually, Hittmann put up a web site, where he still hopes to receive donations for his amazing efforts.

HOLY SHIT!!! Did Hittman fake his own death? and yet his Twitter and his Tumblr continued a while longer.

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