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Stephanie Semple is a seventeen year old girl from Glendale, Arizona. One day, whilst lurking the cesspool of online existence, she posted a photograph of herself. Little did she know, the IHM had been starved of attention as of late, and things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Part One: Stephanie Appears

On the 13th of Nov, 2009, Stephanie posted a picture taken with her webcam on 4chan's /b/ image board. As normal she was greeted with the usual cry of Tits or GTFO and such. Stephanie didn't comply straight away, but she cunningly left the possibility of tits open, keeping the hordes interested. She wrote names of /b/tards on her cleavage for a while first. But as time progressed, she did what all women do when they are given massive amounts of attention by horny males. She removed her clothing.

It had been quite some time since a scene girl had complied to the rules of /b/ so quickly. Threads maxed out, new threads were created. Everyone fapped. Stephanie forgot for a brief, blissful moment that daddy doesn't love her. All was good in the land of /b/.

She got down to her bra. Then she was just covering her breasts with her hands. The peanut galley screamed for moar and Stephanie delivered in fantastic fashion. However, /b/ is a big place, where lots of people know everybody. This soon lead to the next chapter of our story.

Part Two: Internet Hate Machine Activated

As has been mentioned, the internet is a big place where people know other people. Stephanie was recognised by one lonely /b/tard, and her YouTube account was quickly discovered. This soon lead to the discovery of her Twitter account, which lead to the discovery of her MySpace account, which lead internet detectives to her Facebook account, which finally gave them the name of her school.

Anon sent her school administration an email claiming to be a Concerned Mother asking for the school to discipline Stephanie for being so promiscuous, with the nudes of Stephanie attached. Soon a whiteknight appeared and sent the school another email, explaining that the person who had supplied the nudes was not a Concerned Mother at all, but merely an internet hooligan causing trouble for a young girl.

Whilst this was all transpiring, /b/ was learning more and more from her online activities. They found out that she is the daughter of a very rich and successful business man. There was talk about extortion and blackmail, but being /b/, they simply fucked it up.

There is also a rumour that Fox News has picked up the story. We will get back to you on that one. UPDATE! Yeah, nah. Didn't happen.

Part Three: IRL Repercussions

So after all this trolling, and epic detective work on Anon's behalf, we are left with a sad conclusion:

  • She was suspended from school, but the matter was later dropped.
  • She apparently doesn't give a shit about what happened.
  • She will be able to forever gloat in her camwhore infamy due to this page.

I lurk all the threads about me



Oh well, thanks for the fapping material, Steph. Much ♥


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