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This black person is having his biological reaction to a test substance recorded

A stereotype is scientifically proven fact that applies to a certain black person or group. For something to have stereotype status, it most go through months of vigorous laboratory testing. The studies and their results are well scrutinized by biologists, psychologists, and sociologists, meaning that all stereotypes in use today are undeniably true. Despite all the solid scientific backing supporting stereotypes, some people are still intensely offended by their use.

Origin of Stereotypes

Stereotypes normally start when the stupidity of another race comes to the attention of the more perceptive and intelligent members of a society. Slowly but surely, the quality of the race or group becomes more and more known. The target of the stereotype then gets upset that their dark secret is revealed.

Fun Facts

Footage from a documentary detailing the niggers eating habits
A highly attractive black person. This image was generated from data collected from several thousand black females
An Asian's brain activity can drop by nearly 50% upon exposure to an auto-mobile. The phenomenon behind this is still being understood.
  • All blacks will enter a state of euphoria upon the ingestion of certain exotic fruits.
  • Black men are able to grow certain appendages to unnatural lengths.
  • Blacks have developed a foolproof method of subsistence.
  • All blacks (male or female) have been know to use their own bodies as biological weapons, as they secrete a deadly toxins.
  • In recent studies, it was found that Indians will try to haggle the price of an item as cheap as $0.56—if it is below this threshold, they will simpy demand it for free.
  • An Indians smell receptor has been found to be unable to discern the smell of excrement. Because of this, Indians are perfectly comfortable living in a massive cesspool where they're perpetually knee deep in their own shit.
  • 0 was invented by Indians out of necessity. Zero is necessary to the continuation of a repeating number system, which Indians needed in order to express the number of children they have, or plan to have
  • Asians have been proven to be incredibly intelligent, scoring very high on cognitive tests, especially those involving real-time strategy based puzzles.
  • All Asain males have shown a mass deficiency in specific departments.
  • Jews have developed a biological instrument called a Nasally Oriented SpEctrometer (NOSE), which can detect gold in a material at an incredibly low concentration, or identify trace amounts of foreign material in refined gold.


Popular opinion states that stereotypes are totally unproven, untrue and unfounded, despite the years of study and research. Here is a compilation of photographic evidence.

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