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Steve Jackson Games is a publisher of role-playing games. Their niche is nerds who are too pretentious to play Dungeons and Dragons, but not pretentious enough to LARP.


Like all other roleplayers, Steve Jackson Games is made up of anthropophobic basement dwellers. This is why the company is headquartered in a dingy blue warehouse which is surrounded by trees and just down the road from the Whataburger.

The h4x0r Lulz

In 1990, Steve Jackson Games was invaded by federal government agents who caught wind of their publishing hacker manuals. Once the feds got the computers back to their secret headquarters, they found out that the manuals were for basement-dwelling geeks who wanted to pretend that they are hackers. In the ensuing lulz, J Edgar Hoover shot coffee out of his nose all over the confiscated computers.

The destroyed machines and data were buried between Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa. Steve Jackson games sued for lots of years, but never got their computers Vic-20s back.

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