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Hancho the Butt Pirate
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S. Lott's BFF

Known furry chaser and perpetuator of Asshole Driven Development, Steven F. Lott (a.k.a. Boxxy's stalker) is a consistent and relentless troll of all programming web sites including but not limited StackOverflow and The Ankit Fadia Fanclub. While he professes to be a rock star Python programmer, most of the code he is known to have written is copied and pasted from other people.

Pussy lip aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder.


— Library

Programming Experience

While there are no full-fledged applications released by Lott, he has been known to heavily contribute the following projects:

The following Bash script was found in an arbitrary location on Lott's site:

mv /Users/slott/porns* /Users/xlott/Desktop

His macfagginess has created a cult-like following among his sailor acquaintances: he is the chair of Steve Jobs Fan Club Local 122. Lott frequently tries to get his articles published in Maclife under the pseudonym Ronald J. Charmenfelter, but all have been rejected under the notion that he has some semblance of programming ability. Lott has been banned from all Macworld Expos for impersonating Steve Jobs in 2008 at DragonCon.

Lott also has known ties to known Ankit Fadia.

Lott is also an amateur film producer specializing in online video pet Christmas cards and Jew.

Troller Extraordinaire

Some argue that people with extremely large, protruding foreheads must be very intelligent. While Lott displays intelligence at random and infrequent times, most of his trolling is driven by his Aspie tendencies to spew incessant bull shit, thus defying this theory. Lott can be found at any time of the day sniping posts on StackOverflow. Never offering any sort of solution, he is very quick to tell people that their questions are stupid or their answers are wrong in spite of overwhelming proof otherwise. This attention whoring behavior has had him perma-banned from Something Awful, thus the reason for his frequent trolling on StackOverflow.

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