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There are over 9000 animations on stickdeath, and all of them end like this.

Stickdeath is a site created by the Rob Lewis after he got his ass kicked out of Newgrounds for being such a terrible excuse for a flash animator. His site attracts 13 year old boys who have just discovered the internets on their dell desktop using AOL version 17. The site began in 1998 when he made a ground-breaking internet first: he made a .gif animation of a blue stick figure killing a green one. This depiction of stick racism changed the face of internet animation forever.

Content Creation

Rob's artistic talent begins with him spending 7 hours sketching his masterpieces in MS Paint. When the sketches are done, the frames are printed out on a dot matrix printer. Once meticiously inked with a sharpie, he then holds them over the computer monitor so he can trace them in his hacked copy of flash. He then listens to Drowning Pool at max volume while slamming down 6 beers, and finishing it off with a fistful of tylenol 3's. Thrashing the keyboard, he animates the blue stick to kill the green stick in an original fashion. He puts in the final touches of his animations by making at least 100 Metallica references as well as subliminal conservative messages, all while laughing at the latest Iraqi body count on CNN.

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