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A few members of the Stingray organisation.
Stingray in the news recently


Who are they?

Offical Stingray Banner

Stingray are an international aquatic terrorist organisation. Known to be invloved with various wrongdoings, they have recently been blamed for the death of Austrian Celebrity Steve Irwin. They deny any involvement, instead pointing the blame at the Jews.



  • Troy Tempest aka 'The Rapist' - Troy the boy is the captain of the Stingray, known throughtout for being a ruthless, sadistic sodomite.
  • George Lee Sheridan aka 'Phones' - Georgey Lee handles the communications for the group. Known to be an Internet Perv/Shrub Rocketeer. He has his own jingle - 'Kids will do anything for Georgey Lee.'
  • Commander Sam Shore aka 'Cripple' - SS Cripple runs & funds the terrorist organisation with the compensation he receives after an unfortunate accident involving a crocodile Steve Irwin had just wound up.
  • Marina the mute aka 'The Bike' - Marina the bike has that handle for a reason. A family tree would tell you fact, that, Marina is Commander Sam Shore's daughter, but after his accident he can't remember and she can't tell him. She now resides as his personal sex slave. Suffers constantly from rape attacks by Troy, he is aware, that when Marina gets raped, noone can hear her scream.



Targets that through various media outlets Stingray have admitted to taking out.

  • The Titanic
  • Lord Titan
  • Steve Irwin
  • Michigan women
  • Alive Babies


Targets that again through various media outlets Stingray have admitted to being after/destroying.

  • Bindi Sue Irwin
  • The Polar Ice Caps
  • Your Mother
  • Peter Stringfellow
  • Thunderbirds
  • Dead Babies

Linked With

The /B/rotherhood protects unsuspecting Aussies from the fate that befell their President, Steve Irwin
  • Creature Comforts
  • Brian Peppers
  • Habbo Hotel Australia (Closing the pools there)


A rare image caught by a spy of the Stingray Headquarters

Not much is known about the Stingray Headquarters. Only one undercover agent has ever managed to infiltrate the terrorist group. The photo to the right being the only information received before he was painfully and horrifically killed by a barb which punctured the heart.

Investigation on the received photograph only revealed a few things.

One, being that the Stingray Terrorist Organisation obviously have a technology far in advance of our own.

Two, the headquarters also appears to be mobile. This photo was taken near a small town called Swanley in Kent, England. There is no trace of the Stingray Headquaters left. Except some rubble and an old push bike.

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