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'' is a piece of shit website hosted by an obese webmaster named Skold. Stoofoo houses some of the finest specimens the internet has to offer, ranging from a patriotic 9/11 truther, a man that fathers two autistic children, a 40 year old virgin male nurse with aspergers, an idiot who preaches about an anarchy government system, real-life pyschos that try to dig up personal info on each other, a RL pedo who's serving jail time, David Whede AKA Soul Colossus and many hardcore conservative/liberal cry baby faggots. Many no named trolls have come and gone, but the most notable one was Kevin Ealy Klerck, who killed himself sometime in 2005.

The stoofoo userbase has also splintered into other factions, many are also found posting at Most users originated from, a website that uses the same message posting style as d3fx and stoofoo., a third splinter site was also created but shut down when its webmaster, Clay became too big of a pussy.

The first time i had sex? that's like asking what it felt like when my mom died


—Meelk discussing the first time he had sex

The rocket points down on the launch pad


—Overtoke explaining basic rocket science.

Stoofoo Specific Memes


NOC NOC. Who's there?

An acronym for "No one cares" (created because the average stoofoo member is a lazy fucking idiot), this is a response to a post, in which the responder is claiming that not only does he not care, but also no one else on the site cares either. Which is usually true. Except for the strange conundrum in which while everyone who doesn't care doesn't respond, the responder does care, even if it's enough to proclaim that indeed, no one cares. So basically the original responder claims no one cares, proving at least one person cares, which negates the statement, causing the responder to, in reality, proclaim "Yo, I'm a faggot."

Note: This meme has become antiquated due to overuse. Blame the unimaginative assholes that decided to run with it. Kinda like how the entire gaming community keeps sucking /b/chan's fucking dick all the time. What can we say? The fucking mantle of goddamned genius also becomes the yoke (and if you don't get that, you're one of the aforementioned fuckers that currently know what /b/chan tastes like. Did I just call /b/chan 'genius'? Fuck you.)

You need to do more than sign your post

Originally created by jcterminal (the man, the myth, the motherfucking legend, thank you kindly), used to reply to a poster stating, "Your last line is interpreted in a forum signature context." Used smartly, and without warning, this response is very powerful.

Usage Example Follows:

User Alpha: Idiot

User Beta: You need to do more than sign your post

(User Apha's supposed forum signature is now 'idiot', proclaiming by proxy that he is an idiot.)

Second Usage Example Follows:

User Alpha: LOL Nigger

User Beta: You need to do more than sign your post

(User A's supposed forum signature is now 'LOL Nigger', proclaiming by proxy that he is the President of the USA.)

Used incorrectly, it backfires, causing the responder to look like a fucking idiot. Case in point: 'Overtoke', a user so butt-hurt from jcterminal's use of the meme, and yet so enamored by said user, he not only adopted it and over-used it, but he turned it into a meta-insult. Overtoke is unaware of the fact that using this phrase is self-parody. Blissfully unaware. I'm saying it's gotten to the point he destroys any and all rules of basic english grammar in an attempt to use it. There he is, in his wheelchair, beating off in imagined success, while the rest of the website kinda just awkwardly averts their eyes. Like his every visit to Wal-mart, actually.

Bush = Shit

Heavily posted by the left-wing bleeding-heart liberal faggot-lovers of Stoofoo, this meme is used in a similar fashion as the QED at the end of a 'mathematical proof'. Its usage was heavily perpetuated by stoofoo user 'Overjoke' from 2000-2008 during Bush's reign of idiocy.

Usage Example Follows:

Step 1: Post a link about Bush

Step 2: Criticize Bush in any way possible, whether or not there was any wrong-doing.

Step 3: End your post with - "bush=shit".

Step 4: ???


Note: Meme is antiquated. Reason: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


A meme that was started by meelk. Similar to a QED, it is used to signify victory over your forum nemesis in an argument. In meelk's context, it'll look something like this:

Step 1: Look for a post in regards to a subject you 'know' about.

Step 2: Reply by saying how the person is wrong - even if your point is a completely separate issue.

Step 3: End your post with a line that says RAPED. 'FUCKING RAPED', 'RAPED, BITCH' also works as a force multiplier to show strong rape.

Look how...

A meme started by overtoke, mostly used to show strong disagreement towards a fellow poster. Can be used in combination with many other memes/insults.


Look how stupid you are. <-- used the most

Look how raped you are.

Look how you totally missed the point of the article.

Look how much of a traitor you are.

Look how illiterate you are.

Look how you signed your post.

Look how much of a liar you are.

Look. Just look.

Basset Hound

A meme started by mr.sleepy. A substitute for the 'lol' meme - only ever used by the user 'beerhunter'.


i like to finger my asshole


—Overtoke, From the squabble days: 2001-2003


  • Stoofoo was born from the ashes of a mass ban from Many prolific posters left, skold formed Moderate posters stay on stoofoo, while the more extreme ones reside on


  • The memories of this event are hazy, but a video was once posted on stoofoo depicting a young Iranian boy being discplined for stealing. His punishment? He would be forced to endure the pain of having his arm run over by a moving truck. The conservative krew took this opportunity to critique the islamic way of life, however overtoke jumped to the stage to defend his most favored culture/religion. According to overtoke, the video was not depicting punishment; rather, it was a test of strength. That's right folks, they were testing his strength by running over his arm with a truck. TEST OF STRENGTH. Ofcourse, this sparked a huge flame war on the forum as anyone with half a brain that disagreed with overtoke was shot down by insults such as 'traitor', 'kill yourself' and other anti american bullshit.
  • Meelk reveals himself as a 40-year-old male nurse. From here on, he becomes the community staple virgin nerd.
  • Overtoke goes crazy when Bush wins his 2nd term in office. The bush=shit meme is used in full force.
  • From 2004-2006, two users, one named Zoesch, the other V0lk, would bring out blown-out-of-proportion discussions centered around music. V0lk was obsessed with Nine Inch Nails, calling them the best band ever, while Zoesch would often call V0lk an idiot (which everyone universally agreed it on stoofoo) because of this. V0lk would attempt 'creative' insults to anger Zoesch without success.

V0lk eventually left when he realized how big of a fucking faggot he was (mostly, he posted a picture of himself with the lead singer of the band 'Garbage', exposing what he looked like.) When that shitty NIN-With Teeth album came out, it became even more clear how delusional he was, defending that terrible album to the very end. He has not been heard from since. Re: RageQuit.


  • closes indefinitely, forcing all the trolls and radical posters to invade The pussy casual posters that could not take the trolling left, which reduced the userbase by half.
  • Skold gets fired from PayPal after misrepresenting the company on A discussion on shacknews was forming, criticizing paypal's operation scheme. Skold intervened and attempted to defend Paypal using foul language and revealing not-so-public information about the company. A Moralfag picked up on this and notified paypal of this inappropriate behavior. He was later fired for online misconduct. Many believe the moralfag to be a user of stoofoo wanting to get skold fired.
  • A few months later, Skold gets banned from He goes out in style
  • Quag, a member of the conservative posters, is not heard from again after hurricane Katrina. Many presume the doll hands chatty got him fired from his day job.
  • From 2004-2006, Skold would go on nerd rage trips whenever someone made fun of his obesity. The forum would get shut down for a day, sometimes a week. Many of these rage trips would be triggered by photoshops.
  • Fry joins stoofoo and becomes a prolific member of the conservative group of users. Overtoke switches his hate sensors from old man Dreagon to Fry. From three years, the hate between Fry and Overtoke grew to tremendous proportions.
  • The frosty plague: from 2005 to 2008, a user by the name of Frosty made numerous appearances and was banned many times for his terrible posting style. Co-existence only lasted so long. He was finally eradicated from the forums in 2009.


  • During a heated argument involving meelk and some other random users (topic was probably related to niggers / racism), Meelk posts a picture of an under-age girl, claiming her to be his daughter. Soul Colossus unleashes a pedophilic Photoshop of this girl with a negro cock superimposed onto the image. Meelk retaliates by threatening to report Stoofoo to the F.B.I. In response, Stoofoo is immediately shut down for approximately 24 hours by a mod, Hetler Sketler, to maintain damage control of the situation. Meelk and Soul Colossus are banned from Stoofoo. Meelk moves on to d3fx; he comes back sometime later but Soul Colossus does not... see 2007.
  • The shacknews mod board is leaked by Viscid using social engineering exploits, thus allowing the RL forum pyschos such as overtoke and meelk to dig up personal info on other posters. The mod board contained IP addresses of banned forum goers from shacknews (whom now resided on stoofoo) and other personal info that the mods had to dig up to prove duplicate accounts. The leak of the shacknews modboard forever changed the course of history on, setting up great The Personal Information Warz which plauged stoofoo for years to come.
  • A personal information war between Fry and Overtoke ensues, which was sparked by Fry finding pics of overtoke's fat wife and that his father was a schizophrenic. Overtoke reveals that Fry is an overweight ginger. Overtoke finds out Fry's name, where he lives, where his wife worked, the strip clubs he hanged out with and other bullshit that caused fat fuck Fry to lose it. Using his mod powers, Fry bans Overtoke and shuts down the website by banning everyone else as well.
  • Personal info wars between fry and overtoke continues on for a year and through private messages. The grudge dies down when fry disappears.
  • Skold creates a new stoofoo userbase, which only consisted of the 'nice' posters, but eventually everyone who was banned came back.
  • Overtoke intentionally crashes the stoofoo database and promptly lies about not doing so even when skold matched overtoke's IP.


  • One day meelk decides to post a picture of a turd in his toilet bowl, and claimed it as a 'hole in one' as it was situated inside the hole responsible for flushing contents of the toilet. Overtoke points out the lack of toilet paper in said toilet bowl, indicating that meelk did not wipe before taking the picture. This resulted in meelk being ridiculed to no end - rightfully so - and yet he still had the nerve to fight back and say that the TP was cropped out and provided another picture of the same turd with TP added in - image analysis shows that superimposing the original image onto the 2nd image meelk provided showed some inconsistencies - it is quite clear that the TP was added in later to save embarrassment. We were not fooled. To this very day, Meelk refuses to admit about not wiping.


Meelk duds.jpg
  • Overtoke being a sub-human piece of shit digs up personal info on user Hickroar's wife miscarriage on d3fx
  • Overtoke finds a new playmate to fuck with IRL, meelk. Overtoke and meelk began to dig up as much personal info on each other as they can, finding all sorts of things about their past. It finally escalated to the point where they eventually find each other's phone numbers. Meelk freaked out a couple of times and at one point threatened legal action. In doing so, he also demanded skold hand over the database. A personal info war ensues between the two, resulting in overtoke nearly submitting a nurse complaint form that would get male nurse meelk fired in 2008. The war is ongoing to this very day.
  • Andy finds an old picture of Korrd (when he was known as Kuaey). The picture depicts a young teenage adolescence holding a lighter close to his face. Upon further inspection, a lego pirate ship can be seen in the background and a final fantasy poster. Prior to this, Korrd was a troll-wanna-be, constantly instigating baseless arguments and harassing other users. Once everyone found out Korrd's childhood picture, he vanished and has never been heard from since. RIP KORRD NEVER FORGET.
  • It is revealed that Soul Colossus is indeed a pedophile; he will be receiving his jail sentence soon. Prior to court hearings, he was in jail sitting on a 4 million dollar bail.


  • The term Krazy Krew, coined by fat fuck fry is used to describe the more outlandish posters that talk about aliens, the collapse of society, government conspiracies, the Illuminati, and shit that no one cares about. As the economic recession revealed itself in September 2008, the krazy krew became more active in the forums.
  • Frosty returns as a krazy krew member, which only added more annoyance to the community, he is banned in 2009
  • A few posters temporarily leave as new ones come in (mostly cru jone's friends) and shit all over the place. The shit factor increases 10 folds when skold appoints these people as mods when he starts up a 'give me a world of warcraft gamer card and you get to become a mod'. The great whoracle Laura decides to post nudes of herself, of course everyone believes her. It ends with a user named 'Il' fucking Cru Jones' now ex-gf, Laura. Cru Jones finds out and kicks Laura out of his apartment. In the midst of the evolved primate chaos, Skold reveals through PM exchanges that meelk wanted to get a piece of Laura's pussy. In fact, a pic of meelk in his undies were revealed and sent to Laura. Once again, meelk refuses to admit they were his pics. After the gamer card fiasco, the new mods were mtw, adnans(who was a mod before the gamer card bullshit),stained tyrant and kaibosh - they all did a shitty job of modding - infact, one day MTW decides to change user 666devilman666 to '666nascarfan666' because he thought it would be funny (i think he was the only one that thought it was funny - kids these days!).
  • After the hurricane in Galveston, Texas, Fry is not heard from again. He is presumed dead. Actually, he became too big of a pussy to show up on stoofoo after the krazy krew pointed out the economic recession a year earlier.


  • Skold shut down stoofoo for a few months in 2009, finally unveiling the latest version of the website. It has no new features but looks a little different. When skold shut down stoofoo around April, Dan also shut down d3fx because Dan copies everything skold does. D3FX came back shortly after skold brought stoofoo back.
  • A period of boredom has set in, with meelk banned and other provocative posters locked out of stoofoo or refusing to post, the place has become relatively uneventful. The world of warcraft gamer card bullshit continues as everyone races to submit one to get X poster banned (although I personally believe that the Cru Jones ban was justified and near perfect - let's just say that we have come full circle now that a person who was once a mod through giving skold a gamer card has now been banned by gamer card abuse. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)
  • D3FX database gets wiped out after Dan's ISP refused to continously host a website that receives 0.0000000000000000000001 hits a day


  • Meelk returns, still the same old 40 year old virgin male nurse as expected
  • Viscid loses his virginity - reports that vagina tastes awful.
  • Cru Jones was banned for a year but skold pussies out and unbans him. Overtoke cried non stop for him to come back
  • MTW gets arrested at PAX for attempting to steal game code from the game "Breach" in an attempt to boost his lulz factor - plan backfired, now the only thing that's going to get 'breached' is his ass in prison. Made international news and was exposed as the stereotypical 'hacker' (<--LOL) nerd child that he was.

I didn’t see much chasing, I heard someone yell – no, more like squeal – and turned my head to see the alleged offender being restrained by two guys. May shrilled “Let go of me!” in a high, tense, girly voice. One of the two guys surrounding him had both hands clasped around one of May’s forearms, told him “you’re not going anywhere”, and dragged him to the other side of the hall’s doors where a security guard and PAX Enforcer were stationed. All I could make out from the rest of the conversation was the Atomic Games employee explaining “This guy tried to steal from me,” but I had a perfect view of May’s face. As it twisted and contorted with pangs of panic, fear, and anxiety, I saw an animal cornered. As his eyes continued to scan his surroundings, belying contemplation of an avenue of escape or some way out of his mess, I saw someone who would give anything not to get caught. And as I watched the corners of his mouth drop, his nose scrunch up, and his brow bunch up and produce either real or attempted tears, I deemed this man unstable. At this point, I couldn’t watch any more. It was like the car crash you can’t turn away from resulting in a decapitated family of four including the dog. -

-MTW asking a dumb question prior to theft

Worthless Members (Past and Present)


jcterminal is the legendary scourge of stoofoo. He's also the goddamned voice of reason there. He has beaten most of the resident idiots to death at this point. So much so, most of them have him on ignore, because they can't handle him anymore. Fucking pussies.


A true internet retard. Also known as drivelman, he lives up to his name. Has a deep obsession with the NWO(New World Order) and singularity. One day meelk decided to type '666devilman666' into google image to get his IRL photo, which revealed devilman as a ginger goth faggot who hung out at, from that point on, he was known as some prepubescent teen. His entire life is focused on achieving "singularity" as he calls it but to everyone else it is just gibberish (correction: my entire life will revolve around supporting the singularity and the NWO's goals surrounding it). He advocates the complete enslavement of mankind in order to achieve his goals (its not slavery damnit, its fucking FREEDOM).


A 30 something year old fat ginger fuck who left stoofoo after his house was hit by hurricane galveston and his 401K plummeted during the September 2008 economic crisis - too embarrassed to face the krazy krew's prophecies coming true and ridiculement from the hurricane's after-math, he left stoofoo forever. Prior to this Fry was well liked by some, and hated by many - mostly for being a key member in the personal info drama which escalated to him banning everyone on stoofoo at one point. Part of the conservative and everything-is-fine krew, fry brought southern pride/ignorance to stoofoo like no other.



V0lk disappeared shortly after posting a picture of himself with the lead singer of garbage, not realizing that it also meant he was posting a photo of himself. Once everyone know what he looked like, it all made sense, and he rage-quit the site. Hopefully, he rage-quit life as well.


He once cried in traffic on his first day to work for 3D Realms and had to turn down that job because he couldn't take the heat. Outside of that, no one really remembers him. He's a ginger right?


A self diagnosed schizo and an alcoholic. CCONSTANTLY talks about killing himself. Most successful 12-year-old troll in Stoofoo's history. Looking forward to being raped by...well anyone really. If he hurts rectally, he won't hurt so much emotionally.


Lotictrance is a pretty nice guy. Former drug addict & electro-music fanatic has turned his life around in the past few years. He now claims to be sober and is raising his baby daughter.

(Note: Lotic's daughter is estimated to be at LEAST 20% unlikely to be sired by a nigger.)


Kabex is half-cat, half-mexican, and has a superiority complex about it. He's very pretty too. He wears V-Neck shirts. Back in the oldfoo days, Kabex was a ruthless nationalistic shit skin who took too much pride in the war torn disease-infested nation they call Mexico. He would often talk about how Mexico > America (he still does) in nearly every aspect he could think of: from mexican 'women' to their military power. We went on to talk about how he wanted to join the french foreign legionare, how he was in football and his hatred for pop culture (which he is a victim of now). Many were trolled by Kabex's posts. After getting a girl friend Kabex became a huge docile pussy that would occasionally bad mouth America but not to the extent of what he did back in the oldfoo days.

Currently starving to death, trying to sell 5$ GO phones with the help of his girlfriend. No wait. Correction. Off the back of a donkey.

Nevermind. Same thing.

However, when he crawls back home to his mother in a few weeks, she's going to welcome him with the glowing embrace afforded to all triumphant Aztec warriors. Face paint and golden headdress and all. Try selling cellphones like that, bendejyo.


Describes himself as a loner and has talked about killing himself on numerous occasions. He's dead now, and NOC.


Dicks sucked: 24564
Dude anal (pitcher): 3245
Dude anal (catcher): 7654
Reacharounds given: 1123
Reacharounds received: 3239
Largest dildo fully in ass to date: 14 inches
Feces ingested: 12 lbs.


One of the few girls that post regularly on Stoofoo. She pretends to be a sweet girl, she steals other girl's pictures so everyone thinks she's very pretty. She got the awesome slim body of an adderal addicted hipster. She also happens to be a dirty whore that dates DJ's exclusively, and she likes it when girls pee in her mouth. It's TRU FAX, we have proof.


Futant is a fat girl, obese in fact, but she is proud of it. Most of the people on stoofoo would fuck her though. Mr. Sleepy, our token nigger, would be the only one to cuddle with her afterwards. And by 'cuddle', I mean take her out for some dollar menu (hollah!), and then give her bus fare home.


She has huge DD tits, but they are fake. At least they look good, unlike Lotictrance's bitch-tits.


A 24-year-old virgin WOW nerd who talks about killing himself because he's never talked to a girl before.


A college student with over $500K > in student loan debt. Silver committed suicide in June 2009 by carbon dioxide poisoning. He was loved by everyone that knew him. A candle light Vigil was held Saturday, June 20th, 2009. The response was so large, a Second Vigil was held.

Note: He survived his suicide attempt. However, his penis did not.


A Canadian living in the middle of bum fuck nowhere with two autistic children, often talks about killing himself. Was originally banned from shacknews for talking about such things. A proud member of the Krazy Krew.


This user probably has the highest probability of enacting violence on US government employees. Living a simple life of drugs and doing jack shit, he will often talk about the guns he own, how he hates all forms of government and how great the anarchy approach to governing is. A proud member of the Krazy Krew. He's also a big fan of entering 'intellectual debates' in which he basically voices his stance, argues for a bit, and then jumps upon his trusted pure-white glowing unicorn in which he is given the power to:

avoid all logic while claiming to cling to logic

create a perfect bubble of inarguable truthiness

and then when all else fails, call everyone names and then run like a bitch.

Cru Jones

Cru Jones is a frail and worthless man; he's as low a human being can possibly go. Cru Jones is easily intimidated by people who are more knowledgeable than him, due to the fact that he himself knows nothing at all - except how to light a cigarette or how to lose your GF to another stoofooer fucking her behind your back. When presented with ideas, topics, discussions regarding anything related to something he has no idea about (ie: EVOLUTION) he'll back out - overwhelmed with insecurity he will begin a barrage of worthless insults in an attempt to "one-up" the other person.

It is believed that Cru resides in the gutters of NYC, scraping by via making amateur JO videos and achieving 5-foot long ejaculations for anonymous internet viewers, 99 cents an hour. Due to his limited brain function, evolution has balanced out his bio-stats such that he has slightly higher-than-average-sexual-prowess which enables him to achieve such feats (Contrary to his claims, he does not have higher-than-average-running-duration, yet another lie)


A 24-year-old with a tattoo of Data from Star Trek, works in the ER of a Toronto hospital. Is a self-taught intellectual fueled by brain stimulating drugs. Viscid is a philosopher, travelling through the edges of the space-time fabric continuum, unraveling the universe's greatest mysteries through well thought out physics-based conjectures. Through reading wikipedia, Viscid has a self-appointedly earned a PhD in psychology and is also an expert in diagnosing human behavior - because of this he is able to enhance his thought process by taking a shit load of un-prescribed medicine to sustain his powerful psychosis.

He attempted to learn, through the power of Craigslist, how to kiss a girl for the first time. He failed.

Now he spends his time pretending to do drugs on


He's Australian, right? He is also a proponent of scientism.


MTW has one role: He's the resident scener. He's also very paranoid that the FBI will raid his house, but let's be honest: linking torrents on a Canadian forum with 13 members is hardly a criminal offense. Since Meelk is probably a pedo, he also is obsessed with MTW.

Rumour has it MTW is a 14 year old asian boy, explaining why both Meelk and Overtoke are obsessed with him.

UPDATE: MTW is our newest celebrity. He's currently under investigation for attempting to steal code from a shitty game from a shitty company during a shitty convention.


i 'admitted' that a week ago. I dont need friends.people attach too much importance to their bullshit friendships.


—Meelk describing his social life


Meelk is perhaps the most infamous poster on the d3fx/stoofoo community. Besides being universally hated by everyone, he is a self-admitted loner, a 40-year-old male nurse, and most likely a virgin. When asked about the subject of the opposite sex, he refuses to give details about relationships, clearly showing his social ineptitude. In fact, he once made an analogy of how cathetering a women is a measure of competency when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex, showing how truly delusional he is. He is a member of the krazy krew, a proud racist, and a forum disruptor that enjoys making threatening messages about how he'll report you to the FBI.

He enjoys children shows/movies, talking about UFOs/aliens, the collapse of society and other bullshit that no one cares about.

Oh and he lives with his mother.




what would you rather suck? a dogs dick or a dolphin


— Overtoke, comparing the relative grossness of beastality.. for no good reason at all

Deranged pothead that will talk about 9/11 conspiracies, how bush=shit, how black people are being repressed by whities and other liberal garbage. Much like meelk, he is a forum disruptor, making absurd statements and arguing semantics to try to prove a 'point'. When it comes to discussions, he is often relentless, unable to admit defeat, will try to find a semantic loophole in your post and will repeat the same old and tired insults over and over if you don't agree with him. In these instances, he'll usually end a post with something like 'kill yourself', 'look how stupid you are' and will often repeat this over and over. about repeating himself.. did i already mention this? A member of the Krazy Krew, overtoke will often post articles from questionable news sources describing how bush planted bombs in the New Orleans levees, how the Israelis planted fake evidence for photo ops and other anti-American bullshit. He hates sports, the american way of life, praises Islamic fundamentalists and hates the US government (except when Obama is in charge because he's black).

It is believed Meelk and Overtoke suffer from the same form of aspergers. It's also believed they are the same fucking person. Look at them. Just look.

During the personal info wars, it is often overtoke that is the aggressor making real-life phone calls to other forum users such as meelk.

Worst of all, he is an Apple fanboy.

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