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Fat, sweaty and basement-dwelling, which is why some furries look better with fursuits.
File:Ready by StrongPawz.jpg
StrongPawz before he was fat, trying to defend himself from fursecution.

I have lost 60 pounds since [3 years ago]


—StrongPawz on YouTube Favicon.png Youtube, lying

StrongPawz, aka Sterling Hurst, is a 23-year-old fat fursuiter and DeviantArt whore. He spends his days yiffing in his fursuit or in the NuzzleFuzzle chat room, mostly in his basement, or sometimes going out to furmeets and doing the same, taking care to scare the public with his disgusting figure. StrongPawz also considers himself a decent stand-up comedian.

StrongPawz likes to chat up wimminz on MySpace, who respond because they are also in his league, thus his MySpace comments are flooded with messages from various 40-year-old baggy whores. At one point he was a total emo, complaining about his feelings in his dramatic DeviantArt uploads. He has the fursona of a Lion, but is doing it wrong since his fursuit looks like a fucking pussy.

Amazingly, he isn't a virgin.

My parents disowned me over the past week because of the simple fact that I'm gay.


—StrongPawz. Lol shame

StrongPawz the YouTuber

StrongPawz has a dead YouTube account, still filled with AMVs and personal clips of him in his shitty fursuit and such, made over a year ago now. Most of his AMVs have had their audio track removed from copyright claims and StrongPawz still doesn't delete them.

StrongPawz on Proposition 8. WARNING: TL;DW

I have no big beef with anyone in any organised religion...


—StrongPawz, too busy yiffing to know what Proposition 8 actually is.

StrongPawz the Deviantard

But you said you didn't care about organised religion...

StrongPawz has both a DeviantArt and a FailAffinity account, filled to the brim with bad Photoshops and fursuiting pictures, mostly bad in quality or simply not funny. StrongPawz also writes fanfiction, which usually always ends up like everything else made by furries.

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