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Stu "Killdozer" Wyatt, is a Marcabian - born and bred. Half man, half machine, and ALL WIN. Stu is a notorious SP in Plymouth, England. Because of his health condition, he rides a motorized scooter. Stu frequently protests the pathetic Scilon stress-test tables of Plymouth, shooting lulzy footage all the while as he asks tough questions of embarrassed, mixed-up Scilons, who have only two wheels on their wagon. He is much loved by the local citizens, who spontaneously chant "four wheels good. Two wheels bad" whenever they catch sight of him. He is constantly begged by the people of Plymouth to be their king, but his natural modesty precludes it. As an intensely public spirited individual, Stu devotes some of his free time to helping the Police with their inquiries.

Stu has been arrested holy shit!! This will not end well. For the cult, that is.

So far the local Scientology Pig Fucker General has made no public statement.

Some of Stu's excellent videos

Cult fair-games Stu

Bad day at the Book-a-thon

Stu's action video of thief, scientologist and liar Vicky Boyce

Scientology's Response

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