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a drunk with a stub

A stub is a short article that someone started but didn't bother to finish. If you aren't a fucktard and see a stub, please expand it so that it may blossom and grow. When you are done giving the article the luv that it deserves, you can remove the {{stub}} template so that it may break free. If you happen to find a neglected "stubby" article, feel free to add the {{stub}} template to the text.

Please see Category:Stub for stubby articles that you may help to grow into lovely, lovely long articles. For a comprehensive list of all short articles on Encyclopedia Dramatica, please see Special:Shortpages.

Other Uses

A stub is also a way to refer to a cripple, specifically an amputee, or the amputated limb possessed by that cripple. Their stubs are pretty fun, and you should not make fun of them but instead make them do lulzy things, such as draw faces on their stub. The amputated limb can also be referred to as a "nub".

This article is a stub. Isn't it ironic?

-you want to suck the stub, don't you you sick fuck-