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All hail stubbs the lord of Talkeetna

Stubbs the mayorcat is an extraordinary cat living in the sleepy town of Talkeetna in the middle of the fucking nowhere in Alaska. The town that is situated at the base of Mt. McKinley happened to held elections one and a half decades ago, but the candidates were so lame that some trolls decided to nominate Stubbs for the position and started to encourage people to vote for him. Trolls shall not be underestimated, Stubbs won the election creating one of the biggest faggotry in the political history of the Jewnited States of Americunts, of course only behind George Bush being elected as president. He has been reelected all the time since then, meaning he is the honorary major of the small town with 900 residents.

I'm from a place where the motherfucking terminator is the governor


Ice Cube, rapper from California

LULZ, that ain't nutin I'm from a place where a mothafukin cat is da mayor


avarage Talkeetna citizen

Although some may find it funny the major of a town is actually a cat, Stubbs takes his position very seriously. He learned to write and he can also talk although refuses that because a cat is too gracious to talk to humans, and he also considered transforming himself intro a jew, so that he resembles more to an avarage politician. His plans as a major include

  • Making caturday offical, ordering people to go to churches and minarets and sign for the holiness of cats on caturday
  • Free milk and spaghetti to all cats over the age of 2

Stubbs uses the local general store as the mayor office, where tourists and furfags often want to disturb him for a photo or something. Although stubbs is merciful in general some retards who really disturbed later died misteriously and cat hair was often found on their dead bodies. One person who insisted on that his name will not be presented because of being afraid of punishment said the following on stubbs:

All throughout the day I have to take care of the mayor. He's very demanding," Nagley’s employee Skye Farrar told CNN. "He meowed and meowed and meowed and demanded to be picked up and put on the counter. And he demanded to be taken away from the tourists. Then he had his long, afternoon nap.


There seems to be no end for his rising political career. He is also said to be exchanging letters with both Barack Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney and it is also said that he is considering running for presidency although he has not yet confirmed or refused these statements.

"His biggest political rivals would be other local businesses that would hate that he comes over and takes a nap and leaves fur everywhere. They aren't big fans of him," Farrar told CNN. "We usually say, 'You have to deal with it. He runs the town'.


—A politican on stubbs career

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