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There's nothing more epic fail than an aging hipster.

StukaFox aka Starless and Bible Black aka Ron Mexico Gave Me Herpes aka Mike Beebe is a batshit insane ex-furry and former member of Portal of Evil who LEFT 4EVAR after causing gigantic drama on the forums only to come creeping back under a new name as Portal of Evil drama fags always do eventually.

Stukafox is famous for being emotionally manipulative and having an unhappy personal life offline. Many describe him as "pussywhipped" because his girlfriend doesn't let him go to classic car shows or 49ers games. Since all that anger has got to go somewhere and he can't channel it constructively, he takes his frustrations out on the internet.

His emotional conflict addiction is epic. He has been known to deliberately fuck up his online relationships in order to cause drama. His participation in furry fandom centered around the Treehouse Of The Secret Moon on FurryMUCK, a popular hangout for babyfurs, where StukaFox wanted to be the Daddy figure.

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