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StumbleUpYours was an InterWeb community created by former Stumbleupon members and co-run by Squirt, a minor Internet_celebrity and Not-Bob, who is still on his quest for a moderation free world.

The purpose of Stumbleupyours

Yum. Daily dog vomit

A true and honest hangout for only the most disgruntled former stumblers, where Squirt (who inevitably got himself permabanned from Stumbleupon) has free reign to post daily pictures of his high cholesterol meals on styrofoam plates, and give his tired point of view on the topic of censorship and other frightfully boring subjects. You will find more of the same shitty art and bad poetry as you did on Stumbleupon but now it's only on display for this clique of drama queens and attention whores. If you didn't leave Stumbleupon in the midst of a flame war or dramatic blaze of glory, you won't be welcome at Stumbleupyours.

The rules

  • On signup, you must run the gauntlet of the almighty Squirt before you are free to post.
  • You must agree to lurk Stumbleupon on a daily basis, and post as many links to the forums as possible. Extra points are earned for leading members to a controversial topic which can prove Squirts greatness, or if you become a sock puppet and start threads in his good name.
  • You must state your disgust for Stumbleupon at least twice per day, pretend that you have uninstalled the toolbar and swear allegiance to Squirt, or you will be banished forever and have an entire thread dedicated to you.
  • You must post pictures of your food, be it on paper, glass or styrofoam. It must resemble dog vomit or will be edited into obscurity.
  • You must always agree with Squirt. Give him sympathy and support and always laugh at him behind his back.

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