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Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free is a community on Livejournal made of people who enjoy lulzing at what they interpret as stupidity on LiveJournal. Common targets include boob nazis, dumb parents (without the superiority of childfree members), feminists, racists, attention whores, liberals, conservatives and you. The members of this community generally are made up of faghags, fat & ugly bitches who can't get a date, dorks, basement dwellers, losers working minimum-wage jobs, lazy college slackers who are working for their degrees in anthropology, pottery or liberal arts or any subjects that don't require any actual work and allow the student majoring in them plenty of free time to sit on the internet all day, and you.

The community itself is often laced with flame wars between non-members and members. The former usually coming around whenever finding out that they have been posted on there and getting all butthurt, while the latter of sit eagerly with their hands down their pants waiting for the subject of their latest posting to 'join the party'. It's what they live for. The group is run by Lj-favicon.png lord_snot and Lj-favicon.png sayonara_snot, who are affectionately referred to as the twin popes by the community, although Lj-favicon.png sayonara_snot's user info seems to suggest she has something of a persecution complex, taking internet retards TOO SRSLY.

Lord_Snot's drama list

Hey, look! It all links to Stupid_Free! It's also been heavily edited by a Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free moderator. Now we have links explaining how not to be offensive on the interwebs, shunning the use of double nigger, black person, feminazi, Internet Hate Machine, and anything that doesn't revolve around happy unicorns and fags having politically correct buttsecks.

The Great February 2007 Explosion

MOAR Lj-favicon.png Stupid_free faggotry in the ED page. Example of Lj-favicon.png Stupid_free faggotry in the section below along with butthurt that this page was made.

The drama bomb was armed when Lj-favicon.png sweettexangrl25 asks for "comfort food" recipes in Lj-favicon.png cooking. When community members point out that comfort food is relative and ask her to clarify, Lj-favicon.png sweettexangrl25 explodes. It hits Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free[1], and Lj-favicon.png sweettexangrl25 follows to defend herself, then deletes her journal. Lulz abound as the post fills with image macros.

All is quiet for a few days until Lj-favicon.png sweettexangrl25 returns as Lj-favicon.png aim4thefuture to inform Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free that 1) they "are the crappiest community of livejournal"; 2) she does not know the difference between "of" and "on"; and 3) that she has more important things to do then reply to comments. 3…2…1…she breaks her resolution to call people dumbasses[2] and hint that she has concocted a truly evil revenge that will make even Lj-favicon.png sayonara_snot stop loving her [3]. Lj-favicon.png sayonara_snot expresses her love for the community's members [4].

An enraged Lj-favicon.png ihatepolice posts to complain that "macros of any sort are never funny." [5] Guess what happens? Lj-favicon.png carrot_princess posts to let ihatepolice and aim4thefuture know she's on to them. [6]. Meanwhile, Lj-favicon.png avidman and Lj-favicon.png undercellardoor publicly display their inability to grasp the community's concept. [7] [8]

Suddenly, a new front is unwittingly opened when another member mocks a one-man campaign to correct the British on how they refer to black people. [9] Shortly thereafter, Asianrevenge emerges to complain that someone on Lj-favicon.png blackfolk supports Barack Obama. [10] Asianrevenge's racist comments are then mocked[11], prompting Lj-favicon.png gypsyrougecunts to represent for his favorite non-racist. [12]

Meanwhile, Lj-favicon.png ihatepolice takes his butthurt about macros to Lj-favicon.png fuckyoulist[13]. Guess what happens? This is promptly mocked.[14]

Throughout all of this, macro floods are posted[15], but the snots remove them. Community members wonder WTF is going on. [16][17][18] [19]

Lj-favicon.png gypsyrougecunts returns to express its feelings for Lj-favicon.png sayonara_snot in poetry [20] and to babble again and again[21] [22].

The Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free Drinking Game

An example of eljay Faggotry posted by an eljay Drama whore: (see below)

Snarkee comes to Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free to defend self: Take a drink.

Snarkee complains about Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free snarking to Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free mods: take two drinks, LOL heartily, take one more drink

Snarkee makes separate post to Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free telling us that we're a bunch of assholes with no lives and are OMG NOT FUNNEH: GUZZLE, and post cat macros

Snarkee files abuse report: Do a shot

Snarkee says that s/he only continues to comment because s/he's "bored"/thinks it's "funny": One drink.

Snarkee invokes Godwin's, Tubman's or ReeRee's law: Do a shot, shout "Some of my best friends are black!!!", and do another shot.

Snarkee continues to claim misinterpretation after links to quotes reveal otherwise: one sip.

Debate ensues over whether Snarkee is in fact a troll: do a shot

Original post is deleted 10 minutes after making Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free: take a drink.

Original poster makes a dramatic flouncy exit from original community: take a shot.

Troll inundates community with photos of splodey heads/baby porn, claims later that it was "social experiment" - Take three shots, make out with random stranger of any sex directly to your left, take another shot, slur, "I love you, man...", pass out.

The Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free All-Stars

People who are regularly featured on Lj-favicon.png Stupid_Free that also have articles here on ED:

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