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The Lies of Subeta page is about how users are getting scammed day after day by the pet site known as Subeta. Good users funding the lifestyle of drug addicts and people who generally don't give a shit about them.

Subeta Staff Summary

The staff of Subeta are immoral, immature and incompetent. A large amount of them are under the age of 20. Keith Kurson, 18, is the admin and has been the administrator of the website since the age of 15. Keith is the guy of whom you need to speak up to, but don't forget the other shitheads. ChimaeraandDream (now DNA after a namechange), Mbif and Phyrexia.

Deo is also the head artist, but more immature than the rest of them, probably because she's only 16 years old [1]. She is currently redrawing some pets and ignoring user's complaints. All her art looks the same. She has also been caught drawing fat fetish porn. Yes, fetish pornography. The head artist at Subeta is a porn artist. If a user has made a viable complaint versus Chimaera, she would yell at them or react in another immature way, even freezing users or locking topics. Also a member of FurAffinity [2]

Mbif has her own website [3] of stolen graphics and music, but that's not the worst. She'll protect Keith teeth and nail. She has been caught denying accusations many times, and outright lying to users.

Phyrexia. All I can remember is she looks at bestiality porn. Anonymous hacked into her email and found many messages related to bestiality and zoophilia, and an account on some Beast porn site. Then proceeded to forward some of those messages to all her friends for great lulz to be had. Probably a furfag.

Last but not least, Keith. [4] [5] The beloved admin of Subeta. Who constantly lies to his users and uses them as meatshields. He has denied many times that his admins have been paid, he has denied many times that the attack on Subeta was because of Longcat, and he has banned users who have spoken up about it.

Subeta Staff Payroll

Some time after the end of the Subeta War, an Anonymous acting out of pure hatred was able to infiltrate all of Keith's information. In this information was proof that the staff of Subeta were paid - very highly paid for a website, actually. Let's go back to the beginning for a bit though - didn't Keith and his other admins say none of the staff were paid? Yes, yes they did. His staff constantly denied getting paid. Yet something didn't add up. Subeta's servers were slow constantly, and his MySQL errors were just getting worse. With all the Gold Accounts ($5 a month), shouldn't Subeta be making enough to pay for more servers and perhaps a programmer to fix errors? Well that wasn't the case...Keith only pays a few hundred dollars a month to keep Subeta barely afloat.

Most of that money was going personally to Keith and his staff. Keith buys things like $250 sunglasses, and even a new car. He has no formal job and sits at home all day, on the days he isn't out partying, with his Valium and watches his own hair grow.

Why were you never told this? Easy. Tax fraud. If it was kept under the radar, his ass wouldn't be on the line. He constantly denied paying anyone and banned any user who kept asking too many questions.

Please note that the below is an edited Payroll given to Keith by 'Kandy', a person who helps run Subeta and has close relations to Ender/Simon. It is not 100% accurate but it is still proof of Payment.


Here's what I propose.  This has been a DAMN rough month for all of the
employees -- they've been busting their asses -- the Artists, the UA's,
the coders, everyone.  They've all been running at full capacity and if
they're anything like us, haven't gotten much sleep.  So by way of
compensation, I propose a bonus for each staff member.

For the AA's and UA's, give them a $50.00 bonus.  Seems like a lot --
but it's better than giving them another raise [which they just got] in
this case.  [A raise is over time] This should ONLY be for the
AA's//UA's who ACTUALLY participated.

For the Artists, I don't believe they did as much -- but correct me if
I'm wrong -- so a $25.00 bonus should be good for them.  Granted -- this
should ONLY be for the Artists who ACTUALLY participated.

For the minimods -- a month gold account and some sP [you determine the
amount, I'm not sure how this usually works]

Everyone else, 15% of their monthly wage added to the May 1st pay period.

So what follows is what needs to be paid on the first.  If I'm still
going to be handling the staff payments from now on, I need to be given
access to that Staff Payments section of the Admin Panel, or given
everyone's PayPal address so that I can do it that way.  I'm not sure
how you usually do the payments with David, but let me know so that I
can have everyone paid first thing in the morning on the 1st [and
subsequently the 15th]

* You will also notice David is in here.  His severance pay.  He never
DID sign the contract, but he has been with you for so long, I thought
that you may want to give him his due, regardless.  If not, please

** I need to know the adjusted total for Softlayer since we got an
additional server as well as memory upgrade[s] on the old server.

*** Simon said that you told him to hire two more coders, this figure is
for them, only.  They [obviously] won't be getting bonuses -- so for
ease of reference, they have been separated from the regular coders.


Keith        $1,750.00 + $262.50 = $2012.50
Kandi        $750.00 + $225.00 = $975.00
Ry           $650.00 + $97.50 =
Cara         $175.00 + $50.00 = $747.50
David        $1050.00*
Simon        $600.00 + $180.00 = $780.00
Softlayer    $1,400.00 **
KSD Coders   $2,100.00 + $315.00 = $2,415.00
KSD Coders $1,400.00 ***

Teera_misu   $60.00
xoxbrokenxox $60.00 + $25.00 = $85.00
Rajani       $60.00 + $25.00 = $85.00
Seosilver    $60.00
Invesitle    $60.00
Oi           $60.00 + $25.00 = $85.00
PPassion     $60.00
Vampire      $60.00
Tinale       $34.00
Kumama       $60.00
DebiLee      $65.00 + $50.00 = $115.00
XPrimalEyesX $55.00
Succubus     $50.00
Mbif         $50.00 + $50.00 = $100.00
Lavabeast    $42.00
Fallenangel  $42.00 + $50.00 = $92.00
Cesium55     $42.00
Jessyta      $50.00
BrokenKat    $      + $25.00 [for some reason, I do not have the writers base monthly income...]
PymaJac      $               [for some reason, I do not have the writers base monthly income...]
KaoriKamaria $               [for some reason, I do not have the writers base monthly income...]


Exhibited       $48.00
Kaydee          $48.00
Aqua            $60.00
Mythica         $60.00
Graelin         $60.00
Sooki           $60.00
Rah             $60.00 + $25.00 = $85.00
Hagane          $60.00
Squidiot        $45.00
Miriam2204      $50.00
Arbor           $50.00
Dokuja          $50.00
Sierramist      $50.00
Nataku          $50.00
Quagthistle     $100.00 [does she still code?  If not, do we still pay her for this month?  I haven't seen her online to speak with her..]
saze            $50.00  [Is {s}he still on staff?  They're down as a coder... but I've not seen any code?]
Excalibur       $50.00  [Is {s}he still on staff?  They're down as a coder... but I've not seen any code?]

Also, I think -- at least until this thing is over -- that we need to
hire on another Admin for the servers to help out. Simon's definitely
still able to handle everything, is actually enjoying himself [he loves
a challenge] but he's literally not getting any sleep [which he also
seems to enjoy  @_#].  So if you give me the go-ahead, I'll look for
another admin to work with him starting the first. [@$700.00]. If not,
we should consider giving Simon a raise//huge bonus.

I'll have the rest of it ready for you [the actual budget] within the
next couple of days.  I just had time to do the QuickList so that
everything could get paid for and organized, preferably, by tomorrow so
that on Tuesday EARLY AM, everyone can be paid.  Have a look through it
so we're ready and on time.

I haven't spoken with Cara yet, the UA's and artists that have a bonus
are just the ones that I, personally, have seen working.  There HAVE
been UA's and Artists that have been working that haven't been in IRC or
just not been in contact with me for any reason.  The bonuses,
therefore, are not complete.  Please keep that in mind.

Contact me as soon as you're done with this  [:  Thanks!''

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