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A Succubbus is a female demon that takes up way too much space on /x/. The main purpose of a Succubbus is to fuck it, thus establishing a forever alone. Also brings up the question on why the hell anyone would want to fuck a demon, but years of monster porn on 4chan might do that to you. It should also be noted that a Succubbus feeds by draining the life of who ever uses it, making it a fun way to an hero. Or maybe not, an heroing requires win, and fucking a demon is not win, its just messed up. These threads very existance shows that there are people out there who will spend money and time on trying to create a creature that does not exist so that they may fuck and die. Right, this is NOT at all normal and should be punishable by execution.


/x/ is where most normal people will find out about the nutjobs who wish to create a fuck demon. These threads are uncommon compared to more common threads on /x/, but are common enough to have some small amount of fun with. The participants are all losers who have little or no life, and they circle jerk their fantasies all over the front page before cumming and leaving the thread. The best lulz is had one someone comes back the next night and claims that A) they succeeded and are no longer a virgin or B) that they failed and need more advice. Both can be used for trolling by mocking the person who wants the advice. If he does not use a trip, then pretend to be him and make up sick ideas and fantasies for him. My guess is he will like your advice. If he is bitching about failing, make up the most disgusting shit you can think of for a spell. Adding a risk of killing himself will only help the human race. These people are part of the cancer that is killing /x/. No forgiveness.


400 pound kilo whales in the otherkin fan club are fond of hallucinating that they are Succubbi, but that is some goddamn bullshit and everyone know it. Noone finds that shit sexy besides other retards. From time to time these people will have massive USI and push it down the throat of everyone else in /x/. Ignoring them is the best option and is one of the only way of getting them to go away.

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