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Pic from her Formspring page, note that there is no shit on her face
Looks like someone Dun Goofed

The Beginning

Once upon a time, a young bonny lass by the name of Sue Reid was out at a get-together with a few chums. The night was going well, fun was abundant, and all in all it was promising to be a goodnight for everyone. Unfortunately, a bit too much alcohol was consumed, and our heroine (lacking her smelling salts no doubt) was rendered unconscious. Her compatriots, seeing an opportunity for lulz to be had, promptly took a shit on the face of their shit faced friend. LOL SO CLEVUR

Enter the Hate Machine

Of course, pictures were taken of this event and were put up on the internet. Originally posted on, they quickly spread to her Facebook, causing drama all around. It was eventually featured on Tosh.0, and like most miniature viral events is old and unfunny.

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