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Suicide Squad is a story about a group of homeless suburban prostitutes that murder people and suck on their souls for a living 100 years ago. Half of them were kidnapped by evil child-molesting demons after birth and sent to shit-smelling prison cells, where they sat and masturbated every day. They are a group of highly intelligent people who gangbang a pale cum covered trap on live television.


  • Harley Quinn - A greedy cockhungry slut caked in $100's worth of makeup. Has a baseball bat that she probably uses as a dildo.
  • Joker - A crazy green-haired psychopath who drew a moustache on his face after losing his dearly beloved Harley. Gets off watching niggers fuck Harley and kills them when they won't.
  • Batman - A stupid dickhead who kissed Harley Quinn after capturing her because he's probably a rapist. He sounds like his vocal chords got ripped out by a shark when he was 12 and since then, he's been gargling with gravel on a doctor's order.
  • Enchantress - Clara Develingne possessed by an evil over 9000 year old witch who dances like an African on acid to do crazy magic spells.
  • Deadshot - A nigger who doesn't spray and pray and actually knows how to care for and use a weapon as if he were white. He can shoot targets with super-duper 100% accuracy but like a nigger he's almost always firing on full auto. Completely obsessed with his daughter. His over inflated, nigger ego actually has him believing that, one day, he'll be able to out smart a white man at Batman's level and kill him. Funniest part has him explaining trigonometry as if people use it when sniping with a rifle. Might have been true if he was firing a mortar or the Main Gun on a Battleship. Something that you fire into the air and calculate an angle so you can put the shell where you want it to land. This and all Wil Smith characters to come is based on the father from Pursuit of Happiness because it is the one character Wil Smith was given praise for. I hope you like it because you will see this same exact character in every Wil Smith movie to come.
  • Katana - Crazy Japanese bitch who hides behind a mask. Her sword captures the souls of the all the motherfuckers she kills including her dead husband.
  • Killer Croc - A big green bastard who eats humans and dead goats for dinner. Asked for a fucking TV in his prison cell when he could have asked to eat Harley Quinn's pussy for lunch
  • Captain Boomerang - A fat bastard with a beard, from down under. He probably shoves his boomerang up his ass when he's alone. If it weren't for Kiteman, he'd be the lamest villain ever.
  • Amanda Waller - If the devil was a nigger woman, then here she is. She assembles a team of idiots to take down terrorists when she could have just sent a bunch of soldiers at 1/10 the cost. How pointless.
  • El Diablo - A crazy spic pyromaniac covered in tattoos that makes him look like the Mexican grim reaper.
  • Flash - Wow! He's a guy that runs fast. I've been trying to figure out who is lamer, him or Aquaman. All I have to say on the matter is, at least you can't ruin Aquaman's day with a banana peel.


A stupid nigger, that only got her job with the government through Affirmative Action, actually thinks that she is capable of controlling some over 9000 year old witch like she were a weapon. When everything goes tits up, this nigger that's also a woman and someone trusted he enough to put her in charge that's 3 strikes, you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know that things would go south, she does what most people in this position would do - find someone to blame for the fuck up and figure out a way to fix all this and save her job. Even after this mega fuck up, this bitch, Amanda Waller is still in charge, still trusted and hasn't been replaced by someone better. Since it has been deemed too damgerous for the military to continue, she has the bright idea of recruiting people with nothing to lose and starts recruiting super criminals with multiple life sentences because there's a good chance everyone will die on this Suicide mission. Now you get the name of the movie. In formulaic fashion, First we are shown the team and told how hot Harley is because everyone that looks at her wants to fuck her. Like all movies in this genre, no one wants to work together. Later there's a hug scene where they all bond over their mutualy fucked up pasts and Wil Smith gets his money's worth because his ego demands he have the most badass character, even getting to play grab ass with Harley. Even though they find out that they were only picked so they'd fail, this is discovered when Deadshot finds Amanda Waller's over 9000 pages of notes and with his Super Nigger speed reading skills reads them all in 5 seconds discovering that the higher up wanted them to fail so all the blame can be placed on them, even with this discovery - they decide to continue with the mission and come out of no where and win the day, because in superhero movie fashion, that one guy who gave up violence at the begining of the movie, the El Diablo now sees that his life got fucked up because he was using his powers selfishly before and not to protect the ones he loves. After his heart grow three sizes, everything turns, predictably, in the favor of the movie's heroes. End of movie, everyone goes home happy. Harley even gets broken out of prison for that double dose of satisfaction.

Should you spend any of your good money on this movie?

I consider it a waste of money to even spend 75 cents for a DVD so you can illegaly burn a copy off the internet. If you really need to see it cuz you want to get Harley's ass burnt into your memory so you can play with a sock on your dick later that day, find a friend who was dumb enough to buy it and borrow it, or when he's not looking - steal it from him. Trust me, if you steal it you will be giving it back the next day along with $20 to serve as an apology.

This movie and the internet

All that is going on is fanboys writing petitions and demanding that that dog whistle voiced, no talent, brony bitch Tara Strong be cast in the next movie as Harley's mother.
In the minds of these retards, Arleen Sorkin from Batman The Animated Series never happened and it was, entirely, Tara Strong who made the Character of Harley Quinn popular with fans because that is what Tara tells them and much like a brain washed Scientologist, they can repeat only what is said by what they consider an authority figure.

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