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Suicidechan ("Kaseychan","Minorchan", "Failchan", powerword: Kasey Dugan) is a lovely young lady known for her constant suicide attempts, suffering from random bouts of GOTIS, and having the body of a thirteen year old girl.

Her story begins when her ex-boyfriend of unconfirmed identity posted her nudes on /b/ and claimed that she had just attempted suicide and may be dying. She was immediately doxed and promptly spammed with friend requests on her Facebook. Being the naive young teenage girl she was, she accepted these requests.

She then went to /b/ herself to dispel the rumors of her death. This lead to her being trolled hard and tricked into giving more information about herself that /b/ used to further harass her. Perhaps her first mistake was thinking she could reason with a bunch of horny 20 somethings with severe social issues

The Great Debate

Kasey presence sparked a debate amongst btards, similar to the Original Queen of /b/. When she went on Tinychat to tearfully confront anon, she soon displayed lovable affection towards all who were actually nice to her and even put on an innocent and chaste show for /b/ involving several costumes.


Within weeks of Kasey's pictures being posted on /b/, users began to analyze them and a minority grew that was convinced she was a trap. The first form of evidence was a genius side-by-side comparison of infamous trap Bridget and Kasey's original Facebook profile image. btards then began dissecting her features, pointing out perceived masculine features, such as her small breasts.

Coupled with her refusal to show vagoo, this faction began to harass Kasey, trying to get her to admit to having a penis but she simply ignored these threats. Tragically, expert photo examiners of /b/ were unable to find the outline of a cock in her panty shots or even an adam's apple, leaving the trap fetishists utterly disappointed.

Based upon her location, Texas, it is unlikely a tranny would be able to go unlynched by angry butthurt mobs of hicks and her redneck family doesn't seem the type to be accepting of fags. This seems to be a case of basement dwellers who fap to traps projecting onto the newest chan girl. Which says a lot about the current state of /b/.

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