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The original Image

Sungle Jungle was born in the Enturbulation IRC channel on June 16th, 2008 when an IRL girl needed somewhere to hide after being discovered for having a dick. "She" claimed "she" wasn't single, prompting hordes of Anonymous basement dwellers to agree that they are also in relationships. One dweller could not lie and admitted he was Sungle. Verbal masturbation in the channel ensued, and the meme was born.

The meme is a product of some of Enturbulation irc users obvious fantasies of being covered in multiple flavors of Chocolate Rain.

The Original Sungle Jungle reference

Closet faggot SPartyVan googled Sungle when the spelling mistake was first pointed out. The first image he found was that of a nigger holding a spear with the text "Mon Ma Sungle Jungle" and he exploited the fuck out of it. It was later revealed that "Mon Ma Sungle Jungle" is actually "Mon Sungle Ma Jungle", a song by a French guy. It can be found | here

An irc is born

Nigger Baby on the way to a feast
JesusNigger On Steroids welcomes yo' ass

There is now an irc channel for Sungle Jungle on the partyvan IRC network, #SungleJungle.

Facts about the Sungle Jungle

- Inhabitants of the Sungle Jungle eat Bukkake cake exclusively.

- There are two niggers inhabiting the Sungle Jungle. One is the eponymous NIGRA JESUS ON STEROIDS, one is a Nigra The Hutt. They don't eat bukkake cake, they eat chicken. Because they are niggers. And as we all know, niggers have AIDS and will eventually die out.

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