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First shirt launched on T-Shirt Hell. The back displayed a list of shootings like concert dates.

Sunshine Megatron is the owner of T-Shirt Hell and just for the lulz is quite possibly the most offensive dickheads on all the internets, trumped only by Encyclopedia Dramatica.


Born Aaron Landau Schwarz, in 2006 this self-made multi-millionaire thought it would be lulzy to create a website where people could send in their ideas to Give him a name and he would pay the winner $25,000. While this sounded like a great idea at the time he got nowhere near the amount of replies expected (only 40,000) and ended up with the gay name "Sunshine Megatron". He chose this name apparently thinking that the most retarded name would be the funniest, but immaturity is lol anyway.

Secretly Sunshine wanted people to vote for the name "Cray Z. Fantastic" to win as he loved the idea of being called Mr. Fantastic on planes and on various other occasions " 'Mr. Fantastic, your table is ready", "Congratulations, Mr. Fantastic, it's a baby girl!" That's what you get for trusting the public to choose you a good name, failure.

As the owner of T-Shirt Hell he is officially a legendary internets troll. He enables people to become IRL trolls and regularly receives hate mail and death threats for his efforts

Meaning of Name

He never said it on but apparently the most important part of the name you were to submit was the meaning. That would've been nice to know.

Sunshine - It goes well with my positive demeanor. Oh wait, I'm a negative bastard. Hoping this new name starts a change.

Megatron - A strategic leader who calls the shots from afar - at the same time a tactical battlefield commander. Oh, and the villain.

Sites Owned By Sunshine - A fantastic tool for all IRL trolls who wish to piss off anyone. Won the internet. - Pretty much the Yoko Ono to T-Shirt Hell's John Lennon status. Dry comedy t-shirt site aimed at those people with no sense of humor at all. - Shirt for fat, nerdy band geeks. Not to be confused with an hero - Another great resource for IRL trolling is road rage cards, tell people exactly how much you fucking hate them in the comfort of your own car. Unless of course they run you off the road and kill you, but who cares about you anyway. - Retarded site where you were to vote for a name to give him, Sunshine Megatron won obviously but noone likes that name.

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