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Exactly what today's youth should be drawing.

Deviantart-favicon.png SuperSonicSkittles (also known as Aurora/Amber Kent) is a 16-year-old furfag with 0.1% brains and a fanbase that consists of braindead idiots that obey her every command like sex toys.

Like most sonictards, this precious little brat came from flipnote hatena and intends on poisoning youth with her sick love for furries. She has absolutely no life and continues to draw shit butterfly drawings.

Aurora, just like all other perfect characters, has the nasty critics! Using her knights of justice, she wards off the ever so horrible bullies, and if all else fails she blocks the mean bullies and lives another day.

SuperSonicSkittles is also known for ignoring her fanbrats and only faving their gifts, without even thanking them for the effort they put into it and will complain if their style is similar to hers.

As any other crappy artist does, she leaves for long periods of time and comes back promising "better" art; though never actually posts anything again.

Le Sue and le Real

Being the special person that Aurora is, she thought it was a great idea to completely rip off an existing character, Ziggy. It was created by Wingsz, another furfag. SuperSonicSkittles was able to popularize her ripoff, but keep in mind both "artists" are ripping off Sonic.

When being called out on this, Aurora raged and sent her fanbrats after Deviantart-favicon.png furfag #2, to express her thigh-deep butthurt. Of course this included swearing and rough estimates of when Aurora created her amazing Sonic ripoff.

The clusterfuck of butthurt was so obvious that Aurora's little fanbrats had to bash the girl until Senpai approved and quit crying. Aurora even complained about receiving "death threats" from Ziggy's fans, when in reality it was just logical people telling her she's shallow for copying a character.

For those who care, Aurora Serenity is so pretty because she was created of the magic of the sky, which obviously gave her a sexy body and clearly attractive eyes. Being a perfect character, her entire family died and she was eternally traumatized. A strange pedo even bit her neck, which she claims to be the reason why she wears a copy of Ziggy's collar. Then, she found a demigod retard who vowed to protect her forever and ever, as she runs from the ever so mighty threat. This character is clearly one of the best in history.


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