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Super Robot Wars is a mecha strategy game franchise created in 1991 by some Azn company called Banpresto in attempt to usurp money from faggots who fap to shit like Gundam and Gurren Lagann.

The premise is really simple once you strip away the story shit: throw a bunch of robot animu series in the same game, let the player build up an army of mecha, then the creators get to sit back on the mountains of cash they made from making gullible mecha nerds spend fucktons of money on a series whose core gameplay hasn't really changed in any major way since the fourth game.

Even more pathetically, to draw in even more basement dwellers, they eventually decided every woman's tits had to jiggle, and most of the guys had to be pretty boys.

The Original

An abysmal POS where the robots are the characters and you have to recruit various robots from Getter Robo, Gundam, and Mazinger Z to join you to stop some asshole for starting shit for vague reasons.

Has fuck all to do with rest the games after it, but an HD remake was sold along with SRW Z3.1 to gullible idiots stupid enough to pay for the same shitty game in color.

The Classic games

The "Classic" games were the games that started this cascade of faggotry, and they are known for being epically shitty as they were made before they hired story writers who gave a fuck, so they would have retarded shit like dinosaurs from Getter Robo willingly working with the other human bad guys, and the Titans working for the Zabi family from Gundam despite the fact they fucking hated each other in the actual Gundam series. As an idiot could guess, these games had shitty graphics and were so fucking difficult they drove many a mechafag to become an hero.

  • SRW 2: Some crazy old animu nerd named Bian Zoldark warns humanity about aliens invading, no one gives a shit. He then sends his army called the Divine Crusaders to beat the shit out of humanity for not listening. You have to kill his ass.
  • SRW 3: The aliens Zoldark warned about show up (called "The Inspectors"), and they turn out to be a literal dickhead, a little kid, a smug whore, her mute boyfriend, and the little kid's older brother. Meanwhile, the Divine Crusaders are still starting shit for no real reason.
  • SRW 4: The Guest (another faction of the same alien race the Inspectors were from) show up to finish what they started, and the Divine Crusaders are still around, trolling everyone else for no real reason. The game was remade several times, each time adding shit like character voices and new series in what was Banpresto's first major attempt to jew mechatards by forcing them to by several upgrades to the original game on three different consoles.

The Masoukishin sidestories

Some sidestory games called SRW EX and The Lord Of Elemental covered a land called La Gias, apparently located inside the Earth. It explores the origins of Masaki Andoh, the eternally directionally challenged dumbshit with two talking cats from the second SRW game and his rival, a smug faggot called Shu Shirakawa who spends half his time trolling the entire SRW universe, and the other half being vaguely helpful by spewing technobabble and has two bitches who want to fuck him, but he's too busy being a smug asptard to fucking notice.

Got a sequel called "Revelation Of An Evil God" that basically amounts to "that ugly faggot you killed in the last game refused to die, go kill him again".

Another sequel to that game was crapped out for PS3 that features ugly ass graphics, more whores with massive tits, and that same asshole from the last two games still refuses to fucking die because the creators are too pathetic to come up with a new villain.

The Alpha series

These games were when the story writing started to make some fucking sense, but to compensate for that, they threw in some fucking confusing squad based mechanics and this is when they realized mecha fanboys beat off to porn, so they started making every woman's tits jiggle to draw in more ronery faggots, who immediately started producing fucking mountains of Rule 34, and was the birthplace of the "Symmetrical Docking" meme.

SRW Alpha (and Original Generation) Supports the Death of the Jews

It wasn't really obvious at first, but for those who remember their history, the Japanese allied with Adolf Hitler. Well, in a hilarious bit of irony, the creators of Super Robot Wars support the death of the Jews.

Don't believe me? Well, why don't we let the facts speak for themselves:

  • The main enemy of SRW Alpha series is the "Ze Balmary Empire" (called "Space Jews" by SRWfags and TV Tropes), whose main units in their robot army are called stuff like: Jerimiah, Zechariah, and Habbukkuk. Conversely, some of the good guy robots that get to blow them up are called: Gespenst, Wildschwein, Alt Eisen, and Weissritter, which are German names. Even some of the original good guys who help you kill the Balmarians like Elzam von Branstein and Sanger Somvold (more on them below), are both German in origin and fanboys of Japan.
  • Some of the main Balmarian characters have Western aliases because some of them were meant to infiltrate the Earth Federation government like how Jews have infiltrated governments and businesses IRL, but their real names are, you guessed it, Hebrew. Out of four of them, at least two in series renounce their Jewry and join the good guys in killing the Balmarians.
  • The Balmarian religion required child sacrifice, also practiced by the Jews, as documented in the Old Testament

The Z Series

After making the Alpha series, the creators finally realized the old formula they had of having goody two-shoe moralfag nice guys teaming up to beat the fuck out of evil assholes was getting boring, so they made a new series where some of the heroes would dick punch each other over stupid shit and the storywriting got a lot darker.

The first Z game is notable for having a villain whose sole motivation was fucking everybody over for the lulz, making him one of the relatively few cool characters in the entire fucking franchise.

The second Z game (split in two parts on the PSP) made the Gurren Laganntards orgasm by putting it in the same game as shit like Getter Robo Armageddon and Code Gayass. It also features a moralfag version of the troll final boss from the first game.

  • SRW Z2.1 - Notable for trolling the hell out of retards who thought they'd dodge the bad endings of Code Geass and Gundam 00 by going through the final episodes of both with the good guys winning, then the final scenes after the credits reveals, nope, you're fucked in the ass anyway.
  • SRW Z2.2 - Has two routes, both based on whether you "Trust Zero" (aka Lelouch from Code Geass), or you let him get fucked over like happened in Code Geass canon. The "Trust Zero" route basically brings back Euphemia (the sister he shot after he accidentally turned her into a mindless killer in CG Season 1), who proceeds to tell Lelouch that he fucking sucks. The normal route dooms him to be a cosplay faggot for the rest of his life and the sister he admitted to fapping to is still dead.

SRW Z3 is a two parter like Z2, and features Rebuild of Evangelion, Gunbuster, and Gurren Lagann again, in what has to be the most transparent attempt ever to get as many Gainax fans to whore out jewgold for this game.

SRW Z3.1 (Jigoku-hen, or Hell Chapter in non-moonspeak) has the worlds from Z1 and Z2 fused together through some poorly explained sci-fi bullshit, large numbers of series from both Z1 and Z2 were excised, pissing off the spergs who loved that shit. The graphics were in large part a shitty copypasta of the PSP games, the map interface on the PS3 and Vita both looked like shit from a GBA game, and some of the battle animations were so fucking terrible some SRW fans pissed their pants in incoherent rage.

The plot is that everyone this merged world has fucked up memories, and thanks to this Bandai Namco trolled the fuck out of every Gundam nerd who was afraid Char Aznable was going to drop a rock on the Earth again despite swearing he wouldn't since Z1 but having do exactly that as part of some brilliant plan to unfuck the merged universe since he couldn't remember he promised not to do that. The assholes from Full Metal Panic got thrown into the game for the first time, and most of the game is spent either in gay slapfights with terrorists on Earth or in space (all that Gundam stuff from Gundam Unicorn and Chars Counterattack), and the other half is spent with half the cast tripping balls every time they try to remember all the people who don't exist in the merged world.

The ending is a lame ass cocktease for the next game with a shitty final boss, and speaking of cockteasing, the original female character is a schizo whose slutty persona likes waving her tits around while her shy persona is boring as fuck, which is basically a recycle of the original female character concept from SRW Destiny.

SRW Z3.1.5 Rengoku-hen (Purgatory Chapter) is a crappy interquel that explains what the fuck the original characters were doing during SRW Z3, which isn't all that interesting in the grand scheme of things, and just an attempt to whore jewgold out of people who bought Z3.1, since it was a digital download purchase only.

SRW Z3.2 Tengoku-hen (Heaven Chapter) is basically the biggest troll Bamco has committed to date, and requires a bit of breakdown to explain the lulz:

  • The Invaders from Shin Getter Armageddon, the Angels from Evangelion, and the STMC from Gunbuster were built up as parts of the ultimate threat of Z3.2, but when the game came out they basically lied and they are just a sideshow for the real threat and their plots don't really matter, thus pissing off three different mecha fanbases at the same time.
  • They use the Third Impact trigger event from the Rebuild movies as a shitty excuse to introduce the lame ass Gargantua series and to basically waste your time with pointless filler bullshit while the villains are doing their ultimate plans in the background. This also throws everyone on the good guy team to the ass end of nowhere and requires you get your team back together because Bamco needed to pad out a plot that makes no fucking sense.
  • The plot that makes no fucking sense is retarded even by Bamco standards, but it goes like this: Some God like being has been fucking with the multiverse for eternity, got sealed away, and all those original characters you fought up to the point you meet this guy were holding the keys to letting him out to continue dicking with time and space, and you have to dickpunch this asshole. The Gurren Lagann fans got trolled as a result because the final boss of that series basically gets his role hijacked by this guy.
  • What little original shit they do that is actually interesting is the Full Metal Panic Novels and Shin Mazinger, though you only get to that stuff after wading through the filler bullshit and the plot threads from SRW Z3.1 they were too lazy to resolve in that game.
  • They still threw all the shit mechatards WANTED to see like Eureka Seven and lots of the other series from the earlier games into a black hole like it never happened.
  • tl;dr: It's a bigger clusterfuck than the last game in the Alpha series, makes way less sense, and pisses everyone off even worse.

Original Generation Series

Original G-3 Gundam

One day, the creators realized it would cost them way too fucking much jewgold to license even one of their games for Americunts, so they made a few games based solely around their original characters and robots, e.g. Huckebein because it allowed their cheap asses to avoid whoring out jewgold for foreign series licensing BS. The sales were fucking lousy and the games were just tired rehashes of originally produced shit taken from the other games made before them, and after realizing Murikans would just pirate shit, they went back to making their games strictly for other azn mechafags.

Here's a brief summary of the games in the series:

  • OG 1 - A mishmash of SRW 2 and SRW Alpha 1 with some cliche as fuck original shit. Received a shitty anime adaptation with ugly CGI effects.
  • OG 2 - The sequel, which is a mishmash of SRW Compact 2/IMPACT, Advance, and SRW3. Has slightly better animated cutscenes than the first game, but still looks like dated shit. It also had an animated adaptation, only it was a fanservice fest that butchered the second game plot in favor of random shit, and the ending was basically the director pulling shit out of his ass.
  • Original Generations - A PS2 port of the first two games. The first half is basically OG1 with better graphics and voices. The second one is OG2 with some SRW Reversal cameos thrown in, one of the characters was made much less of an asshole, and a few "original" mecha were added to the game. It also added some shit from some shitty side manga and clumsily grafted it onto the beginning of the second game.
    • Original Generations Gaiden - OG 2.5, more or less. A fleshed out version of goddamned stupid OVA set after the second game, features the utter screwing over of one of the most liked characters from OG2/Advance at the end of the "demo" version of this game that was added to Original Generations. The full version still fucked the same character over (which caused the SRWtards a hell of a lot of butthurt), but brought back one of the other characters from SRW Advance, only he was nicer this time and banging the loli clone of Excellen from SRW IMPACT. The game also features a mishmash of SRW Compact 3 and Reversal, with a dash of Alpha Gaiden and some shit from some obscure series called "The Great Battle".
      • On the other hand, this game is slightly less gay than its predecessors, since it finally gave the player the option to disable the "Trombe music override" meme in one of the battle modes.
    • Original Generations the 2nd - This game is a fusion of whatever shit the OG series didn't use from Alpha 1, with Real Robot Battle Line (some one off game they made for the PS1), SRW Destiny, MX, SRW EX, SRW 4 and Alpha 2 added to the mix, with the villain being an extremely asshurt rehash of the villain of Shin SRW/Alpha 1. Also, Bandai Namco decided to continue trolling the fuck out of the Huckebein fantards by having them all blown up in universe.
      • Original Generations 2nd; Dark Prison: The route split with Shu Shirakawa from SRW EX sold as DLC to jew people since they were too lazy to add it to the actual game. Includes Selena "Jiggly Tits" Recital from Alpha 3 and some forgettable female pilots who were dead in her backstory with barely different musical themes for each done as some form of lazy backstory whoring. It's short as hell and the final boss is a fucking joke.
    • Original Generations: The Moon Dwellers: Set after OGs II, it's a lazy adaptation of the paper thin plots of SRW J and GC and got some shit from the originals removed that looked too Gundamish just because Bandai Namco is enjoying trolling the people who like the Gundam ripoff Huckebein mecha even though the butthurt potential has been milked dry. They also gimped some of the special attacks, the game can fuck up save files because it was coded by Fucktards, and has a crappy English translation mode with translations so shit the average mechafag would fall asleep reading them.

OG Saga:Endless Frontier Series

A side story to the Original Generation series where most women have beach ball tits, and the games turn into a "how many fucking juvenile boob jokes can we shove into one sentence" contest.

Americunts never got the second game in English, which caused them much butthurt.

Several of the cast members of the Endless Frontier series.

Standalone games

Super Robot Spirits - Banpresto's one and only attempt to make a fighting game, turned out to be so fucking shitty (and obscure) even the most pathetic SRWfags will believe you're trolling them if you tell them it actually existed.

Shin Super Robot Wars - Some weird experiment by Banpresto where they tried to make all the robots realistically proportioned, which only made the game look more stupid than most of the entries in the franchise. Getter Robo fans beat off to this game despite how shitty it is because the Getter character art is like in the fucking manga. Pretty much everything in the first SRW Alpha game is a copypasta of this game minus the art style.

SRW IMPACT - A game that introduced Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning to the SRW canon, two characters Banpresto made a million fucking copies of in every game since. It also debuted a bunch of tentacle monster aliens called the Einst, and in the official animu version of the second Original Generation game (which retreads the IMPACT plot), they even have a scene in the credits where Excellen is getting tentacled raped by a blue haired loli clone of herself called Alfimi.

Seriously, this is from the official animu.

Was originally a series of three games made for the Wonderswan that no one gave three shits about due to being on a shitty system.

SRW MX - A retardedly easy SRW game for the PS2 that was made from the leftover shit that wasn't shoved into SRW IMPACT. Has a plot that rips off G Gundam (also in the same game) and the Terminator movies, and the final boss is some bitch who doesn't know her place.

SRW 64 - A SRW game for the N64 that was fucking long, hard and boring, and practically everything in it was basically a prototype for SRW Advance.

SRW GC/XO - The only SRW game for the Gamecube, featured 3D graphics that looked like cheap action figures, a storyline only slightly less tired than their usual "throw a bunch of mecha shit into a blender" schtick, and a "parts system" where you could capture enemy units and use them yourself. Unfortunately, most of the shit you could capture was shit even Jews wouldn't touch. Was ported to the XCocks in a vain attempt to jew some more money out of people, but since the azns didn't give three shits about Microshaft's shitty console, they didn't make a fucking dime.

SRW NEO - The only SRW game for the Wii. Features shitty 3D background art, the only game to feature free movement (which looks like the bastard child of drunk people dancing the robot), some weird as fuck series crossovers, and just to troll the Getter Robo fans, this game features New Getter Robo (where the heroes were actually violent, lulzy sociopaths), but waters down all of the lulzy stuff because the game is rated Teen.

SRW Advance - Some pirates from another dimension decide to start trolling other universes for the lulz, and you can play as an amnesiac member of their group who joins the good guys to stop them. One is a big boobed android who stutters because she's used to sucking cock all day, and the other is a retarded fuck who used to be an angry fuck before he lost his memory.

SRW Reversal - The future has been fucked by a gigantic blob and three lolis, and you can play as a boy or girl who goes back to the past to change history. Were both included in PS2 remake of the first two Original Generation games and wound up in a ton of Wincest Rule 34.

SRW Destiny - Some crazy fuck called Perfectio and the Ruina decide to fuck over the galaxy because they enjoy the tears shed by everyone they cause butthurt, and you can play as a fur wearing faggot or some big titted schizoid bitch.

SRW Judgment - Some aliens called the Fury want to kill everyone on Earth because we fucking suck, and your main hero can be some white haired angry bitch with jiggling tits or some angsty teenage boy with jiggling hair. Both get a harem of girls with jiggling tits who they have to fuck to power their robots, and the angsty kid can even get a gay ending with a white knight.

The game doesn't have any classic Gundam series or Getter Robo in it at all, which caused mechafags much butthurt.

SRW W - A game many, many SRWfags still masturbate over, even though the game is so fucking easy to beat a brain-damaged, drunk off his ass Chris-chan could beat it blindfolded. Was one of the few games that could have been released in America, but wasn't because the guys who owned the license to Golion (Voltron to Americunts) said fuck no to a licensing deal for America, causing Americunt fans even more butthurt.

SRW K - A game so fucking shitty even the azn SRWfags hate it. The storyline has a fuck ton of plot holes, the main hero is such a fucking dick Japanese fans shopped him into fake screenshots of future games just to troll people on image boards, and the music director fucking stole music from two or three other games and cost his employers a fuckton of money.

SRW L - A game that is slightly less shitty than SRW K, but mechafags were butthurt because the main character was fucking boring and was stuck piloting the same shitty robot for the whole game.

SRW OE (Operation Extend) - A PSP game that reuses the game engine from SRW NEO. Has tiny as fuck stages, a story that is a shitty clusterfuck even by the SRW series usual standards, and makes no excuse for shoving as many mecha series into one game, no matter how fucking stupid the crossovers may be. The game is also rather notable for having a shit ton of DLC you have to pay for, which is amusing since it's Japanese only and they HATE DLC, so not only is Banpresto jewing the fuck out of the weeaboos, they are trolling the fuck out of the SRWfags in their home country.

But that's not all. Here's some fun facts about their Jewgolding attempts:

  • Most of the DLC is pointless bullshit. Only the DLC for Chapter 3-6 add anything of value to the game, the rest is just shitty mission packs.
  • The "PG Gundam" DLC is just some gay addon for Sgt.Frog that lets him pilot a fucking clone of the original Gundam.
  • The DLC file structure is literally the crap that should have been shipped with the game in the first place, split into multiple files you have pay money to download, and some of it has less content than 1 MB, but you still have to pay real money for some DLC that are little more than EXP boosters to make ingame grinding less tedious (in short, you are paying money for a GAME CHEAT)
  • The "Cybuster" DLC adds the Cybuster from Masoukishin into the game as storyless etra unit you can deploy for the hell of it. It's actually useful, but aside from the 3D model and animations the rest of voices, face graphics, and even the mech theme music are a shitty copypasta from the older games.
  • Most of the stock game assets are already on the disk, the DLC just add whatever they didn't include and pad out the level list, and they make you pay for what amounts to almost 30 different pieces of downloadable content.
  • You can upgrade all your units to max (ten bars) stats in each skill, but if you want to have even more upgrade bars, you are forced to download DLC for every upgrade bar for every unit you want to upgrade, all of which you have to pay 100-300 yen for, and since that's a shitton of upgrade bars, that means Bandai Namco will jew the fuck out of any player hoping to make all their mechs overpowered.
  • tl;dr - Bandai Namco created this game to see how much jewgold they could fleece from gullible mechafags.


SRW UX - A weird as fucking hell debut game on the Nintendo 3DS, with no Universal Century, Getter Robo, or a Mazinger Z anime with Kouji Kabuto in any form (at least one of these has been around lest the SRWfags RAGE, so not having any of the above is basically Bandai Namco's idea of trolling its fans). It also features a mechanic from SRW L made even more annoying, and the reason why it's certain to make SRWfags butthurt goes like this:

In SRW L, they did away with idea that some attacks are "free" (they don't require fuel or ammo), which gimped the much beloved strategy of spamming the no energy/ammo attacks to save both for the really tough enemies. In SRW UX, if units run out of energy, they blow the fuck up, which only further ruins any fun these pathetic neckbeards will have spamming high energy attacks over and over, which is probably Bandai Namco's newest ways of trolling their lemming like fanbase.

And, as shown from the picture on the right, a franchise long known for fucking huge jiggling tits has, with the addition of the animu/hentai game Deus Machina Demonbane (H.P. Lovecraft mecha powered by lolis with magical powers), decided to appeal to the creepy fucks who like staring at little girls underwear.

SRW BX - The latest game for the 3DS, and it's already annoying the mechatards because it features the abysmally shitty Gundam AGE, the voice acting for Martian Successor Nadescio is shit because the original voice actors are ancient, and even though they finally are using some classic Macross, Macross Frontier got shoved in yet again, leading to much wailing and gnashing of teeth because it's fucking boring.

SRW V - So named because anyone who jacks off to these games has never lost their V-card. This game will be released on PS4 and the Vita, and for the non moonspeak readers, it will be in English, because the V allegedly stands for Voyage and they intended to shit up America with this before they even worked on it. It will also feature an easy mode because they figure American mecha autists are fucking stupid.

The series list isn't all that special, mostly being retreads of a lot of Gundam shit, though to please the autists who were pissed by all the previous trolling, Bamco threw in old ass Gundam shit like Crossbone Gundam and Gundam ZZ, decided to bring back the shitty Nadescio movie, more Shin Mazinger, and since they've already featured every other sex fetish, they are debuting the anime Cross Ange so we can watch a bitchy blonde chick and her lesbian prison bitches fight The Rapeman.

And because they felt the need to do something different, they are adding in more Evangelion mind fuckery alongside Space Battleship Yamato 2199 and some series with trains.


Yeah, this shit actually spawned some memes, believe it or not.

Symmetrical Docking

Basically, two big breasted women smashing their tits together, kinda like this:


Trombe Override

Thanks to a music bug in the first Original Generation GBA game, one of the character themes called "Trombe" (means "Tornado" in Italian, belongs to the Elzam faggot mentioned below) would play over every other music theme, even the final boss theme, and the creators realized SRWfags had elevated a fucking glitch to meme status and made it official so fantards could make shitty comments about it for fucking eternity.

Here's a video of what started this bullshit.


This meme, as one might guess, is filled with faggotry, and requires a little explanation.

Basically, two of the series resident "badasses" are two guys called Elzam von Branstein, some German pretty boy whose wife was killed by a Britfag troll for shits and giggles, and Sanger Zonvolt (call him Sanger Somvold in front of Americunt fans to troll them and make them try to correct you, even though that's actually the correct translation), and the ultimate mecha of Elzam's turns into a giant fucking horse, and Sanger's is a giant robot samurai that jumps on its back and the attack involves riding forward and hitting the enemy really hard with a fucking sword.

But, no cares about the bit with the sword. Some faggots on YouTube kept commenting "REAL MEN RIDE EACH OTHER!" like a mantra until the meme was an old meme five minutes after it's creation.

Here's a video of what spawned this faggotry ridden meme

And, as if this wasn't gay enough, some haxxors put these two in the goth loli robots piloted by two actual goth lolis, and the resulting megafaggotry looks like this.

Kaworu Nagisa Remembers Every Time He Was in A SRW Game

A few of the characters in the series have some sort of ability to remember every time they debuted in a Super Robot Wars game. Some make sense, like Gilliam Yeager, who built a time and space warping machine, but some are justified really badly like Ingram Prisken, who somehow can vaguely recollects every time he appears due to mystical shit involving souls and clones.

The one who does this that doesn't make too much sense from Neon Genesis Evangelion is Kaworu Nagisa, who somehow remembers every previous appearance in any SRW game, and while this never gets explained (because the explanation would be bullshit), Banpresto has used him to troll both people in universe and the fanbase.

In each game, if they never use the whole Evangelion series and it stops before the end the show is played out, he usually tells the villains their plans are fucked. When it comes to trolling the fanbase, he exists so Banpresto can laugh at all the people who think Shinji Ikari would be better off if he were a badass instead of being a pussy, and in every game where Shinji is more badass than he was in the show, Kaworu is a much bigger dick to guy than he was in the show, just to fuck with him and the fanbase by extension.

Failed Memes

Various stupid injokes they like to run into the ground and are generally unfunny.

  • Masaki Andoh gets horribly lost to the point of him not being able to find his dick when he takes a piss. This meme is an attempt to milk his bad sense of direction for humor and generally gets more stupid every time he appears.
  • Treize Khusrenada from Gundam Wing was autistic enough to remember everyone who ever died fighting for him down to the exact number in the original show. This gets retarded in any game where he gets asked how many people died fighting for him in that universe and he somehow remembers millions of dead people.
  • Every time a Macross series debuts, the entire good guy cast circlejerks over which girl is the best waifu.
  • While it was kinda funny when they trolled the fans with the Huckebein embargo, Banpresto's logo otherwise gets used (aside from a cheap head replacement for Gundam style Huckebein heads) as a very unsubtle running gag in several games where it's either part of the design of the SRX unit, the slightly mangled name of the SRX upgrade as well (SRX Altered Banpreios), or, as they are doing in SRW V, they added the logo to the outfit of one of the girls, so every time her tits jiggle you can't fail to notice their attention whoring.

Official Trolling

Banpresto (now Bandai Namco) are no strangers to fucking with their own userbase for some laughs. Here's a sample of their trolling:

No more Masoukishin Characters After SRW Alpha Gaiden

The Masoukishin characters (aside from two or three of them) basically disappeared from the franchise for a long time after SRW Alpha Gaiden, leading many to believe Banpresto had been sued by Winkysoft, a company that co-produced many of the early games. In truth, the creators didn't want to fucking bother with those characters anymore, but they didn't clear this up until the fantards shed many delicious tears.

The Huckebein Embargo

For those who don't know, Huckebein's are the "they aren't Gundams" Original Generation ripoffs of actual Gundams (created by the same guy who designed the art for the fucking original Gundams), and when they disappeared from the animu versions of the Original Generation series, fans were terrified Banpresto had gotten sued by the Gundam license holder Sunrise and couldn't use Huckebeins in the games anymore.

In truth, no such thing happened, but Banpresto let their fanbase believe that shit because they thought the epic shitfits thrown by the mechafaggots were funny as fuck.

In the latest Original Generation game, that's basically semi-official canon now, and fans are still butthurt over being trolled.

Hasn't stopped many of them from buying more of the games though.

Series That Banpresto/Bandai Namco Love Pissing Off Their Fanbase With

While most of the tards who play this series love virtually anything "Bamco" throws at them, there are some series that get reused or otherwise thrown into the series just to piss them off, which leads to many lulzy rants on forums.

New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Endless Waltz - That shitty movie set after the Gundam Wing TV series. This is hated because Banpresto shoves it into every game where they are too lazy to find something else to fill in a series slot. For cheap trolling, go to any SRW forum and tell them this series will star in an upcoming game (that didn't feature the TV series beforehand).

Brave Raideen - Doesn't show up often, but when it does, fans get pissed because Banpresto rarely does the full story, usually settling for some half assed version.

Martian Successor Nadescio: The Prince Of Darkness - The shit movie set after the TV series. So fucking bad even the azn SRWfags who fapped over the TV series hate it, this is usually fucking loathed because the story is fucking lame and the ship from the movie is a crappy version of the one from the TV show.

Mobile Suit Gundam:Chars Counterattack - Fantards hate this for either two reasons: Either the storyline never gets used (despite it being stale and short), or one/both of the main characters get screwed out of using their best mecha from the movie/novel version.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny - The reasons fans piss themselves in anger over these are varied, all of them lulzy. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED was fucking hated in Alpha 3 because it was shoved into the plot for no other reason than the Alpha series director having a huge boner for the plot, consistency with the previous games be damned. SEED Destiny by itself is already massively hated because it was fucking shitty even by the fucking shitty standard that is the Gundam series, so much so, they've had to rewrite most of the plot every time it was included to attempt to remove most of the fail, which resulted in some lulzy rants from the original SEED Destiny creator, who thought his train wreck was perfect, despite even the main Japanese voice actor for the series hero agreeing the original was fucktarded. This doesn't even include the massive asspain from the classic Gundamtards, who hate how the SEED universe Gundam series are now the go-to series for a "world setting" in modern SRW games.

Macross Frontier - It has become the new Endless Waltz, as in the series that gets shoved into every game when the creators get lazy as fuck and can't bother with something new.

Other Official Trolling

Believe it or not, Americunts almost got a completely translated version of the first Super Robot Wars Alpha for Dreamcast, but then Harmony Gold (the company that owns the American Macross license that made Robotech) decided to fuck everyone over by refusing to hand over the Macross licensing for any reason, pretty much killing the deal, which caused Macross and SRWfags an epic ton of butthurt, convinced Harmony Gold did it just to fuck with them.

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